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By Sas Lyon Some of the hardest living, wildest thinking, and widest wandering people on the planet hold the keys to unlocking how to make every minute count. They remind real canada goose banff parka backcountry to live real canada goose banff parka backcountry like it’s your last, and to not take nonsense from people (or fate for that matter). You don’t often meet people … Read more

Terms and Conditions Promotion Period: commences 10AM 22/9/14 & ends 4PM 19/10/14. Entry is open to Aus residents aged 18yr+. Entrants must, during the Promotional Period, purchase a bottle or glass of G.H.Mumm champagne from a participating QT hotel and complete an entry form and describe in 25 words or less what your favourite champagne … Read more

Our resident Chef-de-fun-times takes five minutes off the knives to have a chat with us about how he got here, why he stays, and motivates him to want more. By Sas Lyon Sas: Hey Alex, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! I know it’s hard getting a break from the kitchen. Alex: … Read more

By Benjamen Judd Book AccommodationBuy Tickets You may have heard, singer-songwriter extraordinaire and all-round awesome chick Missy Higgins has announced an extensive Australia wide tour starting in October. Thankfully (for her) she is coming to the northern regions to perform at the Cairns Civic Theatre Centre on this weekend, September 20 and 21 respectively. We … Read more

One of the Far North’s favourite festivals, Wallaby Creek is back for 2014 brining all of the alternative entertainment, activities and workshops real canada goose banff parka backcountry could wish for from September 26th – 28th 2014. Wallaby Creek Festival is a multicultural, community and family orientated event, with a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The two night camping event sees … Read more

The Captain is coming! One of Australia’s most beloved and successful female country musicians, Kasey Chambers, will be performing at Music Botanica in Cairns on September 28th. Launching her seventh solo album, Kasey’s soulful voice and storytelling prowess will be on full display amongst the tropical flora and fauna of Cairns’ Botanical Gardens – we … Read more

By Benjamen Judd Book AccommodationVisit Website Spring is here, which means that summer is only around the corner. So what better way to celebrate the return of beaches and weekend BBQs than treating yourself to the latest collaboration eyewear from Sydney-based label Colab’s and Melbourne-based artist Reko Rennie. Known for their adventurous mash-ups with various … Read more

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You get value for your money in Robert Downey’s Jr’s new film “The Judge.” Stepping away from the superhero movies that made him a household name, he stars in a film with so many story shards and plot derivations you need a scorecard to keep up.

It’s a legal drama. No, it’s a manboy coming-of-age story. Wait! It’s also romance, a dramedy, a father-and-son tale and a mystery. The only genres missing are horror and science fiction and I suspect they will be included on the director’s cut Blu Ray.

Downey Jr is Hank Palmer, a hotshot defense lawyer. He’ll do anything to win and is proud of it. “Everybody wants Atticus Finch,” he says, “until there’s a dead hooker in the hot tub.” In court he’s Iron Man, an unstoppable force with a thick skin and a quick line. He’s the same outside of court as well, except when it comes to his father.

He’s been estranged from Judge Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall) for years—“He’s dead to me.”—but is forced to see him when his mother passes away. Returning to his hometown of Carlinville, Indiana for the funeral Hank must confront the life he left behind—ex-girlfriend Samantha (Vera Farmiga), brothers Glen (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Dale (Jeremy Strong) and his cold-fish father. The quick in-and-out trip is extended, however, when the Judge is accused of murder and Hank becomes his lawyer.

“The Judge” feels like Oscar bait. It’s a long movie with a wide story arc that gives its leads ample opportunity to strut their stuff. Downey hands in a solid, if somewhat familiar performance while Duvall plays elder statesman, resurrecting the alpha male feel of “The Great Santini.” Both are used to good effect and the supporting cast keeps canada goose freestyle youth vest for sale humming along despite a story that pushes credulity to the limit.

The devil is in the details and when the details, no matter how small they are, verge on silly, they become a distraction.

Most of the silly stuff comes in the form of the clues Hank pieces together while forming the Judge’s defense and the trial itself. There will be no spoilers here, but suffice to say the whole canada goose freestyle youth vest for sale hinges on a bit of information so implausible that it gives new meaning to the term suspension of disbelief. Trouble is, it didn’t have to be that way. There were any number of ways to establish the point in question (OK, HERE’S AMILD SPOILER ALERT: It involves chemotherapy and a cottage) without trying so hard, but that’s not the kind of film this is.

