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Group History

The Melao International orchestra was born in Quebec in 2002 with the meeting of two musicians from Colombia, Dagoberto Falla and Didacio Perdomo. Dagoberto is a pianist with over 25 years experience and Didacio is a singer, with more than 15 active years in the field of music. After noticing that the presence of Latin American rhythms was too discreet in Québec, Dagoberto and Didacio had the idea to form the Melao International orchestra.

Melao is a syrup which is extracted from sugar cane and evokes the columbian "joie de vivre" and sunny beaches of Colombia.

The desire to share their Latin American culture with Québec motivated Dagoberto and Didacio to design and produce a quality show for an enthusiastic audience. It was then that their project materialized and the band Melao International was born. The group is composed by twelve musicians:

Dagoberto Falla Pianist and Musical Director   Colombien
Didacio Perdomo    Lead Singer Colombien
Krystel Lavigne Singer Québécoise
Bruno Goder Trumpet Québécois
Raphaël DuboisTrumpetQuébécois
Juan David Falla Trombone Colombien
Cristian CondeCongasColombien
Carlos Fierro Timbales - PercussionColombien
Julian Conde Bongos - TamboraColombien
Julie Belavance Tenor Saxophone Québécoise
Nancy St-JeanAltor Saxophone Québécoise
Mircea TrifanBassRoumain

They start their band carrer by participating in various shows and festivals in Québec City. They also toured the province and performed on a few occasions in the United States.

Since then, the Melao International orchestra has recorded four albums and continues to be active in the Québec music world.

The Melao International orchestra offers in every performance all the flavor and heat of Latin American culture, through its music and dance.

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