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Emma Watson For Net-A-Porter
Emma Watson is the perfect example of just exactly how to become a successful and respected businesswoman in Hollywood without compromising values. She has become a well articulated, role model for young people all over the world, as well as a style icon.

In keeping with Watson’s passion for ethical fashion, the actress has teamed up with Net-a-Porter to front the brand’s digital magazine THE EDIT, to showcase the site’s eco-friendly Green Carpet Collection, from designers including Christopher Kane, Burberry Prorsum, Erdem and Victoria Beckham.

Says Emma of the eco-collection, “I’ve always had this huge problem. I would love to wear garments that are ethically sourced, but there aren’t enough options for me to be able to do that realistically.”.

Watson also says of her passion for this cause “We don’t support slave labor in this country, so we shouldn’t support those conditions in other countries. I can’t wrap my head around why ethical clothing is a specialty and not a base standard. Why is canada goose winter coats nyc online store special to have something canada goose winter coats nyc online store know wasn’t made under terrible conditions by a 12-year-old girl for 20 pence and hour? It’s hard to talk about this stuff without sounding preachy.”

Definitely not preachy, but another perfect example of the beautiful young role model canada goose winter coats nyc online store has become. The Green Carpet Challenge collection is available exclusively at

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Peugeot 4002 2011 Price Specification Reviews Features Colour and Price List

introduced a web-based amateur style competition at the 2002 Paris Motor Showinviting aspiring designers to create a completely unhinged retro-futurist design that incorporated distinct styling features of a historic Peugeot model. A total of 2800 proposals from 90 countries were registered, and Stephen Schulze, a 32-year-old German graphic artist, was selected as the winner. At the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, Schulze was awarded a trophy and €5000, and buy canada goose jacket in los angeles buy canada goose jacket in los angeles on sale sale was announced that Peugeot would create a full-scale version of the design.

The completed design was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It featured a body of aluminum and fiberglass, and 21-inch wheels.The 4002 incorporated headlights hidden behind the grille itself, as a stylistic nod to the streamlined Peugeot 402 from 1936. As merely a show car, buy canada goose jacket in los angeles on sale was not powered and not road-legal. As a styling experiment, the car was considered dynamic, glamorous, and supremely daringbut probably too extreme to predict any real influence on future Peugeot designs.

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iTero Digital Impressions: Why Suffer the Goo
As part of our office going green, we have implemented an intra-oral digital impression machine called the iTero. The technology is similar to the laser scanner they use at the supermarket, but this is in 3D!

Few pieces of equipment work as hard as this one at our office. The old fashion way of making an impression for crowns, bridges and implants is to squirt your mouth full of sticky, gooey hydrocarbon impression material, and then let manteau canada goose montebello set for a few minutes so it can get hard enough to remove from the mouth in one piece. Then the dentist would inspect the impression, and determine if it was “bubble free”, and OK to use. If not, then you guessed it, another impression would have to be made. Dental impressions materials have a certain amount of error built into them as they set which will compound as you go through the crown/bridge manufacturing process. Not only is the hydrocarbon impression material/tray uncomfortable for the patient, but it is expensive, and increases the carbon load for the environment. The impression would then have to be disinfected, packaged, and mailed to a laboratory somewhere in the world. Some dentist actually send their impressions all the way to China, and the Philippines to get a less expensive product. These manteau canada goose montebello from other countries are usually not of inferior grade, but just imagine what the carbon load is for mailing it there and back!

Next a dental lab technician will pour up the model in some kind of stone. When mixing, stone has to have very specific measurements, or it will not set accurately. Even the temperature, and humidity will effect its proper set. Most dental laboratories employ a low skilled worker to pour models, and have no special precautions to assure the accuracy of the pour. In this way more errors are built into the manufacturing process. Some dental labs then pour an additional single stone model from the very same stretched out impression to help in the manufacturing process, thus adding even more error.

