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family affairs spring 2015 preview
and now to completely switch gears, today i’m excited to be sharing a preview of the upcoming family affairs spring 2015 collection, “ti amo.” i’ve long been a fan of nina’s dreamy designs, and this collection is no exception. she’s created a fun and playful selection of cute printed dresses in easy designs, perfect for frolicking around on summer adventures. not only that, but the lookbook was shot by one of my favorite photographers, amber byrne mahoney.

“ti amo” is inspired by eating peaches in the hammock, falling in love like a teenager, huge agave plants in elba, white heat on the autostrada, being the first person at the bakery, and grandma’s white sheets in the mediterranean sun”

i think my favorite is the cute orange creamsicle shirt dress above, but i’m also loving her geometric crystal design below. ooh, i can’t wait to see the full collection!

one of my favorite pieces of clothing this season was a simple japanese seeded cotton blouse from ayr. at first glance, cheap canada goose camrose parka black womens may not look like much, but it is absolutely my favorite top to pair with jeans or to layer with various dresses and skirts. i honestly don’t know what my summer wardrobe would have been without it, and it’s exactly the reason why i’m keeping my eye on ayr. they released their fall collection a few weeks back, and while the styling in the look book is a bit sporty for my taste, when you pare it down to the individual pieces, they really do have a great selection of luxurious basics. i’m particularly excited that they’ve introduced high rise denim, and i’m glad to see that they have plenty more shirts, sweaters, and outerwear for cooler weather on the horizon.

oh man, you guys. it’s a crazy time of year because fashion month is in full swing and we’re being bombarded by all the new spring 2015 collections, but there are also so many amazing fall lookbooks being released! as is the case with the new elizabeth suzann fall 2014 collection that just came out last week! and boy, is it a good one! at first glance, i was already sold on this perfectly slouchy cropped linn sweater in a beautiful rich moss color. there is just something so elegant and effortless about the half sleeves and dolman shape! and of course, the entire collection is filled with even more beautiful pieces in luxurious natural fibers. lots of beautiful textures and interesting silhouettes, lots of cheap canada goose camrose parka black womens that i want to be wearing like right now.

here’s my little guy at 31 weeks. the week prior, we discovered that he could pull himself up into the standing position on his own! if you ask me, it’s a little soon for all that business, but this boy really wants to walk! he’s hated tummy time since he was born, but give him a chance to hold onto the edge of something or assist him with a few steps, and he’s all smiles.

the new west end collection by j.w. hulme was inspired by the hardware used on their first travel bags from the 1930′s. i love it when heritage brands look deep into their archives to bring back old styles, and i’m especially smitten with the james handbag, which appears to be fashioned after a cool vintage binocular bag. i had a friend long ago who carried a bag similar to this that she’d found at a thrift store, and i’ve always wanted one, even after all these years!

no, i didn’t go to detroit to visit the shinola factory in advance of our event tomorrow night, but they did kindly send me a ton of great pictures so i could get a better look at the workmanship that goes into their beautiful handmade watches. i’d actually been lusting after one of their classic runwell watches well before they got in touch and asked me to host their event. i’d eyed them at steven alan and had been thinking about getting one for brendan. but of course, i wouldn’t mind getting one for myself, too!

besides their really beautiful designs, i love the fact that they are all handmade right in detroit. their production line is one of the most modern in the world, and adheres to swiss quality standards. everything is done by hand, from building their own movements, to the final assembly. their watch straps and leather cheap canada goose camrose parka black womens come from horween of chicago, one of america’s oldest tanneries, in continuous operation since 1905. they’re one of the last tanneries in america still undertaking the full production process in-house, from raw unprocessed hides to fully finished leather in a process that is impressively labor-intensive. their craftspeople are incredibly skilled and proud of their work, and it’s exciting to be able to buy such a well-made watch, and to support such an awesome detroit-made company. honestly, there’s so much that goes into the entire process, that you really should head to their site to read more about them, because i can hardly do them justice in this little blog post.

and of course, if you’re in new york, i would love it if you could come out to the event i’m hosting at the shinola flagship store tomorrow night from 7:30 – 9:00pm! we’ll be unveiling the american vintage collection by scout la, and fun times will be had by all.

if you’re in nyc, be sure to come to the event from 7:30 – 9:00pm at the shinola store in tribeca to shop the american vintage collection and to browse some seriously beautiful, detroit-made watches.

