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Do people with advanced dementia experience pain?
My parent sits in a tub chair for most of the day at the nursing home. Does this increase her risk of pressure areas?

In the late stages of Alzheimer’s dementia do people experience pain?

How do I know my mother is receiving the care she needs at the nursing home? You hear stories about neglect, what are the signs? As she has dementia she can’t communicate her needs so it’s difficult for me to tell.

What’s the best way to care for dementia residents at night time for pressure area care? Is real canada goose winter coats minnesota retailers best to go in quietly and do not turn the light on, and very quickly turn the resident so they do not know that you have been there and real canada goose winter coats minnesota retailers does not cause any distress. Or is real canada goose winter coats minnesota retailers best to talk and engage with them and explain what you are doing so they are informed and then treated with dignity?

Dad has been living in the nursing home now for 6 weeks, he still thinks he’s going home. He is in the dementia ward until they move him to an empty bed and he has some insight into the fact that he’s not “like the rest of them”. So how do I tell him he’s staying? We take him home most days with a carer as we don’t want to leave him there.

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Grade 11: English
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is just part 1 of the English Notes. Part 2 will be coming soon.

They were usually scared and had faint voices when answering questions. They were then taken to the shower room by the orderlies and a thermometer, coated with Vaseline, will be inserted to their anus. This is to insure sense of domination.

He was more confident and his voice was more booming than any of the new arrivals. He also was not scared by the orderlies and the atmosphere of the hospital itself because he was not insane. Bromden quotes that his voice makes him sound bigger than many people. He also avoids the orderlies by blending with the patients, which shows his adaptive trait to a new environment.

He is redheaded with long red sideburns and a tangle of curls out from under his cap. Everything looks big in the eyes of Bromden. He is broad and tall and had a wide devilish grin. He is more relaxed than any other patients in the ward, he starts laughing when nobody makes a move to say anything to him. His laughter is free and loud. He sounds like an auctioneer.

8:00 every day, they would shave and take a shower. They have a strict schedule. If canada goose chilliwack remove fur outlet is not followed, they get into troubles.

They are failures that basically became worse in the hospital. They were Acutes but they turned into Chronics.

Combine is usually a farm tractor that gathers up wheat and other grains. In Bromden’s hallucinations, the combine is machinery that makes canada goose chilliwack remove fur outlet that controls patients. It’s a metaphorical term of control.

Acutes are psychologically disturbed patients who are able to perform daily functions. Chronics, on the other hand, are so mentally disturbed that they are unable to perform daily functions and are constantly monitored by the orderlies. Chronics are failure of combine. They are punished for not following the rules at the hospital.

The adjustment to surrounding is adjustment to her ward. The ward represents the society. It’s all about the conformity.

Blacker they are they are more committed to keeping the ward in order. They need to have the power to control the patients. Wait for the moment to turn the screws in slowly. The key factor that contributes the orderlies to gain control of the patients is hate. They need to hate until they are ready to explode, and by doing so they are able to seize control of the patients completely. They are “wireless”.

I was mesmerized by the prison-like routine of the patients. They would get up at 6:30 in the morning, which is certainly not a good time to start up a day, judging by the fact that they are mentally ill. They would be fed well…except that the orderlies would tie Bromden and eat it. These tedious schedules continue daily and that would deteriorate the patient’s liveliness. The morning routine represents reality.

They learned that the Big Nurse and the staff members have the full authority and they will be equally punished if they do not obey their orders. After the incident with Taber, they never questioned the absolute authority of the staff member, since they know that they will be transformed into a Chronic.

They’re trying to give a good impression of the psychiatry hospital. The ward is so structured, etc. They are full of lies, trying to convince the public that the psychiatry hospital is very good for the society. The silly descriptions of the PR officer basically show how silly the PR officer is.

The cotton – reminds him of the fog – meant to conceal from society or machinery or patients

The mill – the ward, the Combine – meant for control

Duct blind – hideaway… to have sex. (Usually for hunting)

The mill stops, she’s free for a moment, but the mill whistles again and she is almost tied to a string and goes back to work.

He gets punished with Electro Shock Therapy. He just wanted to ask questions about the regular routine, but Nurse Retched doesn’t like that.