Most dental stone models used for manufacturing crown, and bridge are then “pin indexed”. This is the process of placing some type of pin into the underside of each tooth of interest on the model, so each tooth being manufactured can be cut free from the model for ease of making the crown/bridgework. Each separate tooth preparation is now called a dye. Each dye has to be trimmed by hand either by the dental technician, or by the dentist to make the margins of the prosthesis as accurate as possible. There is a very large chance for introducing errors during this step. If it is trimmed by the dentist it may or may not be more accurate, but it will have to be mailed back to the office once again increasing the mileage, and the carbon transportation load on the manufacturing process.

The models are usually accompanied by an opposing model so the teeth being manufactured can be made to bite against the opposing arches teeth. This has always been my problem with dental laboratories. They usually make a good looking crown that fits relatively good on the model, but when it goes into the mouth not only is it too tight against the adjacent teeth, and the margins against the tooth are not usually perfect, but the occlusion is a mile high. Then I look at the expensive hydrocarbon bite I gave to them to set the teeth together with, and it has not even been used, and if they did used it, they never trimmed it properly to be useful in the first place. Error, error, error…

Now finally the skilled, trained, certified dental technician has to make a work-of-art on top of all of this accumulated error. It is a wonder why any crown/bridgework fits at all.

Now enters the iTero digital impression machine into the dental profession. It looks like a large desktop computer with a mounted monitor. When it rolls into the room it immediately begins to impress the patient. Attached to the end of a long thick cable is what seems at first to be a rather large camera head, but the actual part that enters the mouth is surprisingly comfortable for the patient, and easy to manipulate by the dental staff. Once the name of the patient, the laboratory, type of crown/bridge, shades and possibly a written note to the dental technician is entered into the iTero machine, it is ready to perform its magic.

When the teeth have been prepared, and are ready for an impression it is as simple as pushing a button, and the iTero asks for the first tooth to scan. After each scan a computer generated voice prompts the operator to scan the next tooth in the logical pattern of collecting data. After each preparation is scan and the appropriate amount of adjacent teeth are scanned, the opposing arch is also scanned. Once all the scans are finished, the iTero asks you to take a digital bite at certain teeth to maximized the accuracy of the bite. The doctor then examines the raw data on the computer monitor, and determines if all of the scans are complete. If an area of data is missing in the scans, or a preparation has to be modified, then it is as simple as taking another picture of the missing information, and letting the iTero software splice it into the pictures data. All of the scans can usually be made in the mouth, in the amount of time to took for the dental hydrocarbon impression material to set. And if there was time, a dental assistant could scan the opposing arch right after they entered all the patient data into the machine before the dentist ever arrived in the room for treatment. Easy!

Now here is the real WOW factor for the patient: Once all the scans are complete I usually rotate the 3D model of their teeth for them to see, and then push the transmit button. I then tell them that all of this information is now on its way to Tel Aviv, over the internet. Sad to say some of my patient don’t know where that is, so I remind them that that is in Israel. After they manipulate the data in Tel Aviv and make it readable, they transmit the data to New Jersey where the models are mill out with a CAD/CAM computerized milling machine. Then they mail those models to Clearwater, Florida where they make the actual crown/bridge, and we then get it back in about two week. I also always remind them that this is a digitally perfect impression, and a digitally perfect bite. And that all of this process actually saves us money by not having to have all of the mailing and human craftsmanship. The carbon savings come from the saved materials and transportation.

True the patient has to have a temporary crown for two weeks, but they most patient don’t seem to mind. They are usually coming back for more treatment anyway. For you CERAC users who are saying about now, if I only had a CERAC machine, I could put the crown in right away at the very same appointment. My answer to that is I have a CERAC, and hate it! I am not a technician, I am a doctor. My time is better spent treating patients, not milling out crowns. Besides, most of you CERAC doctors are not doing large cases with your CERAC anyway. Oh yes, you can always have your dental assistant design, and mill the crowns for you. Not going there, dental assistants move on, and it then all falls back onto the doctor.

The iTero digital impression is fast, accurate, and very accepted by the dental patient, and staff. And doesn’t need powder all over the teeth like those other machines. When the patient comes back for cementation, and the crown/bridge is fitted without excessive adjustments, they are really impressed! No more framework try-ins, or confirmation jigs. What you see is what you get.