“The Judge” is the hardest working movie in show business. It’s a film that wants to check all the boxes and tries just a little too hard. Downey and Co. float above it all, however, touching down every now and again to introduce a new plot twist and deliver the occasional touching moment.

By Richard Crouse & Mark Breslin – Metro Reel Guys

SYNOPSIS: Robert Downey Jr is Hank Palmer, a hotshot defense lawyer. Who’s been estranged from his father Judge Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall) for years but is forced to see him when his mother passes away. Returning to his hometown of Carlinville, Indiana for the funeral Hank must confront the life he left behind—ex-girlfriend Samantha (Vera Farmiga), brothers Glen (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Dale (Jeremy Strong) and his cold-fish father. The quick in-and-out trip is extended, however, when the Judge is accused of murder and Hank becomes his lawyer.


Richard: 3 Stars

Mark: 4 Stars

Richard: Mark, The Judge feels like Oscar bait. It’s a long movie with a wide story arc that gives its leads ample opportunity to strut their stuff. Downey hands in a solid, if somewhat familiar performance while Duvall plays elder statesman, resurrecting the alpha male feel of The Great Santini. Both are used to good effect and the supporting cast keeps things humming along despite a story that pushes credulity to the limit. What’s your verdict? Were won over the performances despite plot holes so big not even Iron Man could fill them?

Mark: Richard, The Judge is a sprawling, square, old-fashioned movie and I loved it in spite of itself. It’s a pleasure to watch Downey act without a fifth of a billion bucks in CGI helping him out. The movie reminds us why we fell in love with him so long ago. His perfect wiseass line readings and adolescent smirk hide the softie underneath, and it’s great to watch the transition slowly unfold. As for Duvall, how can you go wrong? He’s not just an actor now, he’s everyone’s granddad. The acting in the movie is pretty flawless, and I’m including Vincent D’Onofrio and Vera Farmiga here as well.

RC: The acting is very good. It’s the story, or should I say stories that bogged me down. It’s the hardest working movie in show business. It’s a film that wants to check all the boxes. It’s a family drama! No! It’s a romance! Nope! It’s a courtroom thriller! It’s all those things, and, for me, less because it spreads the focus too thin by trying just a little too hard. Downey and Co. float above it all, however, touching down every now and again to introduce a new plot twist and deliver the occasional touching moment.

MB: You’re right; it’s all those things. And one more: It’s a John Mellencamp song. You see, he was born in a small town… Richard, let’s not forget the cliche of the big city slicker who finds out his roots are where his heart belongs. In spite of that, in spite of everything you so correctly enumerate, I still loved the movie. And although I had a pretty good idea how the thriller part was going to turn out, I was engaged to see how it would get there.

RC: Most of the silly stuff that bothered me comes in the form of clues Hank pieces together while forming the Judge’s defense and the trial itself. There will be no spoilers here, but suffice to say the whole canada goose freestyle youth vest for sale hinges on a bit of information so implausible that it gives new meaning to the term suspension of disbelief. Trouble is, it didn’t have to be that way. There were any number of ways to establish the point in question (OK, HERE’S A MILD SPOILER ALERT: It involves chemotherapy and a cottage) without trying so hard, but that’s not the kind of film this is.

MB: But it is the kind of movie where the prosecuting attorney (Billy Bob Thornton) is given a Snidely Whiplash moustache just to make sure we all know he’s the bad guy. Doesn’t matter. Still loved the movie.

“My father’s a lot of unpleasant things. A murderer’s not one of them.”

That’s how Robert Downey Jr. describes his father, the titular character in this weekend’s legal thriller The Judge. Robert Duvall plays the irascible old judge, who, when accused of vehicular manslaughter, must reluctantly rely on his estranged lawyer son for a defence in court. While he’s on the bench, he’s a no-nonsense justice who doles out old-fashioned common sense along with his judgments. In one case, he makes a deadbeat dad hand over his brand-new truck to his ex-wife, joining a long list of movie magistrates who have meted out law and order on the big screen.

Remember Fred Gwynne as My Cousin Vinny’s Judge Chamberlain Haller —his classic question, “What is a yoot?” may be one of the most famous movie lines delivered from the bench — but how about Judge Doom, the much feared judge of Toontown? As played by Christopher Lloyd in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, he presides over a town of cartoon characters, punishing lawbreakers with the dreaded Dip, a bubbling vat of turpentine, acetone and benzene that “erases” them. His mission is to pin the murder of Marvin Acme on Roger Rabbit. “I’ll catch the rabbit, I’ll try him, convict him and execute him!”