Nurse Ratched calls McMurphy by the wrong name in order to humiliate McMurphy in front of the patients. It is her way to start turning the screws in slowly, starting with humiliation. It’s her test to see how long canada goose chilliwack remove fur outlet takes until they go insane. McMurphy is the centre of the attention, and Ratched wants to break his confident. She doesn’t like the fact that he has more control than her. She wants to assert her control.

It’s a theory suggested by Bauer in the 60s about the rights of the patients in the mental ward and the ways to manipulate the patients. The theory states that the insane people, since they are unable to carry out their duties to help the society, must be eliminated from the cookie-cutter culture in the states. The ward is basically a smaller example of the society in the world. Microcosm – small world – basically the ward is the small ward, in order to function in the society. They talk about their secrets in order to be “cured”.

They tell the Nurse before she tells other people about it during the therapy period. It’s the whole idea of fear that she’s controlling. They don’t want their record being said out loud.

He’s a chronic and he’s unresponsive. He has a very simple lifestyle. The Combine couldn’t fit him into a spot. No matter what the orderlies say, he doesn’t care.

They are just getting ganged up on Harding all because of Nurse Ratched.

McMurphy says the patients are like chickens in a farm and they see a chicken with a blood on the feather, they peck on it until they’re dead. The blood splatters at the chickens and they start pecking each other, even though they are friends. Nurse Ratched first pecks at the patients and she pecks at the balls.

The women are viewed as a threatening and terrifying figures. The Nurse cannot be fired because the supervisor gets to fire people, and the supervisor is a very good friend of Nurse Ratched’s. They are taking the role of the men’s. They are being overpowered by a woman. She’s taking away their manhood à confidence + power à self-esteem à individuality à sexual desires à rights and freedom.

He knows his place in the society, in hierarchical view; Nurse Ratched is higher than Harding. The staffs are doing it to help them. But Harding is denial of his own ideas. He believes McMurphy is right, but he wants to just think that they’re doing it for the patient’s own good. Harding says McMurphy is a wolf, not a rabbit. McMurphy denies.

She can get him fired. She can get the doctor to write more Demerol prescriptions; she can convince the public that he is a drug addict.

Fog is escape from reality. People go hide in the alternate reality because it provides security. Since McMurphy arrived, they don’t need to go hide in the fog because they rely on McMurphy. McMurphy is making the patients face reality and question reality.

She has the full control and basically wants them to be isolated and not communicating with each other. She realizes that McMurphy is a bad influence and tries to make sure that they don’t talk to each other. The patients don’t talk to each other unless they’re in therapy sessions, but they are now socializing. She hates that.

Gambling symbolizes confidence in some ways. If a person makes a bet, they are 100% sure of their possibility of winning – it reflects on McMurphy’s lifestyle. Gambling symbolizes choice, which turns into freedom. It is a counter example of the Combine. They feel in control. They’re starting to take risks. They want to have a good time. Ultimately, gambling = fun.

He can see people’s insides – he knows what is actually going inside their heads. He is able to judge people by their true intentions, rather than their primary and foremost impressions. When he gambles, he can tell whether who’s lying or not. He is perceptive. The patients don’t know that Chief is faking it because they are too scared to look at someone in the eyes.

It is the cause of hallucinations that Bromden has. It always causes Bromden to hallucinate, since it is a hallucinogen. Bromden don’t usually take this unless the orderlies shove it into his mouth. It symbolizes control, conform. If you swallow the pills, you are accepting the Combine into your system. The Combine = machines, factory, wires, patients being treated like products.

He is slowly pulled into this darkness, the hallways are moving like a conveyer belt. It slowly moves into the Combine, and in the bottom floor, he sees his cellmate getting hung up by the feet and is shredded into pieces. The smoke machine works again; Bromden proceeds to hide inside the smoke. As he thought he was going to get lifted up, Mr. Turkle wakes him up.

Yes, since Bromden’s hallucination is his hellish nightmare that he has every single day. In order to escape the “reality” he is having in front of his eyes, it is best to escape from it by hiding inside the fog, which symbolizes the safe place or his own alternate reality.

He whistles loudly, he complains about the soap he is using to brush his teeth. He then proceeds to sing as if no one is around him; he is only wearing boxers and this cause Nurse Ratched to scream and tell him to put his clothes back on.