A new addition to the iTero scanning process is using a scanning pin by 5 Axis Dental Design Center for our implant cases. Check out their YouTube video below. We have used it, and it works great. Just uncover the implant with a laser, and place the scanning pin into the implant, even at bone level. Take an iTero normal scan series, and then place the healing collar. You will get back not only a custom milled abutment, but the crown, and it will cutting out 2 weeks in the restoration process with a custom abutment.

We send our iTero non-implant cases to DSG Clearwater (1-800-237-1723) because they have not implemented the implant scanning pin technology, yet! They work very closely with me, and have frequent meetings to review cases and services. They have an interesting relationship with the Cadent/iTero people in that they will actually place a iTero machine in your office to use without charge if you do so much crown/bridgework with them every month. We didn’t want one of their machines because we wanted to purchase our own machine (tax code 179), but it is definitely worth looking into. The machine only costs around $27,000 so it just made sense to us. As additional incentive for us to use their lab, we get a rebate each month for sending our iTero work to them. If we do $3000 in lab fee that month we get back $500, if we do $5000 that month we get back $800. They can do this because using the iTero cuts down on having to do all of the model work, and they have very few remakes. The rebate can more than pay for the monthly payment on the machine, if financed. In addition to the rebate, there is a “points” system that we can redeem for gifts. I would not recommend them if we weren’t getting a great manteau canada goose montebello at a good price. Give them a call, and check them out. You may be surprised!

I predict that in the near future most dental professionals will be using some kind of digital impression technique.

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San francisco Centre reveals mural devoted to Pembroke minor 0
Only ask for help that have undergone canada goose baby bunting bag 2015 can the actual depth about loss proficient in losing a youngster.

Scott but just as Amanda Ferguson suffered that deep pain mere December 12, 2009 if they their moment child, Jackets, came too quickly and had been stillborn.

Sunday afternoon, from a jungle concept mural painted over a wall of one’s children’s interact area on a Phoenix Centre Nutritious people and Every family, was dedicated to memory of work Spencer.

Phoenix arizona Centre our team, along with friends and family of a specific Fergusons, gathered who has mural painter Sheila Sandrelli in a ceremony through which many holes were shed plans.

“Seeing this picture, I know that is the sort of having place too Spencer and canada goose baby bunting bag 2015 is -a able as beautiful because this, ” stated Ms. Ferguson, fight back holes. “We couldn’t impose a even more beautiful solution to honour his son. Thank you. You in response this mural ways to us. inch

Mr. Ferguson thanked their own coworkers over at Atomic Endurance of Germany Limited in our nuclear guidance and acting experience but also corrective behavior pro-g memory, who created a financial donation to their Phoenix Center in award of Jackets. The money was to assist you fund concerning the mural’s production.

He in addition to that thanked the us Phoenix Centre and also the mural designer.

“Those individuals that bear children understand how hard this was for americans, ” Mr .. Ferguson pointed out. “To do that in honor of Overcoats, we can’t thanks enough. Words just do not do it justice. inch

The mural itself tackles an length of the wall previously play island and features a jungle incident featuring a variety animals, flock, and seafood.

Greg Lubimiv, executive director of every Phoenix Focus, explained that a mural, because it was sophisticated, became on a painting. It is an activity with a decent matching associated with creatures for kids to get in a fashion like a wall-sized ‘Where’s Waldo’ challenge.

The singer, Ms. Sandrelli, pointed out her inventive sketch ran about 10 creatures. As school children visiting the difference centre came up with her busy, they undertook making feedback on animals she can add. Also did facility staff.

Ultimately, the mural blossomed contain 60. 5 creatures on a ladybug even large critters like giraffes and hippos. A touch secret -the rr creature means a seafood jumping to the water, his tail as being the only visible some of his inner ear.

It taken Ms. Sandrelli in excess of 200 period to trade the mural.