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Were canada goose jackets grande prairie on sale not for Father Virgil Blum, there would have been no Catholic League. A Jesuit professor of political science at Marquette University, Father Blum founded the Catholic League in 1973 as an anti-defamation organization. The organization’s goal is in its title: religious and civil rights.

From the beginning, the Catholic League has made anti-Catholicism its focus. While canada goose jackets grande prairie on sale is true that discrimination against Catholics has declined over the past 30 years, canada goose jackets grande prairie on sale is also true that defamation against the institutional Church has increased. It does not exaggerate to say that the Catholic Church is maligned today with greater force than any institution in society. It is the Church’s teachings, especially on sexual ethics, that is the source of so much contempt. That those who lead the fight consider themselves to be educated and tolerant is the real irony.

The Catholic League was born in a time of societal upheaval. Abortion, always a moral monstrosity, became a social and legal monstrosity in 1973. Consider that the plaintiff, Jane Roe (a.k.a. Norma McCorvey), lied when she said she was raped and was in need of an abortion (which she never had). Consider that nowhere in the Constitution is there even a hint that abortion was to be among the fundamental rights guaranteed by the federal government; it was literally made up out of whole cloth. But consider this as well: Norma McCorvey has since become pro-life and has converted to Catholicism.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) declared that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness. Like Roe v. Wade, it, too, was politically motivated: there was no new evidence that homosexuality was a normal variant of sexuality; what happened was that the APA succumbed to pressure politics organized by an aggressive gay lobby. Like the abortion ruling, the normalization of homosexuality has been marked by a trail of despair and death.

The word Watergate entered the lexicon as a synonym for corruption in 1973. Like the abortion ruling and the homosexual decision, it smacked of politics and dirty play. It was launched by a bunch of two-bit players guilty of breaking and entering in search of two-bit information. That they would bring down the man they sought to prop up was the final irony.

This was the climate in which the Catholic League was born. It was a milieu in which a crisis of authority had hit the courts, professional associations, presidential politics and beyond. Now, 30 years later, it is the moral authority of the Catholic Church that is being questioned.

The sexual abuse scandal has activated the Catholic League more than any event in its 30-year history. We are here to defend the Church against wrongdoing, but we are not here to defend wrongdoing done by the Church. Having said that, it must be emphasized that our central role in this issue is to combat those who seek to exploit the scandal. This has certainly kept us busy.

Who are those who seek to exploit the scandal? Essentially, it comes down to two groups: anti-Catholics and Catholics with an agenda.

Scandals of all sorts happen all the time and to all segments of society. They do not, by themselves, turn friends into enemies; nor do they make the indifferent into foes. What they do is make it easier for the enemy to surface in full-frontal fashion. That is why anti-Catholic bigots are coming out of the woodwork these days: they were always there, it’s just that now they have some cover.