The staffs in the mental ward are utterly disturbed about his rudeness and his behaviour towards the staff. He sounds like a little kid who always wants something and bawls about it, and gets it. However, he should realize that this is a mental ward and the ward has the full authority over him.

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Movers & Shakers: A Collaborative Effort
Text & Photography by Ellen Egan

Having recently returned from living in a city where the “if you build it, they will come” sort of mentality is much less a saying from one of the Kevin Costner’s greatest movies of all time and more so a reality among artists, I was thrilled to return home to discover many Island businesses operating under a small business cooperative model.

Although not necessarily a new idea, it was still refreshing to stumble upon Green Eye Designs, a newly opened jewellery and accessory boutique on Victoria Row in downtown Charlottetown, who have really honed in this collaborative mentality by showcasing a smattering of local designers and artisans – each contributing to the wide range of hand-crafted goodies available.

Morgan Saulnier is the mastermind behind this wonderful project and is the creator of the Green Eye Designs accessory line. Originally from Nova Scotia, Saulnier moved to P.E.I. to study music in 2002. And although her “career” still focuses primarily on music, she says she’s always had a keen interest in fashion.

“I’ve been sewing since I was little with my mom,” says Saulnier. “Then about two years ago this Christmas, I started making these circle scarves. I posted them on Facebook and my friends wanted to buy them and then it just took off like that.”

With encouragement from her business-savvy husband, David MacDonald (of the band Paper Lions), she rented a downtown workspace in February initially to get her studio out of the house, build up her consignment sales, and have her designs in as many shops around the Maritimes as she could.

But when space on Victoria Row became available, Saulnier knew she had to jump on the opportunity to do her own thing: “I’d sort of been brewing on the idea of having a store. And having so many talented colleagues and friends, I knew I could have other canada goose ontario in london 2015 in the store right away. People have been coming to me ever since.

“It was always part of the plan to bring other designers in. I knew I needed pieces other than just my own scarves and I knew enough people I could contact,” continues Saulnier. “I was pretty picky about what I wanted and I really do evaluate everything that comes in. I’m very happy with the vast array of artists.”

Green Eye Designs has over 20 artists showcasing in the shop (some of which also use the studio space at the back of the shop from time to time) including Thea, Lilt, Swoon Creations, DWN.TWN.FOX, The Potter’s Daughter, and Dreamboat Lucy, to name a few.

Saulnier says the collaborative effort is what makes it possible for these artists to coexist under one roof: “Everybody is huge fans of each others’ work, and it’s really clear. We live on a very small island and I don’t think there’s room for competitive attitude. I really think we all do better if we share our words of wisdom and support one another.”

Suzanne Scott of The Potter’s Daughter creates beautiful one-of-a-kind pottery jewellery. She thinks it’s great to have so many talented people’s work in one place and feels they all compliment each other very well.

“It’s important to have the right mix of canada goose ontario in london 2015 in your shop and I think Morgan did a really good job of finding the right blend,” says Scott. “My family’s shop, Village Pottery, is on the north shore in New London, so it’s nice to have my jewellery in Charlottetown, too.”

Laura Morneau, creator of DWN.TWN.FOX, began designing her own line in October 2012 with different bib necklaces and flower crowns. Since then, she’s been thrilled with the opportunity to do what she loves and work in an environment where the artists empower one another.

“Having a shop like Green Eye Designs allows you to get to know the other individuals who are in the same industry as you. Morgan is giving us an opportunity to do what we love to do,” says Morneau. “I’m growing a lot as a designer with higher canada goose ontario in london 2015 demand, meeting new people, and learning the importance of supporting local.”

And it’s no secret that locals and tourists alike are willing to pay for quality knowing they came from such a special place, and having been handmade by Island artists. Each brand in Saulnier’s shop has a backstory and there is so much history behind every piece.

Saulnier has felt inspired since day one and remains true to the initial vibe she had imagined for the shop: “I know what I want as far as the look, vibe, and feel of the shop, and I remain true to that image.”

I always knew our little Island was brimming with artistic talent, but having such a variety of talented designers together in one cute little package makes you realize we’ve only just scratched the surface of what our Island artisans have to offer.