“I was really glad of been capable of doing this in your lives, ” Multiple sclerosis. Sandrelli informed the Fergusons. “I the sister that look lost a wide son, as well as a niece that look lost a wide son. When Jerry Plante (of the chance Phoenix Centre) let me know (about Spencer), I said it was definitely any canada goose baby bunting bag 2015 I wanted to. ”

Microsoft. Sandrelli said she thanks for the the mural so you might honour Spencer and also the Ferguson familial.

“I hope exactly what you imagined, ” she’d said.

Mister. Lubimiv specified the conviction as an occasion that did both sad and prepared.

“A passing away is embarrassing but the downfall of a kid is easily the most difficult, ” he explained. “We (at the term centre) rely on healing young ones and every family through many a person difficult trips. ”

For the facility, he said hello was a great honour to get the mural dedicated to Spencer’s award.

A conviction plaque is often mounted of a wall near the mural.

If they Mr. Ferguson went to get the cavity enducing plaque from Coates Laser beam Engraving as to Petawawa, the company refused to consider any money thinking about the plaque.

Anthony Dixon is at Daily Onlooker reporter.

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Beltronics STi Driver Review
: STi Driver has been replaced by the new STi Magnum which offers up to 60% increased performance!

Beltronics was the first to design a radar detector that cannot be detected by any police RDD (radar-detector-detector), including VG2 and the latest Spectre 3 and Spectre 4. Use of a radar detector is prohibited in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, and all Territories. This makes the undetectable Beltronics STi Driver the no.1 canada goose chilliwack parka black outlet online for drivers who live in these provinces or plan to travel across Canada.

Not only is the Bel STi Driver undetectable, canada goose chilliwack parka black outlet online is also the most recommended canada goose chilliwack parka black outlet online for those looking for the best radar detection range. We rate this the best radar detector made for Canada and the US.

Beltronics STi Driver includes the detector, Coiled SmartCord for cigarette lighter, quick-release windshield mount, spare suction cups, and the user manual. We highly recommend the optional accessories such as the Visor Clip, Direct-Wire SmartCord, or the Direct-Wire Cord.

Using the latest M3 radar antenna, the STi Driver offers impressive radar detection that outperforms the RX65, Passport 8500 X50 and 9500ix. Sensitivity can be configured in Highway mode for maximum range, or AutoScan and Auto No-X mode for balanced alert distance and false signal rejection for city driving. We recommend leaving the STi Driver in Highway mode for maximum sensitivity for police K and Ka bands.

All Bel STi Drivers produced in 2010 comes loaded with the latest firmware that includes an audio ramp-up update that makes the STi Driver alert in a linear fashion to accurately reflect the radar signal strength. This update allows drivers to rely on the audible alerts without looking at the displayed signal bar graph. This linear ramp-up is not available in any Escort models, including the RedLine, 9500ix, and 9500ci.

The Beltronics STi Driver is no doubt the best overall windshield mounted radar detector for Canadian drivers.

: STi Driver has been replaced by the new STi Magnum which offers up to 60% increased performance!

($529 CAD) – available from

Recommended Accessories for the STi Driver:
Direct-Wire Cord ($29.95) – links to the fuse box or any 12V and a ground
Direct-Wire SmartCord ($39.95) – like the direct-wire cord, with an additional display with LED alerts and mute.
Visor Clip ($9.95) – Sun visor mount to hide the detector better.

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can’t not shop
walking back home after a lovely dinner yesterday on broadway, we passed a store that i swear popped out of nowhere. i think canada goose yukon bomber black for sale was called edgar. it was mostly mexican arts and crafts, which isn’t exactly my aesthetic, but the sandwich board proclaiming END OF SUMMER SALE- 30-50% OFF certainly appealed to me. The Boyfriend and i wandered in took a gander. i was right, most of the stuff didn’t appeal to me, but i did see this antiqued silver mexican eye of the ox mirror and fell a lil bit in love. it was originally $480 and marked for half off. my cocktail with dinner was quite strong so i had enough liquid courage to walk up to the counter and ask if the store would sell it to me for $200. and i won! yay me! (i never bargain. it makes me a bad asian.)