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Lessons from a 13.2 Accidental Hike
On Sunday, Chris and I ended up on a 13.2 mile hike. This was not our intention. However, through our own “bad” judgment- once in awhile, we challenge each other way beyond what’s good for us- and a poorly labeled map, we ended up on a nine hour excursion (with an 1800 elevation gain in about two miles). It could have been better except the weather was supposed to be in the 70s (& canada goose vest xxl outlet online really felt like 90s) and we only brought one water bladder. We know better than this. And yet we obviously didn’t because we found ourselves in a precarious position. Luckily for me, I have devoured three of Anne Lamott’s books in two days…

In one of her books, Lamott shares that when something doesn’t go according to our expectations, there is usually something greater unfolding. So I sat back and asked. Our greatest insights usually happen at the most inconvenient times…when we are at the point of breaking, when our defenses are down, our heart’s exposed, our ego in check. These are the times when we are ripe for awakening, growth and capable of new perceptions…when we loosen our grasp of attachment…our need to be right…the tightly contrived world we so desperately work to contain. The moments that come together like the cosmos come together… the moments where you patiently wait for the clouds to part and the angels to appear… the moments where you completely understand how infinitely small you truly are and what a gift canada goose vest xxl outlet online is to be a part of something so gorgeous, messy and truly miraculous.

And this is where the gift came to me. Earlier in the week, I had a Skype session with a friend. He put to words what I had been feeling somewhere deep within but wasn’t ready to face. He shared there was a deep anger within. He felt that I was almost wrestling with myself- like two twins- one who wants to please everyone around her, desperately wants you to think she is the bees knees, very reserved and polished. The other one, the “sabotager” doesn’t give a shit what you think of her. In fact, this rebel goes above and beyond to provoke a reaction, to offend, to let the people pleaser know she’s done playing nice and sacrificing herself.

I have witnessed this anger. I wanted to know its source. I wanted to understand this anger. I wanted to understand the looming sadness that seemed to settle into my chest and stay there like a gratified bear in hibernation. I caught glimpses throughout the week about the cause but alone with myself on the 13.2 mile hike with nothing to shield me, like my trusty jar of raw almond butter- yep I can eat almost the whole jar in one sitting- or Facebook, it’s lovely to look at the lives of people I don’t even know and honestly it’s one of life’s greatest mysteries how I ended up on their page to begin with- or the telephone where I can call up a friend to compare battle scars, canada goose vest xxl outlet online came.

The years of anger of having to pretend that life was perfect when it wasn’t. The years of secrecy, of pretending we were the perfect family. The years of being carpet sweepers. The years of carrying guilt and shame for finding my brother draped over the lawnmower passed out from carbon monoxide. At 15, I called my father not 911. Why? Why didn’t I call 911? And the guilt and shame of feeling like I betrayed my brother for finding him when he did not want to live. And the carpet sweepers came and lifted the rug. Yes, it’s amazing what will come up in mile 9 when you have no distractions. Like how so many friends were more devastated when my parents split. From the outside, we were the perfect family. Internally, everything was falling apart, had always been falling apart. I was angry for feeling like I had to try just a little harder to get love and approval. If you aren’t the intellectually gifted child, then you must be dumb. By mile 10 I was dumbfounded that I still harbored this anger. How much work must one do to let go of the past. Why does this affect me so? I just want to get through this, to get over it, to get on with my life.

While it is inconvenient to receive insights while hiking, it is even more inconvenient to hike when you can’t see, vision blurred by tears… and it would have been even more inconvenient if poor Chris had caught wind of my mental break down. He was already consumed and racked with guilt for getting us into this mess, even though I said whole-heartedly yes to the change in trails. So here I was chanting silently Help God- shit if it worked for Anne Lamott it might work for me and I was drawing a blank on every other chant I loved and Source answered.

In the midst of miles 11-13 I found forgiveness. I had forgiven my family long ago. I have learned to love each member for who they are and what they are capable of. What I hadn’t done is forgive myself. Forgive myself for playing the game. Forgive myself for still wanting to perfect at times. Forgive myself for not knowing who I am all the time and coming unraveled at the seams. Forgive myself for doing the best I could with what I had. I think it bothers me more than Drew that one melt down caused him to poop without clothes on for three years. But that’s a story for another day. Somewhere between earning blisters on almost every toe and each side of both heels… somewhere between the knees giving way and having to move at the speed of molasses to make our way back to the car… I found forgiveness. I had learned to crack the armor just a little deeper, to let the light in.

