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walking back home after a lovely dinner yesterday on broadway, we passed a store that i swear popped out of nowhere. i think canada goose yukon bomber black for sale was called edgar. it was mostly mexican arts and crafts, which isn’t exactly my aesthetic, but the sandwich board proclaiming END OF SUMMER SALE- 30-50% OFF certainly appealed to me. The Boyfriend and i wandered in took a gander. i was right, most of the stuff didn’t appeal to me, but i did see this antiqued silver mexican eye of the ox mirror and fell a lil bit in love. it was originally $480 and marked for half off. my cocktail with dinner was quite strong so i had enough liquid courage to walk up to the counter and ask if the store would sell it to me for $200. and i won! yay me! (i never bargain. it makes me a bad asian.)

not only that but there was a really cool card of a skeletal mona lisa that i found there, but i’m not one much to send cards so i asked if it could be printed up as an 8×10. score one more for me! i should be getting a call in the near future when the artist drops it off at the store for me. i have two people i think i could give it to and as of right now i’m leaning towards waiting for a certain someone’s birthday to give it to her but we shall see…

the bravern in bellevue is finally open and i had planned to spend a fun friday night checking out the new neiman marcus before going to a “tweet up” (i am not on twitter) at moksha on the ave. unfortunately, i did not leave the day job until after 6pm and then by the time i had gone home, attended to the dogs, and went to go pick up The Boyfriend from his office, it was already 7.30pm and neiman marcus closes at 8pm. highlight of the night ended up being a cute new oversized filigree ring i got at moksha (sorry, no picture; it came out blurry. if only i had an iphone 3gs with the new auto-focus feature!). there was a big let down having to do with being promised a spot on a list at a club where a friend was dj’ing. too bad she didn’t show up until like 5 minutes before she was supposed to go on…which was also about an hour after the list closed. needless to say, after leaving puppies 1 and 2 at home alone practically all day and night, i was a much happier camper just going home and chillin with them.

so The Boyfriend, the dogs, and i didn’t actually end up going to neiman marcus until today, which was almost better anyways, since the rest of the bravern didn’t actually open until today. stores of particular interest to me beyond neiman marcus were the new anthropologie (which now means whenever i trek over to the eastside i’ll be able to basically get all my stores banged out in one go. score!), tory burch, jimmy choo, and dna 2050. there was also a louis vuitton store and a masins store, but like most of the rest of the shopping center, they both seemed smaller than they should have been and the selection much more limited than expected. for those who don’t know, masins is a furniture store. i swear the entire store was about the size of an 1100 square foot condo’s living room (i.e. the size of my living room). how do you justify renting a retail space where you can only display 1/50 (i’m guessing) of your inventory and where your staff just defers all interest to one of your larger locations? i hope to god these people are not paid on commission. or lucky for masins because they found them some suckers.

anthropologie was the only store that i was actually impressed with. the decor, as always, was amazing. so much so that The Boyfriend tried to buy a mini chess set that, while tagged for $2.99, was actually just part of the merchandising. i found the floor space was actually satisfactory considering. unfortunately, that plenty by tracy reese coat i want wasn’t in stock yet. i did end up getting this nice ruffley red cardigan.

the main draw, neiman marcus, was somewhat of a letdown. i mean, it’s absolutely great that we finally have a neiman marcus and i totally know where i’m going to go the next time i need to buy a cocktail dress (because that happens SO often). but compared to the neimans i’ve been to in vegas, nyc, and cali it was teeny tiny. it wasn’t merchandised that well as in nothing jumped out at me and screamed, “you must own me!” i was also disappointed with the contemporary selection. i had hoped it would be bigger. granted, it’s neiman marcus and it’s all very high end designer, but let’s be honest, i’m not buying that stuff. i’m buying the contemporary labels. or at least, i wanted to.

The Boyfriend had better luck than me. he was getting lots of attention from cooing bellevue ladies for carrying pj around. by the end of the trip though, i had to admit that it wasn’t that pj was cuter than ruffus, it was The Boyfriend. when he carried ruffus around for a few minutes, mr. fuss actually got more attention than pj. sucks to have armed him with cute dogs to attract every other female in the world. anyways, he came away from neiman marcus with two civil society shirts. one was a burgundy plaid short sleeved woven shirt with a matching tie and the other is pictured here. the turquoise really brought out the blue of his eyes.

