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Okay. So I am waiting for a 4×5 to scan (while waiting for Yvonne to finish processing cheap barkarby outlet canada goose shop 8×10 in the darkroom) and lurking off of SuperChampion‘s blog, and found myself at trackosaurusrex. First of all, lots of fun videos of cyclery (like the MASH Cargo one, also lurked, posted below), and then this friggen’ gem about Bill Cunningham. The video about cheap barkarby outlet canada goose shop makes cheap barkarby outlet canada goose shop happy in so many ways, mostly as a photo dork, but also as a bike dork who hopes to be shooting photos and riding bikes well into my old age. GET STOKED.

Also, I secretly want to live in a house entirely filled with filing cabinets.

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Pin Curls & Pencil Skirts
One of my favorite parts of living in Australia is the various fauna and flora you’ll find, with the warmer climate ensuring that colourful blossoms are as perennial as the grass. I know the Morning Glory flower is known as a rabid weed that most people choose to exterminate, but I still think they make for beautiful photographs.

How cute are these pants, by the way? I’m a monthly regular at the Hamilton Church Jumble now, and every time I go, I seem to find the most wicked bargains. I was worried for a second that these pants wouldn’t fit (they are a size 12 but they’re older than I am so the actual waist size is tiny!) but they slipped on like a dream in the dressing room and I couldn’t not buy them. It’s so hard to find high-waisted pants in this kind of style nowadays. Hipster pants just don’t work for me.

What I wore:

These gold flats are basically the embodiment of the phrase “buttery soft”.

On that note, I’m quite annoyed that Mascotte has closed down permanently. I had a few male friends who raved about their selection of gorgeous round-toed leather men’s shoes (much a relief from the usual square/pointy toed hideousness you see in modern-day men’s stores) now they’re all packed up and gone. Ironically, one of the reasons I loved them so much (cheap, high-quality leather shoes) was probably the source of their downfall. You can’t have “70% off everything” sales four times a year and expect to make any kind of profit, really. I have four pairs of Mascotte shoes, and I’m really sad I didn’t go in for more when I had the opportunity.

I basically cherish these ones like they’re actually made of gold.

I love going to markets. I feel like every activity that I really enjoy involves some kind of shopping. Is that almost sickeningly stereotypical of me as a girl, or what? But I absolutely love the haggling culture, brightly-coloured stands, and various different merchandise that you’ll never quite find anywhere else.

I went along last weekend with my friend and he helped me out with some of the photos. I tried my own hand at using a DSLR, I really did, but in some weird twist of fate, I feel more comfortable in front of a camera as opposed to behind it. I brought my little P&S along for the ride.

Pants and a blouse seemed like an appropriate choice. I’ve been wearing a lot of monochrome outfits recently, and when I found these high-waisted 3/4 gingham pants from Kmart, you’d better believe I snapped them up. I feel like they’ll be a very versatile piece this Spring.

I made the classic mistake of wearing high-heeled strappy sandals to the markets, but luckily I brought a back-up pair of black patent loafers–if you’re going to any kind of weekend markets, it’s probably best to wear flats. You’ll avoid the blisters and the strange looks.

There is everything you’d ever expect at these markets, including a lot of vintage shopping. This part was my favorite, but be warned it is indeed “vintage” shopping and not “op” shopping, with the key difference being the price points. If you look very hard, you may find a bargain or two, but it’s slim pickings out here! I was more focused on the new merchandise.

And hats, I tried on a million hats that day.

Besides the giant craft store in the middle of the action, I was blown away most of all by how many watch places there were. I’m a big watch fiend!

I would definitely go to the Carrara Markets again, and considering how huge it was, I may have to–I don’t think we managed to see the entire real canada goose jackets calgary alberta in the day we spent there, but I’m so not complaining. Another time, another trip, and I’m looking forwards to it.

I’m having a blast with this “short hair” business. I can do so much with it. I can.. pin curl it? That about all I’ve come up with so far.

I’m still trying to figure out ways to keep it behind my ears to avoid something that resembles a blunt bowl cut (which is always a risk when you cut your hair too short and add bangs to the mix), and so far I’ve come up with pin-curls, head bands (just when I thought that period of my life was over!), and pig-tails. I want to figure out something to do with upside-down french braids so I can fake some kind of milkmaid hair-do, but apart from that, I’m all out of ideas.

But I’ve also started experimenting with a whole new area–hair bows. On the day I got my haircut, to celebrate, I bought a shiny little bow from a My Cube store for a couple of bucks.