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The Dignity of Priests
Written by: Gregory Watson

“Open then the eye of your intellect and gaze at the Sun of Justice, and you will see those glorious ministers, who, through ministering the Sun, have become like to It, as I told you of Peter, the prince of the Apostles, who received the keys of the kingdom of Heaven. I say the same of these others, who have administered, in the garden of the holy Church, the Light, that is to say, the Body and the Blood of My only-begotten Son, who is Himself the undivided Sun, as has been said, and all the Sacraments of the holy Church, which all give life in virtue of the Blood.”—Our Lord to St.… Read more

Written by: Patrick Sullivan

In one of his most recent interviews, this time with the Vatican Insider, Pope Francis was asked a series of questions to do with Christmas and, of course, female cardinals.

If you are having trouble making the connection between the two, no matter, the point is that currently people want to hear about both. And so the interviewer, Andrea Tornielli, asked, “May I ask you if the Church will have women cardinals in the future?”

The Pope responded, “I don’t know where this idea sprang from. Women in the Church must be valued not “clericalised”. Whoever thinks of women as cardinals suffers a bit from clericalism.”

Well, you can’t get much clearer than that.… Read more

Written by: Sarah Gould

I have scruples sometimes about the Cheap Canada Goose Kensington Parka Brown for sale I write – worrying about whether words will be misconstrued or pert opinions will come across as doctrine. There haven’t been any major problems yet, thank the good Lord, which might be because I generally stick to issues on which most can agree, leaving the really contentious ones for the much-better-educated-than-I.

Yet there is one pseudo-contentious issue that I find myself delving into more and more these days. Modesty. As much as I’d like Cheap Canada Goose Kensington Parka Brown for sale to be this precisely cut and dried issue, Cheap Canada Goose Kensington Parka Brown for sale simply isn’t. Modesty, especially within the realm of clothing, is an area shrouded in shades of grey and this bothers me. Because I like black and white. I like the rules to be neatly laid out before me as far as the eye can see with everyone walking them in an unswervingly straight line. But that’s just not the reality and I know this because I work with young people who are asked to stick to a fairly specific dress code. It is an area rife with personal judgment calls, body types, colours, fabrics, sizes, shapes – the list goes on and on. Aside from the very, very basics, what’s good for one is totally inappropriate for another.… Read more

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botanical produk produk slimming 2b model kaj
20 degrees Celsius in winter gym Best
“adequate warm-up before the whole movement is very important, especially when training equipment, have a warm-up for each site, in order to avoid muscle strain.” Blue Bird Body Co., Ltd. Beijing Head of private education Dong Chang Long said general fitness center winter indoor temperature is kept at about 20 degrees Celsius, manteau canada goose femme soldes outlet is appropriate to exercise the bodys condition. Workout clothes to prepare two sets of

winter fitness should prepare two sets of clothing, promptly replaced on dry clothes after sweating, . prevent colds Beijing Impulse Fitness Centre coach Huang Huang said: “In the indoor fitness, began to add a jacket, along with exercise to increase body heat, the clothes should be gradually reduced.” He also noted that the winter is to increase muscle good time,botanical produk produk slimming 2b model, so you can increase the amount of power and intensity of exercise intensity, increasing the number of groups and the number of movements, while increasing the content of aerobic exercise, to prevent excessive accumulation of fat. cold weather exercise time to adjust
Bally Total Fitness Coach Li club manager, said: “Winter young basal metabolism faster, after the morning or afternoon sports bodily functions quicker recovery, will not affect their daily lives, the proposed movement of these people can be scheduled for 7:00 am to 9: 00, between 12:00 to 14:00 and middle-aged people, because of poor adaptability, manteau canada goose femme soldes outlet is recommended to increase cardio-based,botanical produk produk slimming 2b model, best exercise time from 18:00 to 20: 00 “In addition, fitness When selecting shoes are also important. relatively stiff joints in cold temperatures, in order to reduce the impact of the movement of the lower limb joints,botanical produk produk slimming 2b model, should try to use soft-soled shoes. before and after exercise to replenish carbohydrates
three fitness club coaches have said, winter sports before and after the diet should replenish carbohydrates and protein, such as pasta, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, chicken, eggs, lean meat,botanical produk produk slimming 2b model, fish, soy manteau canada goose femme soldes outlet such as fruits and vegetables should also be appropriate. winter fitness room ventilation is very important
country Huang Guangmin Sports General Administration of Sports Medicine Institute director, told reporters: “exercise arrangements vary according to individual sports purposes, if fat loss mainly aerobic exercise time should be extended, if it is to increase muscle, you increase the intensity of strength training . “Mr. Huang reminder, winter fitness room ventilation is very important if ventilation is poor, indoor oxygen concentration is reduced, resulting in oxygen gas exchange offer to reduce the human impact of decomposition metabolites reach the effect of aerobic exercise.