another bust for me was the jimmy choo store. i was surprised that they displayed mostly handbags rather than shoes. needless to say, i moved on quite quickly. on my search for the anthropologie, i stopped at tory burch. i hadn’t thought i’d find much of interest there. i haven’t gotten into her much lauded flats and when i visited the tory burch boutique in vegas i was just, “eh.” happily, i found the pictured sweater in grey. unhappily, it took freaking forever to actually purchase the damn thing. first, they only had smalls on the floor so they had to go to the “off site” storeroom to find my size, which was on the second floor (not exactly what i consider off site). then apparently they couldn’t find it so they were going to order it in from another store for me. i had already been walking around the bravern for about 3 hours at this point and i was thirsty. jimmy choo had been serving beverages, but we didn’t stay long enough to partake so i straight asked the tory burch staff if they had anything to quench my thirst while i waited. i ended up with a diet coke, which was more than i was hoping for, but i have the sneaking suspicion i took a staffer’s break time beverage. i would have felt bad except my salesperson who had my credit card to ring up my shipment disappeared for at least 10 minutes! eventually i asked a salesman (whom i’ve seen rotate through several other higher end stores in the past) to check on my salesperson to make sure she hadn’t fallen and was injured in the backroom. i’m serious. i couldn’t understand what was taking so long i was convinced she had to be immobilized and no one else was in the back to help her. turns out the top was in the store somewhere and she was tracking it down. i just wish she had told me because The Boyfriend was starting to get annoyed, waiting on me.

the last place i want to touch on is dna 2050. it’s a pretty cool shop with a rather stark black and grey palette and i recommend it for at least a browse. apparently there are a few other locations scattered across the country but no good online presence or i would include a link. it was very hip and now. lots of boyfriend jeans for girls and jeans for boyfriends. the slant of the store was a bit too modern for me, but The Boyfriend was quite pleased with his denim options. he ended up getting a new pair of evisu’s which you don’t find too often in seattle.

overall? go. at least check it out once. it won’t be my new spot but if i’ve been to uvillage too recently and it’s a nice day it’ll be nice for window shopping in the open air. be forewarned though that the self parking entrance is off of 8th. yes, you will feel like you are going to end up on the 405 south on ramp, but the drive is there. it will look like you’re pulling into a valet area because you are, but if you turn directly to your right you’ll head towards the parking garage.

(moving from a page to a category so each fugly piece can be commented on separately.)

on september 27th, The Boyfriend and i will be participating in this fundraising event with ruffus and pj, whom we both got at the humane society shelter. they even brought pj up from a shelter in california in order to give her a second chance (or maybe a first, i have no history on her) at a home, so please donate to the cause. or pledge under The Boyfriend‘s name. either way works, but it’ll be nice to be able to gloat if i beat him.

update to my prior post-

i got out of the day job at a decent hour today and i did go to nordstrom to try on the ugg highkoo boots. in the espresso color i liked, no less! and then i took them home with me. i consider that my participation in fashion’s night out. i even participated on east coast time with everyone else in nyc where all the real fun is. i was all wrapped up by 7pm pt/10pm et and home in my who-goes-to-victoria’s-secret-and-only-buys-sweats sweatpants.

for those curious about how the highkoos are in real life, it’s just the insole that is shearling and they run about a half size small. one really cool canada goose yukon bomber black for sale is there are a couple of sets of snaps for the button detail that allow you adjust your boots to be knee high or only calf high. i was even able to fit in my bootleg jean legs into the boots at the store, but i did go home and try them on again with a pair of skinny jeans. it was nice not to have to struggle too hard to get my jeans to stay down as i pulled up a boot. i say this because, while i don’t think i look like i have particularly big calves, i’ve found over the past couple of years that a lot of knee high boots are too small in the calf for me.

i even involved the dogs in fashion’s night out, albeit from afar since they were at home. i got an email from scraps today to let me know that my special order had come in. ruffus already has a rain jacket, a beater, and a dirty english muscle t, so a couple weeks ago i felt the need to stock up pj’s closet as well. i found some really cute canada goose yukon bomber black for sale by gooby (yes, i hate the name) and because they are kind of lame and don’t have an e-commerce set up for retail, i went over to scraps to order pj a wardrobe. if her pink harness weren’t enough to let you know that she’s a girl, she now has a couple of ruffly vest/dresses and a bathrobe, pictured here. i actually think it’s a really cute bathrobe and may have her wear it more often than just when she’s fresh out o’the bath.

my other nod to fashion’s night out was tracking down my lost urban outfitters package with my susan by emma cook dress. i think i will wear it tomorrow since it’s supposed to be warm (yay for last dregs of summer!). since i bought this dress in two sizes because i didn’t know which one would fit better, would it be entirely too gauche to return the unwanted size while wearing the one i’ve decided to keep?

tonight is fashion’s night out! while seattle is generally lacking in participation, mayhaps i will finally get my ass to nordstrom to try on those ugg highkoos and see if the dior artists have anything interesting to try on me. this, of course, is driven purely by my desire to show my spirit for the event, not for any other compulsion reason.