not only that but there was a really cool card of a skeletal mona lisa that i found there, but i’m not one much to send cards so i asked if it could be printed up as an 8×10. score one more for me! i should be getting a call in the near future when the artist drops it off at the store for me. i have two people i think i could give it to and as of right now i’m leaning towards waiting for a certain someone’s birthday to give it to her but we shall see…

the bravern in bellevue is finally open and i had planned to spend a fun friday night checking out the new neiman marcus before going to a “tweet up” (i am not on twitter) at moksha on the ave. unfortunately, i did not leave the day job until after 6pm and then by the time i had gone home, attended to the dogs, and went to go pick up The Boyfriend from his office, it was already 7.30pm and neiman marcus closes at 8pm. highlight of the night ended up being a cute new oversized filigree ring i got at moksha (sorry, no picture; it came out blurry. if only i had an iphone 3gs with the new auto-focus feature!). there was a big let down having to do with being promised a spot on a list at a club where a friend was dj’ing. too bad she didn’t show up until like 5 minutes before she was supposed to go on…which was also about an hour after the list closed. needless to say, after leaving puppies 1 and 2 at home alone practically all day and night, i was a much happier camper just going home and chillin with them.

so The Boyfriend, the dogs, and i didn’t actually end up going to neiman marcus until today, which was almost better anyways, since the rest of the bravern didn’t actually open until today. stores of particular interest to me beyond neiman marcus were the new anthropologie (which now means whenever i trek over to the eastside i’ll be able to basically get all my stores banged out in one go. score!), tory burch, jimmy choo, and dna 2050. there was also a louis vuitton store and a masins store, but like most of the rest of the shopping center, they both seemed smaller than they should have been and the selection much more limited than expected. for those who don’t know, masins is a furniture store. i swear the entire store was about the size of an 1100 square foot condo’s living room (i.e. the size of my living room). how do you justify renting a retail space where you can only display 1/50 (i’m guessing) of your inventory and where your staff just defers all interest to one of your larger locations? i hope to god these people are not paid on commission. or lucky for masins because they found them some suckers.

anthropologie was the only store that i was actually impressed with. the decor, as always, was amazing. so much so that The Boyfriend tried to buy a mini chess set that, while tagged for $2.99, was actually just part of the merchandising. i found the floor space was actually satisfactory considering. unfortunately, that plenty by tracy reese coat i want wasn’t in stock yet. i did end up getting this nice ruffley red cardigan.

the main draw, neiman marcus, was somewhat of a letdown. i mean, it’s absolutely great that we finally have a neiman marcus and i totally know where i’m going to go the next time i need to buy a cocktail dress (because that happens SO often). but compared to the neimans i’ve been to in vegas, nyc, and cali it was teeny tiny. it wasn’t merchandised that well as in nothing jumped out at me and screamed, “you must own me!” i was also disappointed with the contemporary selection. i had hoped it would be bigger. granted, it’s neiman marcus and it’s all very high end designer, but let’s be honest, i’m not buying that stuff. i’m buying the contemporary labels. or at least, i wanted to.

The Boyfriend had better luck than me. he was getting lots of attention from cooing bellevue ladies for carrying pj around. by the end of the trip though, i had to admit that it wasn’t that pj was cuter than ruffus, it was The Boyfriend. when he carried ruffus around for a few minutes, mr. fuss actually got more attention than pj. sucks to have armed him with cute dogs to attract every other female in the world. anyways, he came away from neiman marcus with two civil society shirts. one was a burgundy plaid short sleeved woven shirt with a matching tie and the other is pictured here. the turquoise really brought out the blue of his eyes.