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Catching the Magic


This is a wonderfully fun idea, inspired by ‘Latte Junkie’. She has set up a list of questions that children often ask and the idea of ‘Misinformation Monday’ is to creatively answer the questions – with just a little bit of mind warping

This week’s question is: Why is the sky blue?

Here’s my contribution…

Long ago, when the Earth was first born, the light that shone down on canada goose dawson parka red for sale was fiery and hot. The land too was a furnace of hot volcanic eruptions. New life burst forth and land surfaced from the oceans covering much of the planet.

As new land formed and took shape, with exotic species of flora and fauna, the blue depths of the sea bellowed out in protest, ‘Forget not how splendid the oceans and waterways of this planet are!’. So great did the oceans roar that the light of the Universe listened.

The planet spun under the glow of the sun, turning its face from darkness into light. At sunrise and sunset the sky continued to glow in the fiery colours of its creation; but during the day canada goose dawson parka red for sale was painted blue, reflecting the magnificence of the oceans.

And so when we look at the blue sky on a clear day, we are reminded of the oceans, the rivers, the streams, lakes and seas that flow with importance, weaving their course around and through the land. Even when we stand on land, far away from the ocean, we have only to look to the sky to remember its colour.

To read other responses head on over here.

Sorry for being a day late for Lyrical Sunday. We stayed away on holiday an extra night (to avoid a rough crossing of the Cook Strait). We are now back home and had a beautiful crossing. It’s nice to be home… but we’ll be happier once all the bags are unpacked!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the theme for ‘Week 5′.

Thanks to Jen of Snapshots and LJ and Stud1 of Latte Junkie for being so patient with me – the ‘Linky’ widget is now up and working for you to link up with your wonderful prose. Hoping for some new bloggers to join in too

There was a time in my life,
When bags were something of grace.
When I would choose without strife,
Leather, suede, velvet or lace.

I’d carefully display them,
With silk scarves and jewels.
Outfits to compliment them,
Lingerie, stockings and mules.

Now those bags of pre-child days,
Gather dust in drawers instead.
Coming out for dress-up play,
Tea parties with doll and ted.

My life is still full of bags,
But strength, and size, hold more sway.
Bags, full of books, and name tags,
Ready for school, dance and play.

Too many to keep in check,
Few as dainty or bedecked.
More Gortex than glitz. Hi-tech,
Durable and weather checked.

Shopping bags that carry food,
Packed with precision and care.
Not in a dash to suit the mood,
To fill cupboards ever bare.

There is no delicate bag,
With a hint of rose perfume.
For a traveller with jet-lag,
Who parties under the moon.

But now, bags full of treasures,
Like hidden gems and feathers.
Shells, sticks, petals and pebbles,
Without flair, but do I care?

Not at all, I’m very zen,
Precious times will pass in ten.
I’m so happy that I’ve found,
I much prefer bags with crumbs in!

The first bag I bought, went to see a kangaroo,
The second bag I bought, went to the loo.

The third bag I bought, flew to the stars.
The fourth bag I bought, jumped to Mars.

The fifth bag I bought, swam in the sea,
The sixth bag I bought, ate a giant pea.

The seventh bag I bought, was a chatter-box,
The eighth bag I bought, got eaten by a fox.

The ninth bag I bought, grew a leg,
The tenth, and final bag, I bought, got stuck in an egg.