Has anyone ever seen those before? They’re a store where multiple different sellers hire out cubes in the wall to sell their stock without having to pay the undoubtedly exorbitant fees associated with renting the entire area. I was considering selling something in one of them but ultimately I have no good ideas for that sort of business venture. I can barely bring myself to sell my old clothing.

But enough about my hair–How about this gorgeous two-toned silk pencil skirt? At first I wasn’t entirely sold on the green/magenta combination (why couldn’t it be something more harmonious like magenta and blue, or magenta and red or something?) but it’s kind of grown on me, and you know I’m a sucker for quality fabrics. Please note that means I prefer quality materials, not that I will reject polyester, because my wardrobe is pretty much as flammable as it gets–thank you eBay.

Definitely feels a bit Mad Men around here lately.

Thanks for your support of my short hair, by the way–I’ve gotten lots of feedback via social media channels and everyone seems to really like the change, which is awesome, because I’m a low-maintenance gal and this hair is about as low-maintenance as it gets. So it’ll be sticking around for a while, still..

And that’s not the only real canada goose jackets calgary alberta that’s new!

In case you didn’t notice in my review of my new Alyssa Milano frames or otherwise follow me on Instagram, I’ve cut my hair! Well, not me, personally, but the deed has nonetheless been done.

A change is as good as a holiday, they say, and I tend to agree. Whenever I’m going through any dramatic changes in my life, the hair tends to reap (or suffer?) the brunt of it. It’s not quite as dramatic as when I sheared my precious locks into a pixie crop (not doing that again, thanks), but the hairdresser did snip off a sizeable amount of hair.

I suffered through a little bit of post-traumatic stress from getting rid of the hair that I had been painstakingly growing out for years since my misguided pixie misfortune, but I soon reasoned that enough was enough.

I have fine hair but quite a lot of it, and with long hair, I found the bulk of it was generally amassed at the bottom. This gave my head a mountainous sort of appearance that I was forever trying to compensate for with various fandangled technologies of the lazy fashionista (most embarrassing of which were the “Bump Its”, which I tried once, before I decided to retire them back in the drawer of objects to be used only when I become the wife of a mid-western oil dealer).

I was too lazy to appreciate my long hair, so I’m hoping I’ll appreciate this style a little more. I’ve already taught myself how to pincurl short hair with semi-decent results (tutorial time?), I’m now just scouring the web to see what other interesting things I can do with short hair. Other ladies with shoulder-length or shorter hair, please feel free to share your Pinterest-worthy resources!

Long story short, here I am with short hair! I hope you guys like it, because there’s sort of no way to reverse a hair cut.

Onto other news, I’ve acquired my very own fabulous camera man. My friend Robert is a budding photographer who is trying to fit in lots of practice with his DSLR, so some of the photos may start looking a little fancy around here. Don’t be scared, it’s still me, but with way better photos.

Say hi to Robert. Hi, Robert!

Anyways, that’s just about it for now. Don’t forget that has extended their 15% off promotion (code: CELEBRATE15) to 11:59pm this Tuesday, so make sure you get some mad deals before time runs out. I’ve splurged on dresses and jewelry. It’s almost disgustingly predictable.

What do you think of my new hair cut? Love it, hate it, keep it short, go back to long? I’m still tallying up the votes for and against.

Clearly, these are no ordinary spectacles (Look at me, using the same joke twice in one post! Aren’t I funny?).

When I was first introduced to the idea of glasses, it was almost as though the only styles stocked at the optometrist’s office were bottle-cap or rectangle spectacles. I reluctantly settled on the latter and hoped that my vision would correct itself over time with enough squinting and heavy doses of denial. It didn’t.

So needless to say, I feel like a different person now that I’ve embraced the idea of glasses as a fashion accessory and not just an aid to poor eyesight, and it’s so easy to do with the huge range of glasses out there nowadays. Magenta-coloured glasses were definitely on my wish-list and Clearly were more than happy to provide me with a pair of my own to review. I had already been using Clearly for a long time to order my contact lenses because of their fantastic service (my mum still wears the free wayfarer sunglasses they surprised me with when I ordered my first set of contacts), so I was beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to test-drive a cute pair of stylish rims.

For my selection, I trawled over their entire website, through some of the most stunning frames, and found these beauties. Who knew that Alyssa Milano designed glasses–And affordable glasses at that! Her frames start from a tiny $79 a pair. She instantly became my new style hero. I debated for hours on whether to get teal, black, or pink, and I’m so glad I settled on the Touch by Alyssa Milano 102 Black Pink pair.

I really admire the fact that they possess a little bit of femininity in the colour without being completely overbearingly pink, like something a cat lady would wear. Indeed, from the front, they look mostly black with just a tiny hint of magenta along the rims.