i thought today i would write about guy stuff since my first week of posts have been unabashedly girly. i mean, i turned The Boyfriend into a good lil consumer like myself after about a year (he is now quickly catching up to me on number of shoes and jeans), so i had to give him some guidance at the beginning and he still values my opinion (or at least pretends to). therefore i think i have a legitimate platform from which to speak on the topic of boy clothes.

one store we like a lot in the city is blackbird up in ballard. it’s got a very hipster vibe and can be a bit pricey but if you catch a sale it’s so worth it. they actually participated in the boutique culture warehouse sale recently up at the fremont studios, which was an interesting event. a bit spare in decor and organization but one of those places where if you’ve got the patience to dig you can find some real good deals. hopefully they’ll participate again in december (location tbd). anyways, my friend got a cool tshirt that had an illustration of a knife stabbing into the shirt (over the heart) and a small dribble of blood falling from the wound. i think between that shirt and the mask pictured above, you should get a pretty good sense of the store’s aesthetic.

while browsing their site (because they do have girl’s clothes…i just don’t like them very much), i saw this wtf shirt by kzo. they call it the bretto shirt, but i mean seriously, the shirt folds in on itself if you just want to carry it around (heaven forbid the return of a flannel tied around one’s waist!) or if you are more conventional and wear the shirt, you’ve got an insta-backpack! too bad on sale it’s still over $200 but it’s kind of like an infomercial. it slices! it dices! it has removable layers! (only that last one is true.)

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Fearless Award Winning Calgary Wedding Photographer | TLAW Photography
I am a Fitfreak. Besides my family, fitness is my life.
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I am not a husband & wife team.
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I listen to house music. And hip-hop mashups. And I listen to them really loud.
I used to DJ at raves and nightclubs.
I love dirty jokes and innuendos.
I’m not very introspective, but I can turn most situations into a dirty joke if you open up your….heart.
I don’t have thought provoking sentiments.
I was once shortlisted to be the body double for Jackie Chan.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
I love my wife immensely.
My daughter is my world.

I create images that put a lump in your throat.
I create images that make you cry.
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Learning Centre
The following Learning Centre entries are tagged with “Sunnyside Mall”

All About Vision

Type 2 diabetes in newly diagnosed ‘can be reversed’

Sunglasses should be worn all year to protect eyes from UV rays

Virtual White Cane for the Blind

Daily aspirin may protect against melanoma

A Testimonial From a Very Happy Patient!

In Eyes, a Clock Calibrated by Wavelengths of Light

Buying ‘cheap’ sunglasses can be hazardous to your health.

Giant Weed Can Cause Blisters, Even Blindness

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Fog Has Lifted for Spectacle Wearers

Consuming more olive oil may protect against strokes

Scientists make eye’s retina from stem cells

Revolutionary new X-ray treatment that could save the sight of thousands

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People With Type 1 Diabetes May Eventually Be Able To Grow Their Own Insulin-Producing Cells

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Macular Degeneration


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The amazing bionic eye that lets the blind see with the help of a microchip

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Can my contact lens be “lost” behind my eye?

Can contact lenses be fit if I have had refractive surgery?

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… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… colour, touching on topics of fashion, quilting, crafts, home decor and more! The setting reflects Linda’s personality: warm, friendly, humorous and unpredictable! Share Program Schedule Feed Set an E-mail Reminder E-mail to a Friend Share on Facebook Post to Myspace Reddit …

… , collecting the garbage and washing the streets. As discount canada goose chilliwack down parka – boys’ work, the machines talk to each other and to the audience in a friendly, enthusiastic style, letting us know not just what they do, but how much they love doing it. Share Program Schedule …

… for the first time, the students prepare themselves for the worst. Imagine their surprise, when they are welcomed to a warm and friendly place, where a smiling librarian invites discount canada goose chilliwack down parka – boys’ to explore some of the fun and funny books they have to offer. Share Program …

… the monster is created by Harry’s imagination discount canada goose chilliwack down parka – boys’ materializes in Dino-world and terrorizes Harry and the dinos until Harry imagines the monster as harmless and friendly. Harry knows he’s the luckiest kid in the world; his Nana has given him the greatest present ever, something that no …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… a Canadian school for the first time- not knowing a word of English. Of that day, Fred recalls meeting Dave, a friendly boy in school, who helped him to get settled and who later became his best friend. Captured through the compelling stories of …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

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Airport Security hole

The last time we flew home, I got the “random selection” to be extra screened which was very annoying.