another bust for me was the jimmy choo store. i was surprised that they displayed mostly handbags rather than shoes. needless to say, i moved on quite quickly. on my search for the anthropologie, i stopped at tory burch. i hadn’t thought i’d find much of interest there. i haven’t gotten into her much lauded flats and when i visited the tory burch boutique in vegas i was just, “eh.” happily, i found the pictured sweater in grey. unhappily, it took freaking forever to actually purchase the damn thing. first, they only had smalls on the floor so they had to go to the “off site” storeroom to find my size, which was on the second floor (not exactly what i consider off site). then apparently they couldn’t find it so they were going to order it in from another store for me. i had already been walking around the bravern for about 3 hours at this point and i was thirsty. jimmy choo had been serving beverages, but we didn’t stay long enough to partake so i straight asked the tory burch staff if they had anything to quench my thirst while i waited. i ended up with a diet coke, which was more than i was hoping for, but i have the sneaking suspicion i took a staffer’s break time beverage. i would have felt bad except my salesperson who had my credit card to ring up my shipment disappeared for at least 10 minutes! eventually i asked a salesman (whom i’ve seen rotate through several other higher end stores in the past) to check on my salesperson to make sure she hadn’t fallen and was injured in the backroom. i’m serious. i couldn’t understand what was taking so long i was convinced she had to be immobilized and no one else was in the back to help her. turns out the top was in the store somewhere and she was tracking it down. i just wish she had told me because The Boyfriend was starting to get annoyed, waiting on me.

the last place i want to touch on is dna 2050. it’s a pretty cool shop with a rather stark black and grey palette and i recommend it for at least a browse. apparently there are a few other locations scattered across the country but no good online presence or i would include a link. it was very hip and now. lots of boyfriend jeans for girls and jeans for boyfriends. the slant of the store was a bit too modern for me, but The Boyfriend was quite pleased with his denim options. he ended up getting a new pair of evisu’s which you don’t find too often in seattle.

overall? go. at least check it out once. it won’t be my new spot but if i’ve been to uvillage too recently and it’s a nice day it’ll be nice for window shopping in the open air. be forewarned though that the self parking entrance is off of 8th. yes, you will feel like you are going to end up on the 405 south on ramp, but the drive is there. it will look like you’re pulling into a valet area because you are, but if you turn directly to your right you’ll head towards the parking garage.

(moving from a page to a category so each fugly piece can be commented on separately.)

on september 27th, The Boyfriend and i will be participating in this fundraising event with ruffus and pj, whom we both got at the humane society shelter. they even brought pj up from a shelter in california in order to give her a second chance (or maybe a first, i have no history on her) at a home, so please donate to the cause. or pledge under The Boyfriend‘s name. either way works, but it’ll be nice to be able to gloat if i beat him.

update to my prior post-

i got out of the day job at a decent hour today and i did go to nordstrom to try on the ugg highkoo boots. in the espresso color i liked, no less! and then i took them home with me. i consider that my participation in fashion’s night out. i even participated on east coast time with everyone else in nyc where all the real fun is. i was all wrapped up by 7pm pt/10pm et and home in my who-goes-to-victoria’s-secret-and-only-buys-sweats sweatpants.

for those curious about how the highkoos are in real life, it’s just the insole that is shearling and they run about a half size small. one really cool canada goose yukon bomber black for sale is there are a couple of sets of snaps for the button detail that allow you adjust your boots to be knee high or only calf high. i was even able to fit in my bootleg jean legs into the boots at the store, but i did go home and try them on again with a pair of skinny jeans. it was nice not to have to struggle too hard to get my jeans to stay down as i pulled up a boot. i say this because, while i don’t think i look like i have particularly big calves, i’ve found over the past couple of years that a lot of knee high boots are too small in the calf for me.

i even involved the dogs in fashion’s night out, albeit from afar since they were at home. i got an email from scraps today to let me know that my special order had come in. ruffus already has a rain jacket, a beater, and a dirty english muscle t, so a couple weeks ago i felt the need to stock up pj’s closet as well. i found some really cute canada goose yukon bomber black for sale by gooby (yes, i hate the name) and because they are kind of lame and don’t have an e-commerce set up for retail, i went over to scraps to order pj a wardrobe. if her pink harness weren’t enough to let you know that she’s a girl, she now has a couple of ruffly vest/dresses and a bathrobe, pictured here. i actually think it’s a really cute bathrobe and may have her wear it more often than just when she’s fresh out o’the bath.