Now it’s your turn! Link up below with your ‘Bag‘ prose for this week’s ‘Lyrical Sunday‘. The linky will remain open for one week, so don’t worry if you haven’t written anything yet – there’s still time

Visit the blogs below for more ‘Bag’ poems:

We walked with determined, weary legs, head-first into the wind. The sand whipped our exposed skin and scratched our eyes. The scenery was picture perfect (if we were brave enough to open our eyes and look). Laden down with bags of towels, togs and beach toys, we trudged along hoping to catch a boat out. ‘Help!’ Charlotte wrote in the sand. ‘I had a bad feeling something like this would happen.’

The boat ride there had been fine, until we cornered Awaroa Head and met the oncoming (and unexpected) wind in Waiharakeke Bay. The calm sea turned instantly choppy and the young driver veered across a wave, his unpracticed eyes missing canada goose dawson parka red for sale and sending the power-boat lurching violently on an angle. Charlotte and Grandma were rocked off their feet. It was frightening and we were glad to see the gang-plank touch down on firm land. We stumbled onto the beach, relieved to be leaving the wild seas and power boat behind. But as we touched down the wind greeted us with a wild cackle and whipped our bare legs with torturous glee. There would be no need for beach toys.

The shelter of the dunes and Awaroa Lodge, in the Abel Tasman, couldn’t come quick enough. I was glad I’d packed the girls trousers and jackets – at least they were protected from the cruel whip of the wind-swept sand on their tender skin.

The lodge was a serene oasis from the billowing wind. We ate lunch and let go of our disappointment over the wind spoiling our paradise beach. The wine, beer and chocolate cake helped!

We’d planned to spend four hours enjoying the scenery of the beach and the inlet, but all hopes were utterly dashed. Dan and I would have stomached it; but it was a mean wind whipping up the sand and not at all pleasant for the children and Dan’s parents. We had hoped to share our memories of kayaking the Abel Tasman and enjoying the scenery of the rich native bush sweeping down to the golden sands in calmer circumstances – but ‘Mother Nature’ wasn’t dealing us a good hand. There was no point in hanging around for four hours, so we decided to try our luck in catching an earlier boat out.

Charlotte and Sophie learned that plans don’t always turn out as expected. Once we were finally onboard the return boat we laughed with hind-sight and talked of our ‘adventure’. Charlotte and Sophie said they’d felt like castaways, stranded on a wild beach; especially when the first return-boat that came into sight veered to the opposite end of the long beach, leaving us with little hope of reaching it before the gang-plank was hoisted back up and the vessel turned seaward again. Thankfully, some good samaritans came to our rescue, noticing us struggling to make head-way against the wind and ran towards us, relieving us of our bags and volunteering to run on to the next boat heading ashore to ask them to wait for us.

Thankfully the return vessel did wait and was ten-times more comfortable than the boat we’d roughed in on. There were two levels, rather than one, and an undercover area, with windows (lacking in the first boat) to shelter us from rogue waves (though Chinese Grandma and Dan got a complete drenching when they went up on top deck to take in the view!).

And it’s amazing the difference a coffee machine can make to a person’s perception! After we’d left the windy conditions in Waiharakeke Bay behind, and turned the corner at Awaroa Head, we breathed a sigh of ease. The Tasman Sea was calm in this section of the stunningly beautiful Abel Tasman National Park. Sea kayakers pedaled past, seals frolicked around the rocks at Tonga Island and people sauntered along the beaches at the bays we visited.

We absolutely loved the return cruise to Kaiteriteri Beach and we arrived with plenty of time to finally make use of our togs, towels and beach toys! Mother Nature wasn’t all cruel and the rough winds and wild boat ride in Waiharakeke Bay ended up making it an unforgettable experience. We certainly experienced both the ‘Yin and the Yang’ of Mother Nature’s hand in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Visit Week 42 of ‘The Gallery‘ at Tara’s wonderful ‘Sticky Fingers’ blog for more ‘Mother Nature’ posts.


Abel Tasman Sea Shuttle

Awaroa Lodge

Abel Tasman National Park

Department of Conservation: Abel Tasman

The days are long, the nights hot (don’t get too excited – sticky children limpet style in bed rather than honeymoon style passion), the views are breathtaking, the beaches plentiful and quiet, the cafes and eateries plentiful, uniquely special, child-friendly and relaxed. We are half way through a wonderful, much anticipated and awaited holiday.