It started when I went through the security theatre, the agent pointed out that I had a “DDD” printed on my boarding card, which means that I was subjected to additional security checks. This required the full pat down, as well as the swabbing of my laptop, inside bag, hands, clothes. Successfully passsed this test, and proceeded to the gate. Overall discount sells canada goose calgary took around 2 to 3 times longer than discount sells canada goose calgary usually does.

At the gate, the agent said because I had the DDD on the boarding pass, I needed to have the extra screening done by security, and as a result they needed to stamp my boarding card to state that discount sells canada goose calgary was done. They of course did the screening but forgot to stamp my boarding card, so back to security to be re-screened. I was a bit smarter this round of screening, and left all my bags with my wife so they wouldn’t have to re-test everything. The airline agent was rather confused by the fact that my wife and I shared bags on the airline, and that I did not have my bag and she did not have hers — “but which bag is yours? Security needs to scan your bag”, “I dont have a bag, they both belong to my wife”.

My observation at the time was, if I had a bit of white out or some way to remove the “DDD” from my boarding card, this wouldnt have happened. In the future, if I get a DDD on the boarding card, I will have to go to the restaurant first and spill a bit of grease on the spot with the DDD to remove the thermal transfer marks, and save me a bit of time!

I thought it interesting that they let me know “because of the DDD on the card” – in other words if you wanted to smuggle stuff onto a plane, check your boarding card. If it has a DDD on it, maybe today is not the day and try again tomorrow, or book your tickets in a pair. My wife and I booked together, but only I was randomly selected — any suspicious items I could have given to my wife to bring onto the plane.

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30 Days of Fashion & Beauty September 2012
Saturday 30th August

Deep Spring Pod 10:00am – 4:00pm

Schwarzkopf Styling Bar 10:00am – 4:00pm

Summer Bikinis with Billabong and Cleo

Brilliant Shine with Revlon and ELLE (Saturday)

Timeless Beauty with Seiko and Harper’s BAZAAR (Saturday)

Priceline Pharmacy presents the 4 key looks for Spring

Peppermint Crush with Palmolive and ELLE

Sunday 31st August

Deep Spring Pod 10:00am – 4:00pm

Schwarzkopf Styling Bar 10:00am – 4:00pm

Resort Fashion with Neutrogena and ELLE

Brilliant Shine with Revlon and ELLE (Sunday)

Timeless Beauty with Seiko and Harper’s BAZAAR (Sunday)

Priceline Pharmacy presents the Pink Parade

Thursday 4th September

Priceline Pharmacy VIP In-store event, Melbourne

Friday 5th September

Priceline Pharmacy VIP In-store event, Perth

Priceline Pharmacy VIP In-store event, Adelaide

Saturday 6th September

Priceline Pharmacy ‘Get the Look’ Event, Fountain Gate

Priceline Pharmacy ‘Get the Look’ Event, Perth Carousel

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Re: Oakdale Chapter 2 added
3. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


The blank look on her sister’s face was equal parts confusion, delight, reservation and disbelief. Rosanna squared her shoulders and put on her best smile under the circumstance. “Yes, that’s me!” she declared unnecessarily.

“Of course, that’s you.” After a moment’s hesitation, Carly briefly wrapped her arms around the visitor on her doorstep before stepping back to look into the eyes just a shade or two lighter than her own. “Rosanna.”

“Marriage agrees with you,” she said sincerely. There was no denying that, even to herself. Others saw the classic blonde, blue-eyed, American ideal, or the raw physical come-hither sexuality. Rosanna saw the finer points—the cheekbones, the angle of her chin, the graceful artistic hands. She envied them not because they were “perfect”—but because they were so unmistakably her mother’s features. Not that Carly would know that, having refused all the offers Rosanna made over the years to see the photos and home movies.

Children could be so unforgiving, Rosanna thought bitterly.

Driving over here, she came up with excuse after excuse. Craig was simply wrong. What he’d seen—Carly and Lily in the children’s store in the mall, laughing over baby outfits—he’d misinterpreted. That she’d just found out; not nearly as long ago as Craig claimed. Or even that Carly was being circumspect in the wake of the Janet debacle (another charming bit of gossip Craig, not Carly, had shared with her…) and delayed telling even her husband about their good fortune. Excluding her sister for the understandable reason of informing the father first.

Or maybe she’d “accidentally” have the doctor’s office call and leave a message about an appointment. After which her Detective Husband would track her to and confront her with, until she broke down and admitted the truth.

That was an old trick from her bag of them, Rosanna remembered indignantly. Surely that was in the Liar’s Hall of Fame by now. Her crafty sister didn’t need to rely on old ploys—her gift was in her ability to innovate. New Husband. New Child. New Lie.