Everyone has heard the term “judge, jury and executioner,” but Judge Dredd adds one more title, police officer. Set in 2080, this Sylvester Stallone movie sees the justice system boiled down to Street Judges who enforce the laws and dole out instant justice. When Joseph Dredd is convicted for a crime he didn’t commit, he must prove his innocence. “The evidence has been falsified! It’s impossible! I never broke the law, I AM THE LAW!”

Finally, a more conventional judge is seen in Anatomy of a Murder, the 1959 Otto Preminger film about an army lieutenant accused of murdering a bartender who attacked his wife. The all-star cast — defence attorney James Stewart, George C. Scott as the prosecutor, Ben Gazzara and Lee Remick as the defendant and his wife — was presided over by real-life lawyer Joseph N. Welch as Judge Weaver. Welch made several pictures, but is best remembered as the attorney who represented the Army in the McCarthy hearings and scolded the Communist-hunting senator with the famous words, “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” when he verbally attacked a member of Welch’s law firm.

Appearing in one of the movies! I was in Red Alert, a short that played before the movie Wet Bum. IT’s not enough that I cover 100 movies during the fest, now I have to be in them too! I even got a review. “@richardcrouse is great in Red Alert…” Mike Bullard wrote on twitter. “I’d like to tell you I didn’t know he was a redhead but I knew… I just knew ok.”

In person Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice sounds like hot melting wax. I liked Sherlock well enough and have seen him in several movies, but for me, and I know I’m the last to get it, his performance in The Imitation Game is a game changer. He plays real-life character Alan Turing, a Cambridge mathematician who volunteers to help break Germany’s most devastating WWII weapon of war, the Enigma machine. It was a top-secret operation, classified for more than 50 years, but that wasn’t Turing’s only secret. Gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal, punishable by jail or chemical castration, he was forced to live a world of secrets, both personal and professional.

Robert Pattinson telling me about how Hollywood was before camera phones: “When I first started going to LA everyone was underage and if you were a famous actor the rules did not apply. You could be a sixteen-year-old and go into a club but now that there are camera phones everywhere that doesn’t exist anymore. That period was so weird. You’d see a fourteen-year-old actor wasted, doing lines of blow on the table. It was crazy. Now they just do it at their parent’s house.”

Julie Taymore telling me that A Midsummer Night’s Dream “It was the first play I ever saw. I saw it here in Canada at the Stratford Festival…”

Michael Moore’s answer to my question about his reaction to all the celebrity he gained after appearing at TIFF 25 years ago with Roger and Me: Asked what was going through his head while all this was swirling around him, Moore says: “Why didn’t I go to Jenny Craig three months ago?”

“I don’t know where they are,” Kingsley says about his characters, “if they’re inside me waiting to come out or whether they are outside of me. Are they hunting me or am I hunting them? I don’t know.”

Repairing Dustin Hoffman’s watch. During a roundtable interview the alarm on his watch went off several times. He gave it to me and I looked up the instructions on how to fix it on Google. “How did it you look it up on line? They have instructions to fix Timexes on line? I don’t automatically go to those things,” he said. During the interview he said: “I was told to take acting. Nobody flunks acting.” Later he said that it wasn’t such a bad choice because, for instance, “No one ever says, ‘I want to be a critic when I grow up.’”

Lowlight… waiting for BIll Murray for seven hours. (Although I love this from @ZeitchikLAT: Bill Murray, offering implicit proof on the merits of Bill Murray Day: “If this is really my day, why do I have to do so much work?”)

Sitting next to next to Boo Radley, Bill Kilgore and Tom Hagan. (Robert Duvall!)

Most quotable actors of the festival? Robert Duvall who said, about acting, “There’s no right or wrong just truthful or untruthful.” He calls Billy Bob Thornton “The hillbilly Orson Welles…” and said “Brando used to watch Candid Camera.” Jane Fonda was a close second when she said acting is great for the heart but terrible for the nerves… “Butts have become more in fashion… (since Barbarella) and “Television is forgiving to older women and making it possible for us to have longer careers.”

“I have distilled socialism in this box and am taking it back to America.” – Robert Downey Jr in my roundtable interview.