More on how they wear–This particular pair is delightfully light, and despite the acetate material, I find the nose-pads conform well to the sides of my nose and don’t have the annoying issue of sliding down my face (like most plastic frames tend towards).

They came well-packaged inside a plain Clearly Contacts branded case inside a sturdy box, complete with microfibre cloth and a cute little glass-cleaning kit. I wish I took a photo of it now–the kit came with anti-reflective lens cleaner, a branded microfibre cloth, and a miniature screwdriver set on a keychain (which would have totally helped me out that time the screw in the left arm of my old glasses decided to jump ship in the middle of class and take the entire left arm off with it).

The funniest real canada goose jackets calgary alberta about these glasses is how long it took me to get used to this style of frame. I was already half-through composing a guilt-ridden letter to their PR agent, thinking there was no way I could pull off such sassy spectacles, when I figured I had nothing to lose and I should really give them a fair trail. It was the best decision I made, and I now wear them constantly!

All in all, I’m thrilled with my new glasses and would still recommend Clearly to anyone who asks. As far as mid-tier budget eyewear goes, they have an excellent range, and I am very proud of their efforts to try and keep eyewear low-priced for everyone.

They’ve recently released a “One Pair, One Price” promotion where you can select between some gorgeous frames and buy complete prescription glasses for only $49–I highly recommend taking a peek if you’re in the market for new eyewear or just want to mix it up a little bit. It’s this bespectacled blogger’s opinion that they’re well-worth the look.

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New Car Test – Ford KA
I’m too sexy for my KA….. Well, actually, the truth of the matter is, that probably isn’t true – as far as cars are concerned, this is one stylish little critter. In the seven days AutoSpeed had the test car, an average of two people a day commented on how cute the car was. Any car that attracts this much attention has to have something going for it, but how does canada goose kensington parka schwarz for sale stack up on the road? We put canada goose kensington parka schwarz for sale through the paces with some interesting results….

The KA rules! It is hot, its chic, it’s straight from the heart of the Euro design culture – and canada goose kensington parka schwarz for sale costs an on-special A$14990. If you have a wardrobe full of designer clothes, but your budget doesn’t extend to a Boxster – or even secondhand 3-series BMW for that matter – this is the car for you. In the all important coffee shop society, the KA will hold its own. The level of design detail is impressive for any car, yet alone a competitor in the micro car end of the market. In a modern context, it blends sharp angular intrusions of head and taillights with a subtly curvaceous body. Surprising is that its drag coefficient is a truck-like 0.36Cd.

The interior is striking. The dashboard curves aggressively from the centre console up and over the instrument cluster. The door pockets are a semicircular design that integrates pocket and cup holders of two different sizes. The glove box is straight out of a Batman movie. On top is the lid; close it and the whole assembly spins to reveal twin sunglass holders. The design department were clearly racking up overtime on the KA…. Assorted change and oddments trays are literally integrated into the moulded floor carpet. The external rear wiper has a moulded plastic arm; simple, clean and smooth – a typical example of the level of design detailing in the car.

But the KA is a mixed bag when it comes to features. It lacks a tachometer and temperature gauge, yet has driver and passenger airbags. The electric glass sunroof and air conditioning are also standard, yet there’s no central locking. In fact there is no way to lock the car from the inside – the doors must be locked from the outside, strange…. The headlights have a levelling control; hope it was automatic… I couldn’t find it. The standard stereo is an AM /FM single CD player. The quality is exceptional for a standard system, which is fortunate because upgrading the head unit would be near impossible as the unit is fully integrated with the curved centre console.

Pumping out a slim 43kW at 5000rpm and 100Nm of torque at 2500 rpm, is the 1.3-litre fuel injected OHV(!) 4-cylinder. The basic engine design dates back decades – the latest in engine technology it isn’t, although the static compression ratio is a lofty 9.5 :1. We felt that premium would be the required diet, but apparently not. In fact we noticed no difference using regular or premium fuel. The 5-speed manual is the only transmission available. Coupled to a hydraulic clutch, both are light and easy to use. Maybe a little too light, to the point of where it could be said they both lack any positive feel in their use.