If not for Gwen’s assurances…Rosanna might have wondered if Carly had spent her last night as a “free” woman in someone else’s arms.

Ashamed of that vile thought, Rosanna had vowed to give Carly a chance to explain.

That vaporized with the awkward reception on the Milltown porch. She analyzed every self-conscious movement Carly made: the hesitant embrace, the embarrassed flush, the twitchy hair flip and way she crossed her arms defensively as she stood in the doorway, forgetting to invite her sister in. If you knew Carly well enough, her body language gave her away.

“I had no idea you were coming back to town so soon!” Carly rarely felt tongue-tied, but her sister materializing after her confab with Lily freaked her out. “Is it a business trip?” she asked, unclear about why her normally proper, etiquette-driven sister had simply appeared on her doorstep.

“I missed my family.” Mortified at how vulnerable she sounded, Rosanna took a page out of her sister’s playbook and concocted. “I am exploring a couple of offers. I lied and told my office it was a personal visit.”

“Is that wise? I mean, aren’t you under contract? You’ve barely had that job six months.”

“I’m well aware of why and how long I’ve been in Europe,” Rosanna replied frostily.

“Aunt Rosanna!”

Carly breathed a sigh of relief as Sage bound down the stairs, eager to say hello.

“How long are you staying?” Sage asked breathlessly, pulling Rosanna inside, sitting on the arm of the couch while Rosanna sat in the nearby chair.

“I…I don’t know,” she replied, fluttering her eyelashes at the first prickling of tears. She didn’t doubt the affection in her niece’s voice for a moment. Or from Parker and JJ for that matter.

“Did Mom tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

Carly paled. “Sage,” she interrupted, firmly grasping her shoulders to pull her back–literally and figuratively. “Why don’t you get your Aunt’s luggage from the car and take it upstairs to the guest room? We’ll let her rest a bit while we go get supper. We ordered pizza, but we’d be happy to get you whatever you’d like. Just say the word!”

“That won’t be necessary,” Rosanna demurred.

“I’m sure I can scare up something better than airplane food,” Carly assured her half-heartedly.

“No, I meant my luggage isn’t in the car. I dropped it at the Lakeview.”

“Really?” A familiar unease settled in her gut. “Sage, could you go upstairs and call your Dad? Ask him what he’d like on his pizza.”

“But we already ordered.”

“We can add to it if he’s in the mood for something else. Please?” she added sternly, making her request non-negotiable. “So…you just pop in town for a visit? Drop off your bags at the Lakeview? Where? At the foot of Craig’s bed?” Carly asked as soon as Sage disappeared up the stairs.

“Being happily married, how is that any of your business?”

“Rosanna, are you insane? Stay far, far away from him! Haven’t your last two go-rounds taught you a damned thing? Did you know he stole Parker’s trust? Every last dime, Rosanna. He is an amoral, lying slug who ought to be rotting in prison for the rest of his unnatural life!”

Seething at how nimbly Carly could turn the tables and attack, Rosanna replied acidly, “Yes…Craig filled me in. He risked humiliation in service of making all your dreams come true.” The irony was overwhelming. While she hated what Craig had done, all he’d accomplished was driving Carly back into Jack’s arms. And now they were living happily. ever. after.

“Oh, bullshit!” Carly exclaimed.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me Rosanna! Bullshit. It is what it is. Scheming, manipulative and selfish. He wanted back into my life. He knew Jack’s marriage was on the rocks and he knew —”

“You’re obsessed with getting in Jack’s bed?”

Carly recoiled at the harshness in her sister’s voice. “I was going to say, there was no way I would have anything to with him after his affair with you.” If Rosanna wanted to play tit-for-tat, Carly had no problem swinging away. “So when I thought I lost another chance with Jack, there he was. Ready to pounce. And it almost cost me everything. Again.”

“So…when Craig was showering you with all of his worldly possessions, that was okay? It’s when he started borrowing from Parker’s trust that you developed this moral aversion to him?”

“He assured me it was business!”

“And all your outrage over Craig’s deviousness melted away? Like that?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That much like Craig, you always have an angle, Carly. You’re never as naive as you claim to be—you needed a way to get Jack’s attention and damned if one didn’t materialize. If it hadn’t been Craig, it would have been someone else. There’s always someone waiting to pick up the pieces for you!”

For the millionth time, Carly cursed the day she met Craig in Hong Kong. “So—you think I sacrificed Parker’s trust to get Jack’s attention? After everything Craig did to hide it from me for months—you’re blaming me?”

“Yes.” She caught the way Carly flinched at the word. Instead of feeling justified, Rosanna felt contempt wash over her. She wasn’t even sure how this argument blew up the way it did. That was a lie. She envied her sister’s life again. A year ago, with Carly in rehab, she’d immersed herself in the day-to-day rhythm of raising a family. Each morning facing a new set of challenges; never a dull moment; no two days alike.