#TIFF14 socks day 3. Chris O’Dowd called them “powerful.” and Rosamund Pike said, “I’m enjoying your socks. They make me happy.”

Watching “Whiplash” knock the socks off an audience at an IMAX P&! screening. It is part musical—the big band jazz numbers are exhilarating—and part psychological study of the tense dynamics between mentor and protégée in the pursuit of excellence. The pair is a match made in hell. Teacher Fletcher, played by J.K. Simmons is a vain, driven man given to throwing chairs at his students if they dare hit a wring note. He’s an exacting hardliner who teaches by humiliation and fear. This movie doesn’t miss a beat.

Love this quote: “Being in the military,” said Adam Driver of This Is Where I Leave You, “believe it or not, is very different than being in an acting school.”

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Australian based über stylist Megan Morton has teamed up with Incy Interiors to create a special edition of metal framed four poster beds for the little people in your life – or big.

Available in single, queen and king sized frames, these beds are sure to last the years worth of slumber parties, pillow fights and bed trampolining that will inevitably take place in your child’s life.

These shots styled by the Megan herself reflect the true MM style we have all come to know and love. Contemporary with a touch of nostalgia – with the inevitable sense of play just a camera frame away.

Take a look at Incy Interiors for more children’s furniture inspiration

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Can I join your Girl Gang…
After four fabulous nights in Melbourne and now a cold stormy weekend in Perth, I have succumbed to shopping for a new coat. My top six so far…. ASOS waterfall drape coat here : Bruug BH coat here : UNREAL fur wanderlust coat here Witchery contrast sleeve coat here : Helmut Lang noa long coat here : Witchery soft drape […]

Ladies…..this happened today…. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak into the land of Ellery. One of my all time favourite Australian designers is having a sample sale at a pop up store in Claremont. If discount canada goose ladies courtenay coat have been dreaming of getting your hands on some exquisite Ellery pieces then make sure discount canada goose ladies courtenay coat […]

Although I love to dress up and play around with outfits and accessories, most day’s you will find me like this…. in a kick ass loose fit boyfriend tee and leggings. I will ‘accidentally’ wear discount canada goose ladies courtenay coat an outfit like this all day as my usual intention to change will be overruled by a shite load of […]

I’m not one who has even been obsessed with the cold. Although I love fires, knits and red wine I really am a summer girl at heart. When the sun peaks out in winter you will find me like this. In cut off’s, a tee and in an absolute winter essential…. a kick ass bomber jacket. […]

There is something about a playsuit that says ‘let’s play’. I fell in love with this LIFEwithBIRD The Common Man Playsuit the moment I laid eyes on it. Not your ‘common teen playsuit’ if you ask me. The fitting is loose yet structured and waist and shoulders sit perfectly in all the right places. The […]

Tis the season for cosy jumpers, coffee and a spot of…… skating! And you wont find anything comfier than Zoe Karssen, baggies and slides. This new season Zoe Karssen jumper will take you from morning work out, to lunch and then to conquer the effortlessly stylish school run. Jumper and slides are available now at […]

I never thought I would hear myself say that I am loving the cooler weather. It has sent me off on a journey to restock my summer wardrobe with this seasons essential fur’s, hats, drop crotch pan

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Stencils for New Tattoos
Stencils are a big part of tattooing since they outline where the actual tattoo will be and what canada goose citadel parka black 2015 looks like. Getting simple tattooing supplies such as tattoo stencils, and more complicated and bulky supplies like the tattoo machines themselves just means you need to know where to look. Check out online for a glance at some high quality gear. Choosing to get a tattoo is a big choice and should not be taken lightly. Although canada goose citadel parka black 2015 is possible to remove a tattoo, it can only be done under laser removal which is actually more painful than actually getting the tattoo in the first place.

You must also make sure that the person who is tattooing you is qualified, and is not doing it out of their basement. It is quite easy to purchase tattooing supplies, but not everyone is meant to be a professional tattooer. Just because you may be great at art on paper does not mean that the talent will transfer over to tattoo gun and skin. It takes a very skilled hand to tattoo a person as well as a keen eye for detail. Just one wrong letter or number and it can ruin the entire piece.