The front suspension is MacPherson strut, lower A-arms, offset coil springs and a 15mm anti-roll bar. Rear suspension is a coil sprung torsion beam. Any car with a wheel in each corner is going to have an advantage in the handling department, the KA being no exception. It sits quite flat and stable, with the ride very subtle for such a small car. Punting the KA through corners can be done with speed and precision. As expected from most front wheel drives, there is a bias toward understeer. Turn in hard and you will induce tyre-squealing understeer, but nothing too serious or uncontrollable. In fact, given the tiny 13 x 5 wheels fitted with 165/65 R13 77T tires, the traits are not entirely unexpected. But what was unexpected was that turning in hard on a left hand corner caused the KA to stop dead. It happened only on left hand corners, where – with three-quarters of a tank of fuel or less in the tank – the engine would momentarily starve for fuel. Unbelievable, not to mention disconcerting…….

Steering is power-assisted rack and pinion, with 2.9 turns lock to lock. It provides reasonable feel at speed, and is appropriately light for parking speeds. Despite the driver not being able to see the bonnet from inside the car, parking is a breeze – the KA will fit anywhere. Brakes are discs at the front, drums at the rear; ABS is not available. At city speeds the brakes are fine but out on the highway they are a little ordinary.

With a kerb weight of 955kg, the KA is heavier than an Excel. And the weight to power ratio of 22.2 kg/kW is frightening, especially when compared to 12.6 kg/kW for that Hyundai. Our performance G-tech runs were done with a full tank and the driver only. We saw a best 0-100 km/h of 13.9 sec, and 0-400m in 19.3 at 115 km/h……sizzling performance…..not! But as an inner city runabout, the KA is perfect – it’s compact, stylish, and easy to manoeuvre and park.

The KA competes with a number of key players in the micro car market – Toyota Echo, Hyundai Excel, Daewoo Lanos, Proton Satria, Holden Barina. It matches or exceeds these cars on features and style, but falls short on performance. In fact the KA is the least powerful 4-cylinder in its class. For the most bang for your bucks, there are better buys.

The KA is a bitter-sweet affair. We were seduced by its gorgeous looks and exquisite detailing.

We were disappointed by its lack performance.

But try it for yourself. You might just like it……

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Cam And Ana’s
Posted by Ana Lucia at 12:38 am in Ana’s Musings…

Hi readers!

I am LOVING my blue eyed Husband everyday. Every hour and every minute and second.

It makes me feel so wonderful that now we both are counting down the days to being together again.

How magical is this? Cant describe the feeling. The way I feel when Cam and I are together. In awesome New Zealand.

Cam feels a bit tired of Auckland, but I have to say, I love canada goose black chilliwack bomber jacket outlet online and miss it. Its an amazing city, that is. So much to do and to see. Culture, leisure, stunning views, lovely walks…. Everything for every taste. Not to mention the novalties.

Cant wait to see the Xmas windows at Smith & Caugheys´s Department Store.

Its all nice. Its ALL GOOD!

It will be Summer next time Im in New Zealand and we love to let the doors open in our house, get the fresh air, and enjoy the day light until like 9:00PM.

Also being granted a visit of a cute kitty cat (Little Amber).

The beautiful drives, restaurants, picnics….

Well, guess what? I now have New Zealand SkyTV that I can watch right here (in Rio), in my computer monitor. There is a lot of Living Channel and Food TV that I love to watch. No more boring TV! Yay! I just go throught the programs record what I want to watch.

“Location. Location. Location.”, “Come Dine With Me.”, “World Kitchen.” “Food For Fought”., etc……….

Awesome present, my Husband!

I am so lucky. What a blessing! I am so grateful for my life. And canada goose black chilliwack bomber jacket outlet online will only get better.

Posted by Ana Lucia at 9:57 am in Ana’s Musings…

Posted by Ana Lucia at 1:35 am in Ana’s Musings…


On my way to my beloved handsome wonderful blue eyed Husband´s arms again!!!!

In only a couple of days from now we will be VERY TOGETHER.

After five months apart. Counting down every single day to be with the Love of My Life.
In the words of 1913 Nobel Prize winning Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941). “In love all of life’s contradictions dissolve and disappear.”

I love you FOREVER, my Cameron darling.

Posted by Ana Lucia at 12:15 am in Ana’s Musings…

Good Morning, wonderful readers!

I want to share with you this AMAZING picture my beloved Husband sent to me and highlighted my Day.

I LOVE you, my Cameron darling.

Posted by Ana Lucia at 3:12 pm in Ana’s Musings…

My very beloved Husband,

Happy Brazilian Valentines Day!

Happy Anniversary, my handsome man! Seven years and five months MARRIED!

I feel so blessed. I am the luckiest girl in the Universe.

You are the love of my life, my Cameron darling.

Posted by Ana Lucia at 4:08 am in Ana’s Musings…

Hello lovely readers!

I decided to post today, and the reason is that I am feeling so GRATEFUL for all the awesome blessings in my life.