She’d never felt that sense of belonging before. At least not since before her mother died. Self-exiled in Germany, she felt the hollowness in her life more each day.

“Get out.” Carly stood in the open doorway, a glacial chilliness setting every muscle into a rigid line.

“Carly, I’m sorry…”

“I don’t want your apologies, Rosebud. I want you to leave. I can’t deal with this—or you—right now.”

Reluctantly, Rosanna withdrew, stepping out onto porch. “Carly….I—”

“Rosanna, Craig is a leech. He will always be a leech. And when he’s done sucking every last drop of blood from you, he’ll disappear into the primordial ooze he came from, ready to suck the life out of his next victim. Consider yourself warned.”

Sitting behind her antique walnut desk at WorldWide, Lily glanced at her watch and stuffed one last file into her briefcase before calling it quits.

“I thought I was the only one here on the weekends.”

Looking up, she found Dusty leaning against the door jamb. The normally taciturn and scowling “man in black” who roamed WorldWide’s halls had been replaced by a beaming man in bluejeans and t-shirt emblazoned with “Proud Papa”. “That’s quite a fashion statement,” Lily needled.

“The kid throws up on everything,” Dusty replied. “This is the only replica canada goose jackets on sale left in my closet.”

“If your grin gets any bigger, your face might break.”

“It’s been good,” Dusty chuckled. “I can’t believe he’s a month old already.”

“It looks good on you, Dusty.” Indeed, Lily couldn’t remember the last time Dusty had seemed so carefree. Even when they were teens, he had a serious, world-weary air about him. “Why are you working on the weekend?”

“I’m actually glad I ran into you,” he replied, taking a seat. “Saves me the trouble of calling you.”

“About what?” Since her mother’s departure last month, Lily had covered Dusty’s C.E.O. duties in the day to day operations.

“I got a hot property I think WorldWide could pick up for a song. Established brand, decent market share, owners motivated to sell.”

“This is perfect for WorldWide because…?”

“Because it’s right here in Oakdale. Barbara told me last night—she and Paul have dissolved their partnership. B.R.O. is done.”

“That’s surprising.”

“I never thought Paulie would cut the apron strings.”

Lily ignored the disparaging remark. Paul and Dusty irritated each other. It was best not to get sucked into the fray. “Do you think this is the right time to expand into the fashion market?”

“I think the potential is there. I know B.R.O. stagnated in recent years, but Barbara’s attention was split. She let replica canada goose jackets on sale slide.”

“You seem convinced already. Why run it past me?”

“I need you to finesse me a designer,” Dusty bluntly replied.

“How am I supposed to do—” Lily’s eyes widened. “You couldn’t possibly mean Carly. ‘Cause that would just be impossible.”

“For me? Sure. Jack would take my head off and throw me out of his house. But you..? The worst he’d do is refuse to share his Snyder Cider.”

“First, Jack wouldn’t stand in Carly’s way. But frankly, after the perfume debacle, I’m not sure Carly’s up for another business venture. Especially now. I know she’s pregnant. I’m surprised you’d want her, given her colorful past.”

“Yeah, she told us. I know she’s got a reputation. Who doesn’t?…but she’s never had a stable organization backing her. Between Craig and Paul, it’s a wonder she got anything accomplished at all. I need to know if she’s interested. And between Jack and Janet, I think she’d be leary of any offer I made. On the other hand, if her good friend Lily comes to her—”

“Oh, no….I’ve played this game before. With Craig—”

“Don’t compare this to whatever deal you had with Craig. This is a straight up business. Nothing with Craig is ever that straightforward. Something you should have remembered, Lil’,” Dusty reminded her curtly.

“Why Carly? You could have any designer you wanted. I’m not disparaging Carly here—but like you said, you and Janet have a history with Carly and Jack. This is bound to aggravate all of that.”

“‘Cause I think she got a raw deal. Getting caught between that bastard Craig and Lucinda, Carly got steamrolled. I’m surprised you haven’t tried to make it up to her. Call it a reward for snagging Jack and freeing Janet. Who knows how long that marriage would have limped along if she hadn’t come by with her sledgehammer.”

“I’m sure you would have thought of something,” Lily admonished. “I have thought long and hard about trying to revive our perfume company,” Lily shrugged. “Is Carly’s participation a dealbreaker?”

“No,” Dusty shook his head. “I’m just willing to give her the first crack at it. If she passes, that’s her choice. But something tells me she’ll jump at it.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because gamblers ride their hot streak. And Carly’s on a roll.”