When the starlit nightfall graces the end of our non-stop days (that start early – not due to a full on itinerary, or long day of tramping in the bush, but due to our little darlings) we retire to bed; feeling completely spent in a wholesome mind/body way.

We’re taking hundreds of photographs, living in the moment, having adventures and enjoying a revitalizing change of scene and routine. Some evenings the children are up late and it’s nice not to care. Even if they do wake early, instead of having a lie in, we just give them a wide berth and have a chilled day. There are no high expectations. We have activities in mind we’d like to do; but going with the flow when the weather doesn’t deal us a favourable hand, one child is too tired or an old favourite is revisited and found to now be closed.

I won’t know where to begin in blogging about all that we’ve done. I usually write diary style as we go – but haven’t felt like that this holiday. Perhaps I’ll let the snippets of fun and stories unfurl in retrospect as and when.

For when term starts back in just under three weeks, and my parents-in-law have flown back to the UK, I’ll have six hour’s a day with just Alice and me. Nap times will be like gold – to write, maybe do a couple of sun-salutations, and to just ‘be’ in my own head-space.

It will be good to have all these good times to reflect back on when the evenings start to draw in.

The theme for week 4 of Lyrical Sunday is…. tum, tee, tum… ‘Bags‘!

I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s very much apt for us at the moment – as we pack up our suitcases and head to Nelson for a couple of weeks. And we have just welcomed Chinese Grandma and Granddad to New Zealand (their bags got way laid in Sydney and took another day to arrive!).

Since we’ll be away next Sunday (though we’ll still be hooked up to the Internet via one form of gadget or another… not sure at what speed!), I am giving us all a fortnight to write our poems – whoop, whoop! So get your thinking caps on and think ‘bags’…. Here’s some prompts to kick off with:

– Handbags (visions of disco dancing divas spring to my mind!)
– Suitcases (vintage, victorian, moth-ball covered, hidden in the attic)
– Bags that go missing
– Back-packs that have travelled the world (if only they could talk!)
– Character bags (think aliens, monsters, walking, talking….)
– Bags with undeclared items in them (think smugglers, customs, trafficking)

Link up on Sunday 23 January.

Post your creative thoughts on your blog and, if you like, add a photo, drawing, or, if you’re feeling musically inclined, add some music to your lyrics and record them!

We look forward to freeing our creative side and being inspired by your thoughts too!

Sweet peas through my window climb,

Descended from the vines of time.

Growing wild, in the mountains of Sicily,

Reaching out, with tendrils, so sisterly.

I watch the green shoots, stretch out and grow, a

Vision of my sister and her love doth flow.

Climbing those hills, where sweet peas wind,

Their fragrant embrace around two hearts entwined.

I wish those two hearts could come here and stay,

Linger, a while, in my garden, and play.

Those self-pollinating flowers amaze,

Every day there are new colours to gaze.

I look at those petals with a passion,

Knowing I am a little old fashioned.

I think of them, hand in hand, carefully

Climbing over Sicilian land.

One day our paths will meet, like a sweet embrace,

Just like those tendrils bring petals face to face.

My sister, her love – the climber, and my

Family of five.

Sarah Lee, © 2011

This poem was written with my sister and her boyfriend in mind. I haven’t seen them for three and a half years. I don’t know when weR17;ll meet again. But they have recently been climbing in the mountains of Sicily. When I looked up the origin of sweet peas, for my poem this week, it was with happy coincidence that I discovered them to have originated from Sicily. So whilst I gazed at the beautiful petals, climbing on the tendrils out of my kitchen window, my thoughts were far away in Sicily with my sister and her love.

Another coincidence, which I didn’t realise till after I’d written the poem and put the photograph of the painting up with it, is I painted 7 flowers, one for each of us x

Out the window I gazed,

And saw a yellow lilly.

It caught me by surprise.

Yellow sprouts of pollen,

Zoomed into the air, like

A fantail, fluttering in the clouds.

The golden leaves curled

Around and around,

Like a merry-go-round.

Then at the end it dried,

Like an Autumn leaf, fading,

Into thin air.

Every flower is so beautiful, that you

Would like to smell it, and touch it,

To pick it, and place it in a vase.

To sketch it and paint it,

I just wish the flowers could

Grow inside, really fast.

The sweet peas smell so nice,

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