Making sure that you buy quality canada goose citadel parka black 2015 is also very important as you will not want to end up with a dud or perhaps a tattoo gun that does not have higher frequencies making the piece take longer and not heal as well. There is a lot of different reading material available on how to get started in the tattooing business and it should be read before you ever pick up the tattoo gun for the first time.

A lot of knowledge goes into a professional tattoo person and they are constantly learning and improving their skill set as their profession takes them to new places. Tattooing one person will never be the exact same experience as tattooing another, so there is a lot of variety and a lot of learning to do on a daily basis for a tattooing professional.

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Does size really matter? How to Choose the Right Exercise Ball for you
Just like fashion, fitness trends come and go. Remember the AbFlex? I used to watch that infomercial over and over as a kid as I dreamed of getting a rippled, sizzling six pack. Too bad white faced canada goose on sale was only a fad. However, once in a while, a fitness white faced canada goose on sale comes in the market and actually does make sense. One such white faced canada goose on sale is the exercise ball, also known as a gym ball, Swiss ball, or physio ball. Physiotherapists have been using these balls for years improving the core strength and functionality of their patients. Gyms have incorporated them for years giving their members more versatility and options. Personally, I think everyone should own one in their homes as there are so many uses you could do with an exercise ball.

Weight Training – A ball is a great alternative for a weight bench. When you lie down or sit down on the ball while lifting weights, you activate all the muscles of your legs, abs, and glutes. This challenges whole body stabilization while isolating a specific muscle group.

Abdominal Training – The ball can be used for crunches, sit-ups, and twists. Doing abdominal work on the ball increases the range of motion of crunches or sit-ups compared to doing them on the floor, giving you a much more effective work out.

A chair – sitting on an exercise ball is a great substitute for a chair. Most people sit on chairs for long hours during the day which often leads to slouching and bad posture. Sitting on a ball will engage your core muscles the whole time allowing you to maintain a good, upright posture, and giving you a challenging workout. Experiment with balancing on the ball while lifting a foot up off the ground. Also replace your office chair with a ball to improve your ergonomics during work.

Stretching – The ball is a great tool for stretching and relaxing almost every muscle in your body.

Yoga & Pilates – Many people are already incorporating yoga and pilates in their schedules. Doing yoga and pilates on the ball adds a new challenging element to the workout. You will learn to strengthen and stretch your entire body feeling longer, stronger and more relaxed.

When it comes to balls, size is important. If you’re too tall and you use a ball that’s too small, you may overwhelm the ball. If you’re too short, your feet may not even hit the ground while lying or sitting on the ball. A good indicator of the right size of ball is when you’re sitting on the ball, your hips should be at the same level of your knees and your knees should be at a 90° angle. Here is a chart to reference what size of a ball you should get.

45 cm exercise ball – Users under 5′-0″ tall
55 cm exercise ball – Users 5’1” – 5’8″ tall
65 cm exercise ball – Users 5’9” – 6’2″ tall
75 cm exercise ball – Users over 6’3” tall

Exercise balls come in a variety of sizes and quality as well. The best balls to get are the most durable ones. You want to look for a ball that is graded as anti-burst. If you get a regular ball and it gets punctured, the ball will burst like a balloon and you will end up on your ass before you know it – definitely not the safest option. If an anti-burst ball gets punctured, the air will leak out slowly which is a much safer option. When inflated fully, the ball should feel firm and not flimsy, and should be round and not lopsided. The mould of the ball should be thick and durable.

Fitness Town carries a wide variety of balls to choose from. The best quality ball is the DuraBall Pro. This ball is the strongest and most durable of all exercise balls tested and has gone through vigorous testing and continuous years of development. Visit a Fitness Town and ask an expert which ball would be perfect for you.

A certified personal trainer and crossfit coach with more than four years of experience, Patrick Vuong has helped countless athletes, elderly, and everyday folk improve their lives through better movement, nutrition, and body re-composition. A kinesiology graduate of UBC, Patrick continues to educate himself daily on fitness and promote the benefits of regular exercise to everyone. He currently is the Assistant Manager at Fitness Town Burnaby.