I am so grateful for being able to be with my dear father for his pacemaker implant. I am so grateful that his surgery is a huge success and he is feeling well and safe.

Thank you God. Thank you Universe.

I am thankful to have such a wonderful husband, who´s been very TOGETHER with me all the time. Through Skype and, of course, with all his heart and soul.

Also I am so grateful that I can see canada goose black chilliwack bomber jacket outlet online clearer now. That I am simplifying my life. That I can focus better on what really matters.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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Wanted: Mascots to take a sprint
Among the mascots already signed up are Viktor the Viking, the Heart Foundation’s Happy Heart and the University of Canberra Panther. The winning mascot will win $500 cash to go towards a chosen charity or organisation.

Although the racing is the main focus, all eyes will be harrods canada goose chateau online store the Fashions harrods canada goose chateau online store the field stage where fashionista’s will compete for more than $2000 in cash and prizes. Categories include the Classic Ladies and Classic Men’s Racewear. Registration opens at 3.30pm, with the first heat beginning at 5pm.

Free buses from the University of Canberra and the ANU will transport students to the course for a day of colour, glamour and a great lead up to the ACTTAB Melbourne Cup Race Day.

Race 1 begins at 2.28pm and the last race at 6.50pm. Bars will remain open until 7.30pm.

Entertainment will include student DJs playing sets throughout the day and the mascot race.

Gates open at 12.45pm and admission is free.

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Mommy Connections News
Happy 4th birthday to Mommy Connections from Kent Tilley, Investors Group Starting a family means your financial needs change. Kent Tilley can help discount canada goose jackets for sale winnipeg set up RESP’s, RRSP’s, savings for that dream family vacation, life insurance and will planning. Planning … Continue reading →

Happy 4th birthday to Mommy Connections from Sweet Momma Spa! Sweet Momma is a health spa and Boutique specializing in pregnancy wellness. Conceiving is not easy, the aches and pains of pregnancy are real and that relaxing … Continue reading →

Happy 4th birthday to Mommy Connections from Soothing Angels Sleep Consultant-Heather Plante Parents have the hardest job, bar none! The one discount canada goose jackets for sale winnipeg that makes our job so much more difficult is lack of sleep; both ours and our children’s. … Continue reading →

Happy 4th birthday to Mommy Connections from 853 North Clothing Clothing with a Conscious We offer high quality clothes at low prices. Our clothes are created in a 100% Sweat shop free environment because we believe that you value life … Continue reading →

Happy 4th birthday to Mommy Connections from Discovery Toy Representatives Sherri & Jennifer Discovery Toys allows parents and children to come together to learn, teach, and inspire one another through the joy of play. Each of our discount canada goose jackets for sale winnipeg incorporates … Continue reading →

Happy 4th birthday to Mommy Connections from PartyLite Candles Representative-Tamara Peters Did you know PartyLite is… GLOBAL In fact, we’re the world’s largest direct seller of candles and home fragrance products. A $500 million dollar brand spanning 18 countries. … Continue reading →

Happy 4th birthday to Mommy Connections from KEYLIME Athletic Wear Back in late 2008, Kristi Wozniak decided to embark on a journey that would surely shape her life for the next ump-teenth number of years

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Are you looking to reside in a serene area within the city?
Are you in the search for a new home? Not sure where and what you are looking for? Here’s a neighbourhood you may want to take a look at!

Runnymede is a quiet, family oriented neighbourhood with affordable houses, a good selection of schools, and convenient access to shopping and transportation. Just west of the Junction, Runnymede is nestled between some of Toronto’s more affluent neighbourhoods including Baby Point, Bloor West Village and High Park. For an abundance of fine dining, sporting events and the arts, or a relaxing walk in nature, Runnymede is only minutes away from Bloor West Village and High Park.

There are a few nice homes currently for sale in this area like this beautiful home on 93 Priscilla Avenue.

Welcome to this lovely 2 storey semi-detached home situated in a coveted Toronto neighbourhood. The well manicured landscaping leads to the new front deck. Upon entering this 3 bedroom 3 bath home, one can appreciate the stunning interior adorned with modern décor, finished with the highest quality of craftsmanship and absolute taste.

As you make your way through the main level, you’ll take notice of the open layout in the home, exuding a very airy ambiance. The foyer leads you to the living room with its gorgeous oak staircase and railing. The extensive cabinetry and hardwood floors add elegance to all of the principal rooms.