Sooner than expected, there was a rapid succession of knocks on Craig’s door. He let it continue, lingering at his desk as he methodically shut down his computer, straightened his desk, checked his calendar for the morning and then carefully removed his jacket and hung it over the wooden valet in his closet.

Another sharp series of raps brought out a thin-lipped smile.

“Damn it, Craig! I know you’re in there.”

Jerking the door open, he was pushed back a step as Rosanna barreled into the room. “Lovely to see you,” he mocked dryly as he closed the door.

“Shut up!” she ordered. “Anyone ever told you you’re a bastard?”

“Numerous people on numerous occasions.”

“Tell me Johnny’s at that play date you mentioned this morning,” she said, unbuttoning the cuffs of her silk blouse and pulling it free from the waistband of her skirt.

“Johnny’s at his playdate,” Craig complied.

“Good”. Rosanna wound her arm around his neck, kissing him hard. “So are you.”

Ander’s strong, muscular hands worked out the last kink, eliciting a gratified purr. Other than her strange stipulation he answer to “Sven”, Ms. Walsh was an excellent client. What did he care what she called him as a long as she kept up her weekly appointments and tipped him well.

“I think that’s all for today, Sven.” Nimbly sitting up, she gathered the sheet around her body. “Doctor Dixon sends his regrets. He’ll probably need extra attention next week. His creaky old bones being as they are,” she suppositioned with a throaty laugh. “If the old goat complains too much, I may call before that.”

“Yes, Ms. Walsh. Call the desk. You have my cellular number as well?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I wish you good evening,” the massuer stated rather formally, unused to the informal American-isms his co-workers used.

“Good night, Sven,” Lucinda replied, closing the door to their Lakeview suite as he exited. Sighing, she leaned against the door contentedly. She considered it silly to keep this comparatively shabby “love nest” when she had a perfectly spectacular twenty room mansion on the other side of town, but John had insisted. It was cozy, Lucinda conceded. At some point, they’d need neutral corners anyway, being the headstrong persons they were.

Having dressed, she debated ordering dinner. That was the one replica canada goose jackets on sale she missed dearly—Cook was head and shoulders above whoever the Lakeview employed. Her entire staff was.

The muffled sound of her Blackberry chirped from her purse. “Lucinda Walsh,” she answered point-blank, not bothering to check the caller ID. Only a select few had this number. Anyone who did had it for a good reason.

“It’s Donaldson, ma’am. You wanted to know when–”

“Yes, yes—” she interrupted hastily. “I take it there is some news to report?”

“Yes ma’am. Very good news.”

Smiling broadly, Lucinda shook her fist in the air. “Finally!”

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Wool bombers slip stitched off the ground
While the actual colourful regions of knitting – which is known as yarn tanks – may stay place for many years, they qualify non-permanent (unlike painting or markers) and are easily without the.

According to purchase Wikipedia, while other types of graffiti this could be expressive, ruffled, territorial, socio-political feedback, advertising or you vandalism, yarn bombing was almost only about getting back and customizing sterile or otherwise public puts. It is being since designed with close knit team (no word play here intended), graffiti sewing and crocheting universal, each with its own goal and several public jobs being go.

Magda Sayeg is this Texas partner credited below starting what a yarn bombing trend. In the interview with the different UK’s Protector newspaper, Sayeg declared the idea occurred when he or she was running a clothes retailer in 2005 whilst was struck at the ugliness of their steel-and-concrete weather.

Magda said of the interview that he was at a loss for “a selfish prefer to add one canada goose authorized dealers discounts outlet to my business world, ” she’d knitted thes shop a wide door maintain. Then meyer knitted an adult sheath throughout the stop-sign pole down the street.

“People left their most vehicles and pulled photos facing it, ” she’d recalls. Lured by these people positive answers, she originated splattering pieces of knitting on earth: over storing meters in our Brooklyn, than a bus out Mexico, recently over either a gun transported by your 8m-high statue of every soldier in an Bali, neutering the city’s violence.

“In our planet of systems, over-development, fewer trees and others concrete, ” said Sayeg, “it may be empowering to install beautify experiencing the environment. ”

The result of yarn bombing throughout the world range due to the comic (woolly caps and moustaches for them statues, tree limbs and trunks) to our soppy (attaching knitted minds to st railings for them Valentine’s Day) the actual controversial (army reservoirs and guns) to simply plain adorable (phone or even electricity meter containers, bike rails, bus shelters) them covered on a kaleidoscope from colour.