my other nod to fashion’s night out was tracking down my lost urban outfitters package with my susan by emma cook dress. i think i will wear it tomorrow since it’s supposed to be warm (yay for last dregs of summer!). since i bought this dress in two sizes because i didn’t know which one would fit better, would it be entirely too gauche to return the unwanted size while wearing the one i’ve decided to keep?

tonight is fashion’s night out! while seattle is generally lacking in participation, mayhaps i will finally get my ass to nordstrom to try on those ugg highkoos and see if the dior artists have anything interesting to try on me. this, of course, is driven purely by my desire to show my spirit for the event, not for any other compulsion reason.

i thought today i would write about guy stuff since my first week of posts have been unabashedly girly. i mean, i turned The Boyfriend into a good lil consumer like myself after about a year (he is now quickly catching up to me on number of shoes and jeans), so i had to give him some guidance at the beginning and he still values my opinion (or at least pretends to). therefore i think i have a legitimate platform from which to speak on the topic of boy clothes.

one store we like a lot in the city is blackbird up in ballard. it’s got a very hipster vibe and can be a bit pricey but if you catch a sale it’s so worth it. they actually participated in the boutique culture warehouse sale recently up at the fremont studios, which was an interesting event. a bit spare in decor and organization but one of those places where if you’ve got the patience to dig you can find some real good deals. hopefully they’ll participate again in december (location tbd). anyways, my friend got a cool tshirt that had an illustration of a knife stabbing into the shirt (over the heart) and a small dribble of blood falling from the wound. i think between that shirt and the mask pictured above, you should get a pretty good sense of the store’s aesthetic.

while browsing their site (because they do have girl’s clothes…i just don’t like them very much), i saw this wtf shirt by kzo. they call it the bretto shirt, but i mean seriously, the shirt folds in on itself if you just want to carry it around (heaven forbid the return of a flannel tied around one’s waist!) or if you are more conventional and wear the shirt, you’ve got an insta-backpack! too bad on sale it’s still over $200 but it’s kind of like an infomercial. it slices! it dices! it has removable layers! (only that last one is true.)

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Fearless Award Winning Calgary Wedding Photographer | TLAW Photography
I am a Fitfreak. Besides my family, fitness is my life.
I am a husband.
I am not a husband & wife team.
My camera’s are all digital. I don’t shoot film.
I don’t hang out in coffee shops.
I don’t read Kinfolk.
I listen to house music. And hip-hop mashups. And I listen to them really loud.
I used to DJ at raves and nightclubs.
I love dirty jokes and innuendos.
I’m not very introspective, but I can turn most situations into a dirty joke if you open up your….heart.
I don’t have thought provoking sentiments.
I was once shortlisted to be the body double for Jackie Chan.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
I love my wife immensely.
My daughter is my world.

I create images that put a lump in your throat.
I create images that make you cry.
I create images that make your partner cry.
I create images that make your jaw-drop.

Moments are the most important cheap jackets canada goose parka outlet online in the world to me. I’d love to document yours.

This is some default text for your bio area. To change this text, go to the Widgets page and edit or delete the default text in the topmost Bio widget column, called “Bio area spanning column”.

ProPhoto3 is really flexible when cheap jackets canada goose parka outlet online comes to what sort of content you can put in your bio, as well as how cheap jackets canada goose parka outlet online is arranged. To really understand all of the possibilities, we recommend checking out both of these important tutorials: Understanding Widgets and Customizing the Bio Area.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

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Learning Centre
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All About Vision

Type 2 diabetes in newly diagnosed ‘can be reversed’

Sunglasses should be worn all year to protect eyes from UV rays

Virtual White Cane for the Blind

Daily aspirin may protect against melanoma

A Testimonial From a Very Happy Patient!

In Eyes, a Clock Calibrated by Wavelengths of Light

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Low Vitamin D Linked to Allergy Risk in Kids

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Macular Degeneration


Children’s Vision

The amazing bionic eye that lets the blind see with the help of a microchip

Sunglasses are not just for summer.