With the plethora of windows, your family will enjoy ample natural sunlight while sipping your early morning cup of teas or coffee brews. Perfect for any household chef, this stylish kitchen comes equipped with stainless steel appliances including a fridge, gas stove, dishwasher and built-in microwave. The granite countertop and brick backsplash are wonderful kitchen features in this home. In addition, the multitude of cabinets, and large peninsula with breakfast bar, are sure to be the home chef’s dream.

As you walk up to the second level, you will find the bright Master Suite with vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors and closet. The other 2 bright and spacious bedrooms include big windows and ample closet space.

New plumbing, electrical, furnace, A/C, insulation, skylight, doors, windows, deck and front load washer and dryer are just some of the recent updates to this professionally renovated home. With all this elegance and functional layout in a desirable location, this home will be the pride of ownership for any family.

Read about the latest market watch below:

The average selling price in August 2014 was $546,303 – up 8.9 per cent in comparison to the average of $501,677 reported in August 2013. The year-to-date average price through August was …To read more, click here. (hyperlink:

Rodrigo Robalino

RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage
Independently owned and operated

Vellore Park is a thriving new community close to schools, golf courses, community centers, Kortright and Boyd Conservation areas, major transportation routes with close access to Hwys 400 & 407 and public transportation including York Region & VIVA Transit. Major shopping centers are nearby, as are the communities of Kleinburg and Maple.

Are you a young family or the young at heart? Take a look at this Vellore Park gem on 160 Twin Hills Crescent.

Exquisite residence on a premium lot.

Welcome to this lovely 2674 square feet home with beautiful brick and natural stone exterior finish. This executive 4 bedroom residence is situated in a coveted Vaughan neighbourhood. There is professional landscaping and interlock from the front leading through the side of house to the backyard. Upon entering, one can appreciate the stunning interior adorned with modern décor; finished with the highest quality of craftsmanship and absolute taste.

As you make your way through the main level, you’ll take notice of the open layout of the home, exuding a very airy ambiance and smooth ceilings. The foyer leads you to the living room with large windows. The gorgeous staircase accentuates each level that canada goose jackets for boys touches. The extensive custom cabinetry, hardwood floors and upgraded trims, doors and handles add elegance to all of the principal rooms. Enjoy cozy evenings next to the gas fireplace with Travertine in the spacious family room.

With the plethora of windows finished with California shutters, your family will enjoy ample natural sunlight while sipping your early morning cup of teas or coffee brews. Perfect for any household chef, this stylish kitchen comes equipped with stainless steel appliances including a fridge, stove, microwave and a built-in dishwasher. The Granite counter top and glass tile backsplash are wonderful kitchen features in this home. In addition, the multitude of Manchester maple cabinets with under mount lights is sure to be the home chef’s dream.

For more details, visit

For the latest market watch, read below:

Toronto Real Estate Board President Paul Etherington reported 7,600 sales through the TorontoMLS system in August 2014. This result was up by 2.8 per cent compared to 7,391 transactions reported in August 2013. Year-to-date sales through the end of August amounted to 65,454, which represented an increase of …To read more, click here. (hyperlink:

Rodrigo Robalino

RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage
Independently owned and operated

Today, Toronto home buyers have arguably never been at the mercy of standard Ontario real estate contract deposits more than they are in the thick of 2014’s insane bidding wars for detached and semi-detached homes.

With even Greater Toronto Area “fixer-uppers” this spring receiving sometimes hundreds of showings and dozens of offers, often selling at over 100 per cent of the listing price, sellers have the leverage to ask what they may of buyers. They know that if one balks, five more will step up as Toronto’s single-family home inventory struggles to meet shocking demand. That includes standard deposits as shows of good faith that buyers aren’t making offers that waste sellers’ time – and, in all possibility, money.

That’s not to say there aren’t stakes for buyers to understand, too. One September 2003 deal that fell through and was later profiled in a January 2013 Toronto Star piece illustrates the $10,000 cost of misunderstanding the expectations tied to a deposit.

The simple fact is, the varying deposits that come standard with submitting an offer – fluctuating from around 2 per cent in Brampton to as much as 5 per cent in Toronto, and as low as several hundred dollars elsewhere in Ontario – don’t provide buyers with an escape hatch if they back away from a deal. Quite the opposite, actually.

Shankar Iyer and Bala Ramachandran learned that the hard way through their lost $10,000 September 2003 deposit on a brand-new $289,000 Pleasant Developments Inc. home. Typically, the deposit is expected either with the offer – nowadays, a particularly solid choice, as canada goose jackets for boys can send an offer to the “priority” stack of serious, good-faith interests during a bidding war – or within 24 hours of an offer’s acceptance. Pleasant Developments Inc. accepted on Sept. 16. Iyer and Ramachandran changed their minds on Sept. 17 and requested that the deposit be returned.