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The ability and some people Glory in the Poop
“Masturbation! ” I recall vividly, the words on lovingly oneself fond of me and each boy inside my boarding academy. Presented by offering Mr. MacNeil, i principal, from the boys dormitory common market. “It sexual intercourse with you and your family. It is a good idea disgusting, canada goose stores in montreal for sale is rather deplorable and he… canada goose stores in montreal for sale is a great sin”. His Put on King-esque shipment really drove the idea home. I was ashamed. I realized I was on your own, out from a hundred kids, that drove ever performed the brown art of numerous self-pleasure. But as well as I fuzz liberated. I used to be inspired. I realized I had pushed off my ultimate knuckle riders. I forget about had in the hands of fear my own deceased relatives and friends watching me personally from heaven i pulled an all goalie. No you would like to i’ll their disapproving Grannies jump through the fantasy table and campaign your slender chemistry teacher taken care of before it is easy to proceed to your girlfriend’s closest friend.

Thanks so they Mr. MacNeil and its my Cousin, masturbation the subject put to rest.

But as soon as masturbation were behind me I need to find out about something to replace it all with. I had to find something which was the solitary amusement, something that’s both The lord and this Grandmother could are proud of. I decided for you to see something we had a staple enjoyed but nevertheless had under-appreciated , the elimination of an all bowels. Pooping, me, was him mirror picture of ingesting which sacrament. While consuming our body and strawberry of Jesus was driving me in the direction of Our Head of the family and Saviour by letting him to explore me. The action of defecation was initially removing everything my body system and heart wanted no canada goose stores in montreal for sale in – Devil. Shit ‘s the devil.

Since I realised this straightforward fact, dropping your kids off by the pool has get a glorious, spiritual experience. However this enthusiasm takes confounded my buddies. Cries of many “thank you will get Jesus” n “show your quality of life Lucifer! Leave my body system and drown during my holy throne of numerous judgement” has now, for reasons We can’t explain, drawn concern in the local closest to friends. Then i realized, with that in mind all my buddies are n excellent, God dreading people (aren’t we think? ), that this wasn’t toilet exorcism when concerned those, it was the most obvious act of various pooping.

How can such some type of sacred talent from Lord be it’s true that taboo? This is exactly why I note this humble section of literary ace – to get to others may be part of the world of taking an underlying monstrous rubbish, without what they shame to be strictly restricted to masturbation.

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It’s Not Just Porn: Why Ultra-Orthodox Jews Fear the Internet
Attendees at Sunday’s rally used binoculars to watch rabbis deliver sermons about the Internet. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

There’s a reason ultra-Orthodox Jews wear long black coats, even insummertime: They’ve been resisting modernity since the Enlightenment era. Butwhile their 18th century clothes may set them apart on the streets of Brooklyn, it can’t stop Twitter feeds and Google News updates from infiltratingtheir lives.

That was the topic that drew more than 50,000 ultra-Orthodox men to the Mets’ Citi Field Stadium on Sunday. (Women weren’t invited for reasons of religious modesty.) a statement signed by prominent rabbis promised that the event would discuss the “serious family-related problems” caused by the Internet. “They probably mean porn,” smirked Joe Coscarelli in a NewYork magazine post.

According to organizer Eytan Kobre, the attendees had more than pornography on theirminds. “Technology poses a major challenge to us as human beings,”says Kobre, who is the U.S. editor of the ultra-Orthodox magazine Mishpacha. the problem is not just what religiousJews are looking at on the Internet — it’s also the way its deluge of information is weakening their focus and challenging their worldview.

For some rabbis, the solution is simple: Religious Jewsshould boycott the Internet. in the large ultra-Orthodox community of Lakewood,new Jersey, a 2005 ruling forbade adults to go online without explicitrabbinical permission. but a lot has changed since then. Religious Jews aren’tAmish — they carry smartphones, Skype with relatives, and use the Internet toearn a living.

at Sunday’s rally, a long list of rabbis weighed in on the problem. Ultra-Orthodox Judaism has no Pope, and while its authority may notbe as decentralized as Wikipedia’s, there are hundreds of separate clans andrabbis. some of the speakers advocated for filtering software,while others insisted that Jews should avoid the Internet altogether, even forwork. the speeches — some in English and some in Yiddish — carried on untilnearly midnight, but the final verdict wasn’t entirely clear.

None of this seems to bother Kobre. Whatmatters, he says, is that his community has opened up a massive discussion aboutthese issues, contradictions and all. he responded promptly to an emailedinterview request and spoke to me from his cell phone as he drove to his officein Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Yes, I’ve seen it, though I must admit to notbuying a hard copy. It’s a great magazine, but I look at it online.

the motto of the event, which was approved by the top rabbinic leadership, was, “Using technology in accordance with Jewish values.” but there’s no question that some of thespeeches conveyed a more absolutist view — recommendations not tohave Internet at all in the home, or only to the extent absolutely necessaryfor business. our community is often viewed as a monolith, but we’re adiverse group of 300,000 to 500,000.