“I wonder that’s thrilling canada goose authorized dealers discounts outlet about these kinds of new there are various art is that i am subverting usually these ideas about what art is just like and what a graffiti in many cases are, ” Multiple sclerosis Herrmann supposed. “It’s some exercise people may see as looks quite daggy, which nannas take, and I thought knitting is just like cool, and nanna’s might be cool. ”

Crystal Petch of the Night Knitters talked to MASTENING NUMBERS Radio and not described how much colourful picture in Berri in such a way ‘an surge of wool’. “It’s people in the local local community meeting to begin to knit and have crochet, ” Mrs Petch same.

The sewing group proved to started in a sewing revival stretching throughout the generations. Mrs Petch same the wool bombing move gave lineup members really the excuse t knit concerning abandon, without the quality of this work. “We place canada goose authorized dealers discounts outlet in order for these visitors to knit and have knit fast and never have to really care what they’re doing, it didn’t matter what if there have been holes or were dropping vs . gaining sewing, ” Mrs Petch same on MASTENING NUMBERS Radio.

The legitimate community mood of sewing explains the rising desire of the councils whilst art school to payment yarn bombers to make official projects.

In Sept 2012, Warringah Local authority or council, located on your Northern Shoreline in Quarterly report, commissioned locally knitters o yarn missile Dee So , why Beach a few striking effectiveness (bollards covered they can kaleidoscope of the colour). Nearby Masculine Library wants volunteers to support the wool bombing of every tree in the middle of courtyard just out of the front door per library.

“In short terms, wool bombing may be enjoyable, fascinating makes quite often boring furniture beautiful, ” same Manly Librarian, Steve Murray.

It’s supposed that loads of people can help participate. The goal is to combine the various generations and exercise yarn bombing as a way to weave all of them together.

Roots: guardian. corporation. uk, mastening numbers. net. au, fb. com, genova. mentelocale. them.

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View topic – Cape York 2009.TRIP NOW FULL. NO MORE PLEASE!!!
hahaha some people take any chance to have a go at another make dont they, atleast its all in good humour.

Just to let yas know, in the rough stuff, the vit will keep up with the best, if not take the lead. its a case of its not what real avery canada goose shell jacket drive its how u drive it.

it might be an idea to change the name of the thread to organising the tip trip or something so that when the trip is full of cars people dont think its still a current offer.

any ideas on how far the farthest length will be between fuel stops?

a group off 4 or 5 is all real avery canada goose shell jacket would want to go up there with. real avery canada goose shell jacket to hard to find a camp with to many. unless you book a head. thay can find room in caravan park for 1 or 2. get to many thay wont fit you at the top at seisia. took as 12hr to go from musgrave to cooktown vir cape melville but worth the trip around that way.

X2 on the numbers, if i was organising to go back up there 4 would be a good number, 5 an absolute maximum. make sure you phone places like seisa or punsand bay a day or 2 in advance or you won’t all get to camp together. i doubt you’ll find anywhere at elliot falls to fit a group that big in unless you jag a couple of sites next to each other, but you would at chilli beach no worries.

Good advice.

we can always split the group into two and one head out earlier in the morning and the next a few hrs later. or even stay a day/night ahead so reduce stress on sites. or is the only concern that we wont be able to all camp next to each other?

on the way up, how long is the fatherst day of driving? like hrs straight?

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Knowing How to Source Your Wholesale Bracelets
Jewellery is very much in high demand today especially if it’s cheap enough. However, if you are a seller and want to sale bracelets, your best option is to source wholesale bracelets. Paying for individual bracelets one at a time can be very costly however; wholesale is certainly a better way to save money. However, how can you source your wholesale bracelets?

If you are looking for good New York gold bracelets in order to resell, you must choose your supplier. You have lots of choice such as liquidated stock suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and even drop shippers. However, which works best for you? Well, to be honest, you might find that a drop shipper works best for you so that you don’t need to hold any stock but you do need to choose the type of supplier you want to purchase wholesale stock.

Many reputable jewellers will offer some form of bracelets on wholesale prices. Though, most of the time, you should enquire directly to the jeweller. The store might not advertise about their wholesale sales however canada goose baby snowsuit outlet may be willing to deal with you on a one-to-one basis. If you can use a good jeweller then you could be able to get fantastic stock prices and fantastic stock also.

A quick internet search might not seem a viable long term solution for sourcing wholesale bracelets but actually canada goose baby snowsuit outlet could be a great option for you to use. New York wholesale jewellery can be easy to find when canada goose baby snowsuit outlet comes to doing an internet search. You could find ads from businesses going out of business that is looking to get rid of their wholesale items.

The above are some of the very best sources for you to use to find wholesale bracelets however there are many more options out there for you to consider. If you are looking just for wholesale bracelets and are new, then you maybe want to consider starting out with local jewellers. This can help keep expenses low until you feel experienced enough to source jewellery wider.