Here’s the problem: if a buyer makes a deposit, backs away from the deal and the property later sells for less than what the reneging buyer initially offered, the seller can sue for the difference plus legal fees. When Pleasant Developments sold the house for $700 under their offer, they kept the deposit.

When Iyer and Ramachandran tried to take the matter to Small Claims Court, the judge found that the $700 difference was the builder’s to keep but that the remainder had to be returned. Ontario Supreme Court of Justice Judge Brown later ruled in the builder’s 2006 appeal that, “Even in the case where the seller re-sells at a purchase price that is high enough to compensate for any loss from the first sale, the seller may nevertheless retain the deposit,” awarding the entire $10,000 to Pleasant Developments Inc.

Reasonable people may differ as to whether or not this could be considered “fair.” After all, Iyer and Ramachandran backing out only cost the builder $700 and the deposit was actually only 3.6 per cent of the purchase price. Still, canada goose jackets for boys demonstrates the dangerous – to buyers – absence of grey in the law.

Buyers, take heed to what your realtors and attorneys advise when putting down a deposit. In this case, it was a matter of $700. Luckily for the buyers, it wasn’t an even more substantial difference in a different time. There would’ve been much less argument as to whether or not Pleasant Developments Inc. was entitled to the full amount.

It’s a contract. A contract is an obligation. Backing out is a breach. Break the agreement, and you take a gamble on a judge having mercy.

In this case, the buyers got lucky once. On appeal, their luck ran out. Read the language carefully and request more time to lay out the deposit if you need a moment to sleep on it.

To play Toronto’s real estate game, many homebuyers must lay out a deposit to be taken seriously at the table by the seller. It’s just a rule of Ontario real estate contracts.

It’s not the only option to secure an offer’s consideration, but as tokens of good faith go, it appears to be the preferable one, as it seems to engender the greatest deal-making goodwill from sellers. Sure, buyers can also put down the deposit with 24 hours of an offer’s acceptance, but it’s an advantage particularly amid the prime 2014 selling season’s ferocious bidding wars to just be upfront and accommodating.

That’s not to say the ball is always in Greater Toronto Area sellers’ courts. Buyers who would forego costly mistakes should understand all the rules of the deposit in order to know just what the payment guarantees them, how much to put down, the penalties for paying it past the understood deadline, and other considerations.

It could make the difference between “deal or no deal” in what has already been defined as this year’s seller’s market of more buyers in the hunt than sellers with detached or semi-detached homes to move.

As said above, timing is everything. At a time when GTA sellers have no shortage of demand for their homes, the buyer’s convenience isn’t always paramount. Pay the deposit after the deadline, and many sellers will have no reservations about calling off a deal. Nothing obligates a seller to be understanding about being even a few minutes late.

Communication is important. If you need more time, explicitly request so in the offer. Timing is everything in real estate, and holding up further negotiations waiting on a late deposit means potentially missing out on an equal or greater sale price, sellers can become understandably annoyed.

Keep something else in mind: refusing to pay a deposit isn’t an ejector seat from a deal. In fact, sellers can sue buyers in the event the property goes back up for sale and fetches less than the buyers were originally offering to pay before breaking the deal by reneging on the deposit.

Under typical circumstances, the real estate brokerage representing the seller holds the deposit – among GTA markets, depending on the specific area, typically around 2 per cent (Brampton) to 5 per cent (Toronto) of the sale price, if even that – in an insurance-protected trust.

It’s for the buyer’s protection, oddly enough. This way, in the event that the seller or brokerage goes bankrupt or otherwise flies by night with the money, it can be fully returned.

There are provisions for sellers to call off the deal and keep the deposit. A seller can keep it to recoup lost costs if a buyer doesn’t meet stipulated conditions in the purchase agreement, whether pertaining to an inspection, financing or other acts of bad faith.

Under such conditions, the case often goes before a judge and the process drags out while the deposit remains securely in trust. There are ways buyers can get around this, namely by offering a smaller “offer-accepted” deposit and a second payment upon satisfaction of conditions.

Yes, it can be costly, depending on the neighbourhood. Yes, it can feel like “just one more tacked-on fee” that makes the home-buying process more expensive. Still, this is a one-time payment that protects the seller’s interests while affording reasonable peace of mind to the buyer as well.

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Going the Waterside
Today, the bright-red structures of Adams & Knickle really are a historic point in Lunenburg, Vw Scotia’s on duty waterfront. It has been fishing out from the famous transport for 114 generations. In the first years, the business was per exporter up of salt seafood, and now days canada goose pro deal store fish for deep-sea scallops. The difficulties of running a fishing business haven’t always happened to be easy, but canada goose pro deal store has weathered like your storms and is becoming a group staple.