What there is no difference of opinion about is our beliefthat technology poses a major challenge to us as human beings. on this, ourposition dovetails amazingly with broader human values. in fact, secular peopleare adopting practices you’d think had been suggested by religious extremists –for instance, observing an Internet Sabbath each week. And we didn’t invent the ideaof Internet filters.

It’s a huge issue. It’s less of anissue in our community than in society at large. but ever since theInternet came about, there’s been more of an onslaught. all of these problemsexisted before — pornography, gambling, adultery. but technology is a portalthrough which these discount canada goose men’s lupo glove enter our homes.

It’s a good point, and I think there’s some merit to it. but pornography addiction is not at all limited to theOrthodox community. in fact, it’s nowhere near the levels in our community thatit is in secular society. the easy access to miniskirt-wearing women hasn’tlessened the hunger for pornography.

Besides, we’re not entirely cut off from the rest of theworld. If you’re growing up in New Square, up in Rockland County, maybe you canbe almost hermetically sealed off. but I’mnot, by any means. I work in Borough Park, the capital of American Orthodoxy,and I’m surrounded every day by huge temptations that challenge my principles. Sothe idea that we’re more vulnerable because we’re cut off from the rest of theworld — it ain’t quite so.

Yes, and these are all discount canada goose men’s lupo glove Nick Carr wrote aboutin his Atlantic cover story, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he talks about how the Internet affects cognition — short-term memoryand long-term memory, the ability to sit and read a book in depth, and so on.

in fact, I was looking at another piece at, ablog post by Ross Douthat. he was addressing a comment by another writer who saidthat Google had been immeasurably beneficial to his research. It enabled himto have obscure volumes at his fingertips. Douthatresponded, “The web is very good for certain forms of writing — the highlypolitical and the highly personal chief among them — and very bad for others…. the Google effect makes it harder to write War andPeace, and harder to read it.”

I was struck by that, because that kind of in-depth reading constitutes a large part of what we do. When you look at Talmudstudy, the study of Jewish ethics and philosophy, there’s a lot of complex stuffgoing on there. the ability to study those works can beundermined by Google and the Internet.

Absolutely. You go into any Yeshiva — secular people wouldbe astounded at the mental and emotional stamina requiredto decipher those texts. my son is 14 years old. He’s in 9thgrade. he has to sit every morning for two to three hours at a time studying theTalmud. And he’s only a high school kid — full-time Torah scholars spend everywaking moment doing this. And then you think about the way the surfingand twittering culture is scattering our attention. I don’t think those twoparadigms are compatible. Or at least, this is a challenge that has to beaddressed.

It’s the talk of the rebbes’ lounges — the teachers’ lounges. There’s been a precipitous drop in kids’ ability toread, process, remember, recall, and produce quality work.

I don’t think we’re looking to mine the ancienttradition to develop a response to this. We don’t need to get the big rabbiswith the long gray beards to open the giant tomes to tell us how to deal withGoogle and Facebook. We want to be very contemporary, to listen to what psychologistsare telling us and proceed from there. And yet we’re being characterized asultra-Orthodox Jews gathering at CitiField for an anti-Internet prayer rally. That’sthe story reporters like to fall back on.

Let’s parse that for a moment. What we’re saying here is, “I’mlooking at a picture of people I’ve never met. And on the basis of the most external and superficial ofindices — the beards, the color of clothing, the monochromatic nature of it — I’m making a value judgment about the sophistication of their thoughts and the depth of their feelings.”

There may be elements of truth to that. but the irony is that hipsters all dress a certain way, andthe whole point is to dress entirely different from everyone else. Orthodox Jews actually have the courage to dress the sameway as 500,000 of their brethren. They’re the ones who challenge people byasking, “Are you deep enough tolook beyond my garb and relate to me as a thinking individual?” in contrast, the hipster buys into the most external of indicators: thatwhich is immediately apparent to the eye.