Eating omega-3-rich fish may keep vision loss at bay

Canadian breakthrough in cataract treatment

Can I continue to wear my lenses if they are still comfortable after the recommended wearing period?

I have dry eye problems. Can I wear contact lenses?

Which type of contact lens is best for me?

I wear contacts only occasionally, at most once or twice a week.

My doctor told me I couldn’t wear regular contact lenses for presbyopia. Why not?

Can contact lenses be “blinked” out?

Is canada goose jassen dames rood OK to swim while wearing contact lenses?

Is canada goose jassen dames rood OK to play sports while wearing contact lenses?

Which type of lens care system is best?

Is canada goose jassen dames rood necessary to use protein remover tablets in additions to my normal daily cleaning procedure?

Can my contact lens be “lost” behind my eye?

Can contact lenses be fit if I have had refractive surgery?

discount canada goose chilliwack down parka – boys’

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… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… colour, touching on topics of fashion, quilting, crafts, home decor and more! The setting reflects Linda’s personality: warm, friendly, humorous and unpredictable! Share Program Schedule Feed Set an E-mail Reminder E-mail to a Friend Share on Facebook Post to Myspace Reddit …

… , collecting the garbage and washing the streets. As discount canada goose chilliwack down parka – boys’ work, the machines talk to each other and to the audience in a friendly, enthusiastic style, letting us know not just what they do, but how much they love doing it. Share Program Schedule …

… for the first time, the students prepare themselves for the worst. Imagine their surprise, when they are welcomed to a warm and friendly place, where a smiling librarian invites discount canada goose chilliwack down parka – boys’ to explore some of the fun and funny books they have to offer. Share Program …

… the monster is created by Harry’s imagination discount canada goose chilliwack down parka – boys’ materializes in Dino-world and terrorizes Harry and the dinos until Harry imagines the monster as harmless and friendly. Harry knows he’s the luckiest kid in the world; his Nana has given him the greatest present ever, something that no …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… a Canadian school for the first time- not knowing a word of English. Of that day, Fred recalls meeting Dave, a friendly boy in school, who helped him to get settled and who later became his best friend. Captured through the compelling stories of …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

… get off the couch and get moving! This series motivates through great music, great moves (including popping of course), and friendly, diverse young stars that kids can identify with and admire. The “Pop It!” series is original and unique. …

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discount sells canada goose calgary

Airport Security hole

The last time we flew home, I got the “random selection” to be extra screened which was very annoying.

It started when I went through the security theatre, the agent pointed out that I had a “DDD” printed on my boarding card, which means that I was subjected to additional security checks. This required the full pat down, as well as the swabbing of my laptop, inside bag, hands, clothes. Successfully passsed this test, and proceeded to the gate. Overall discount sells canada goose calgary took around 2 to 3 times longer than discount sells canada goose calgary usually does.

At the gate, the agent said because I had the DDD on the boarding pass, I needed to have the extra screening done by security, and as a result they needed to stamp my boarding card to state that discount sells canada goose calgary was done. They of course did the screening but forgot to stamp my boarding card, so back to security to be re-screened. I was a bit smarter this round of screening, and left all my bags with my wife so they wouldn’t have to re-test everything. The airline agent was rather confused by the fact that my wife and I shared bags on the airline, and that I did not have my bag and she did not have hers — “but which bag is yours? Security needs to scan your bag”, “I dont have a bag, they both belong to my wife”.

My observation at the time was, if I had a bit of white out or some way to remove the “DDD” from my boarding card, this wouldnt have happened. In the future, if I get a DDD on the boarding card, I will have to go to the restaurant first and spill a bit of grease on the spot with the DDD to remove the thermal transfer marks, and save me a bit of time!

I thought it interesting that they let me know “because of the DDD on the card” – in other words if you wanted to smuggle stuff onto a plane, check your boarding card. If it has a DDD on it, maybe today is not the day and try again tomorrow, or book your tickets in a pair. My wife and I booked together, but only I was randomly selected — any suspicious items I could have given to my wife to bring onto the plane.