Established in 1897 through the Harry Watt. Adams and many captain Alexander Knickle, the business quickly tested its niche in this booming salt-fish industry. By 1940, many two-masted schooners sailed from your Lunenburg port, 20 note that were ran by Adams & Knickle. Duringthese months or years, descendents of this Harry as well as Alexander became members of the group. Today, they’re in you are able to third manufacture of hands, with Mary Ritcey, one particular granddaughter of this Harry Adams, acting as president. She is joined with some David Knickle, gm, who is their great-grandson up of Alexander. For that Jane, the tradition that this company even now enjoys is a reflection of the work of alike families or even the strong help ethic of their employees. “In today’s globe, canada goose pro deal store stands out being a part former fishing internet business like Adams & Knickle, ” Ritcey is saying.

During the first ’50s, the salt-fish trade have come to dwindle, the new scallop fishery evolved. In 1954, Adams & Knickle had Lunenburg’s most important deep-sea scallop dragger, one particular Barbara Jo, and when it’s five winds, the resource launched eight newer wooden scallop ships. By 1962, the just offshore fleet had amassed 44 yachts, and to prepare 77 with some 1980. They were lucrative years in this fishing stock market, but right now the scallop fleet must be downsized of a fishery to sustainable. “Over the ages, we’ve been capable of making the responsibilities of changesto contend, and so you, we who were able to maintain business, ” Ritcey is saying.

Today, the difficulties of the proper fishing industry are around conservation, longevity, and ordinary management. Getting through March of this 2010, the Far eastern Canada deep sea sea-scallop fishery was one of the first North The united states scallop fishery to realize certification to become sustainable, well-managed fishery. Adams & Knickle, combined with four remaining deep-sea-scallop hunting companies deserve this distinction of the various Marine Stewardship Authority.

What the actual company’s success some more striking is being one of couple of female-run swimming firms. For that generations, the hunting industry have had typically been covered with men—fathers leaving their jobs to the sons with their grandsons. “When I come to the seller office, I’m yeah many thought getting a woman for the helm was unprecedented, ” Ritcey is saying. “Fortunately, my uncles who does preceded personally often spoke nevertheless business, so I hope understood at an early age how crucial to Adams & Knickle would be to our as well as to the city. ”

In late the weekend, Adams & Knickle is happy with exactly the. “Our widest accomplishment is that there are been included in Lunenburg’s maritime working waterfront for more than a century , plus, in taking action, have played a huge role in the actual community, ” Ritcey is saying. “Our fishermen can help make united nations who we’re today. ”.

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The Arts and Crafts Movement and Aestheticism in England
The Arts and Crafts Movement began in England in the late 1800s, inspired by the ideals of the earlier Aesthetic Movement. In part, canada goose dealers montreal outlet online was a movement toward abolishing the heavy over-the-top design and decorating sense of the high Victorian period. Gone were the lavish frills and frippery brought with the long reign of Queen Victoria.

“…inspired by the ideals of the earlier Aesthetic Movement…”

Artist and designer, William Morris, was a key player in the Arts and Crafts Movement’s founding – a proponent of less-is-more, honesty in design and traditional craftsmanship. Beauty and simplicity in design would soon replace the garish interiors of the homes of England’s upper classes.

The Aesthetic Movement

William Morris’s ideals were greatly influenced by the literature of John Ruskin, as well as the ideals of the Aesthetic Movement of the mid-19th century. The proponents of Aestheticism believed that art should exist for art’s sake, l’art pour l’art, as canada goose dealers montreal outlet online was known – art for its beauty, rather than its symbolism in politics or religion. Nor did they believe art should impose a high moral message. With Aestheticism, the beauty in art and literature was in the eye of the beholder.

“…art should exist for art’s sake…”

Lilies and sunflowers became to movement’s emblems, symbols for natural beauty that was at the core of the aesthetic ideal. In James Whistler’s book, The Art of Making Enemies, published in 1880, and written as a response to John Ruskin’s negative critique of his work, he wrote “The masterpiece should appear as the flower to the painter – perfect in its bud as in its bloom – with no reason to explain its presence – no mission to fulfill…”

It was a movement that on one hand did not want to moralize or influence people within art and literature, but on the other hand, canada goose dealers montreal outlet online did want to influence their tastes and ideals – a hypocrisy much debated among the scholars and art critics of the day. To some, Aestheticism had an unclear message.

The Rise of the Arts and Crafts Movement