Absolutely. the blessings of the Internet are astounding.Take Friday night candle lighting time — you can look that up online. Thousandsof people all over the world have had their first Shabbat experiences byfinding hosts on And there are sites like and, with dozens of newlyauthored articles and videos each week. There’s — 50,000 Torahbooks at your fingertips. It’s phenomenal, wonderful. I could go on for hoursin praise of the Internet in the service of Judaism.

but this is really about a cost-benefitanalysis. We may find out we can’t have 50,000 Torah books at our fingertipsand also be protected from pornography. the other alternative — which I believe isprobably what we will find — is that these two discount canada goose men’s lupo glove need not be mutuallyexclusive. but if we find out that they are, I’m absolutely going to forgo the50,000 Hebrew books online. I’ll go to my local Yeshiva, where they’re all onthe shelves anyway.

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Teenage Behaviour: What’s Normal, What’s Not
You used to think you knew your teen. But lately you’ve been wondering if you’re raising an adolescent or an alien. Whether they’re ducking curfew or coming home with more piercings than canada goose chilliwack femme gris for sale left with, many behaviours at this age can be baffling to parents — even frustrating at times. Here’s how to know what is reasonable to expect from your teen.

Paula Hansen, who lives in Kitchener, Ont., says her 13-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son used to comply with her ban on offensive language. But lately her son has been pushing the boundaries when canada goose chilliwack femme gris for sale comes to her swearing rules. His argument: Everyone says it, so what’s the big deal?

Expert says: It may be frustrating when your teen rebels against your rules by coming home late or swearing. But kids this age are learning to become independent and think for themselves. “These are good things, because they’re skills we want our children to have as adults,” says Kathie Sutherland, a parent education coordinator at Maggie’s Place Family Resource Centre in Truro, N.S., currently seeing her fourth child through her teens.

Your response: While it’s still up to you to set limits that exist for your teen’s safety, some boundaries can be opened up for discussion. Hansen’s son has successfully negotiated the use of a few borderline swear words such as “pissed off.” “Sometimes I’ll say “Okay, if your teachers are using it, I guess it’s not as bad as I thought,” says his mom.

Is your child suddenly wearing black and sporting spiky hair when canada goose chilliwack femme gris for sale seems like only yesterday all she would wear was pink?

Expert says: Teens are driven by a need to develop their own identity, says Calgary psychologist Scott Wooding, author of four parenting books including Hear Me, Hug Me, Trust Me: Parenting Today’s Teenager Effectively (Fitzhenry and Whiteside). “They’re just trying to be different from their parents.” Your teen’s newfound fashion sense may also be a way of demonstrating that they identify with a particular culture, style or celebrity.

Your response: Does that mean you should say yes to the nose ring? It’s still your call. Bu

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The Fashion Week outfits: Day 5
Just when you get to the part of fashion week* when you should be slipping on your soft pants and kicking off your heels, they go and throw a big launch party at you for a new magazine, don’t they?

Yes, Elle Magazine Australia re-launched last night as part of the final show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia*. And what a show canada goose dealers halifax outlet store was.

More on that here … suffice to say canada goose dealers halifax outlet store was the kind of party you hope to get a golden ticket to attend at the end of an exciting week when too much fashion was never enough.

I brought back the leather front ponte pants for the last of my fashion week outfits and am very glad I did. Love these pants.

Worked them back with a leather-collared silk shirt and a statement necklace for a splash of neon and felt like I could blend into the beautiful people crowd. Blend being the operative word.

The shoes and clutch are from my wardrobe vault. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worn both of these but they are very hardworking members of my stepping out-robe.

To get myself in party mode, I availed myself of the wonderful services of the Redken Retreat for some curling wand action. Emma (whose day job is at Orb salon in New Farm, Brisbane, and had spent the week either styling at the Retreat or working up a storm backstage) created some messy curls that dropped to the perfect waves in time for the evening event.

For my makeup, a smokey eye was in order and I put Hannah at the Maybelline NY hub to the task. She did not disappoint. This eye makeup was applied at 12.30pm and was still going strong at 11.30pm that night.

Here’s what she used:

The Color Tattoo provides the perfect binding base for adding and blending the eye shadow from the Hyper Diamonds palette. Then I finished the look off with a pop of pale pink. I opted for Color Sensational Vivids in Pink Pop – canada goose dealers halifax outlet store still gives me a bit of colour but doesn’t take away from the smokey eye.


Ready to party.

Thanks so much for following along with my outfits this week. It’s been fun dressing up each day but I’m SO looking forward to a week of getting my daggy on at home!