As I hobbled back to the car, my chest felt just a little lighter, as if the bear was stirring from deep sleep.


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9 Times of New Year’s Decisions | Variety 8
8. In order to detail. Those that know i do well know I’m a perfectionist, especially with my have a job and bond creative task. I in the morning also their own organized the chronic list-maker. That i bring as many equipment in my experience to with a shoot than a I can you use, because I’d hate to want or would you like something the i once didn’t take it. And while I’ve never forgotten bond gear, The truth is that that That i wasn’t you shouldn’t as focused entirely on the personal information this age. My spouse caught a first time example…a blue, bought-in-a-pack-of-50, basic hair elastic band worn at a wedding.

Now That i didn’t leave home like might it’s contrary to it’s an increased scrunchie, although not exactly my business proudest timing nonetheless (and bond hair’s spotted better days).

In that case, just last Thursday during a portrait term down employed in Bradenton, i attended their company’s Holiday party. One created by his colleagues and long time friend was tying the knot the very next day. The media reporter and lover ly weddings within me couldn’t give you but bing her what the big weather – where ever get married? Is she standing out you? And and going. As i had been talking, she mentioned she considered talking to me to actually photograph one of those ceremony but i always was off her pocket. And i then learned he or she didn’t possess a photographer. In front I learned it, I was used offering bond services free. I couldn’t assist myself – I’m this kind of sucker due to love topics & fulfilled endings.

The very next day, amidst all of craziness associated during the times prior to Christmas, with more than one big career deadlines approaching and no my Holiday season shopping achieved, I caught myself packaging my gear when preparing for one of those 2 o’clock anniversary. My spouse, who ran out of the door at 8: 30 in the morning, asked me to create him a dress-up costume for the event and choice him up on the road. Because buying a affair am small where you can intimate, he wouldn’t become more second-shooting in my opinion but his help with the heavy-lifting often appreciated.

My partner and i picked kale up, I simply handed kale his blouse & jeans. As he’s quickly transformed, he inquired about if I do brought taps. Doh! “Crap! I simply forgot running shoes! I’m in this case sorry! ” I mentioned with typically the apologetic beam.

“What of a belt? ” King doh! Always good one, I informed him g looked fine in the dress trousers and shirt…and her or his Adidas flops…taped down and tapped. You’d guess he doesn’t one a beautiful pair. “Just fault canada goose hybridge lite blue on sale into me, ” I mentioned.

When we reached the wedding ceremony, he didn’t be afraid in the use of my guidelines and distributed to the Bride that does not only consumed I well often a clasp and shoe, but additionally a jacket and discover tie. That which was I interested in?!?!

Of monitor canada goose hybridge lite blue on sale didn’t content. We has been dressed at a jeans, and also the Bride with her family still will have been forever grateful understanding that ceremony as in beautiful.

I take care of in 2012 to understand that while the details aren’t destined to be memorialized, digitally or else, canada goose hybridge lite blue on sale are of similar importance as finishing.

Merry Christmas in most, and in all a night.

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Contraception Opposed Me First
I opposed contraception at age 16 for reasons unrelated to the reasons I am against canada goose buy london online store now.

I wasn’t yet against contraception because of faith in God’s providence, or fidelity to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, or out of sheer horror at the culture of divorce that contraception has fueled.

I opposed contraception because contraception opposed me first.

I still remember the day I found out that I, the third child in three years, was never meant to exist at all. And I wouldn’t exist, at all, if pharmacies in Tucson kept later hours on Saturdays in the 1960s.

It was a strange feeling, knowing I wasn’t supposed to be here: I felt anger and confusion, the pain of rejection mixed with relief at the near miss. It caused an existential crisis in my soul: I was not willed into being by a loving God who found an open channel in a loving couple. I was here by accident, against the will and despite the efforts of my own parents.

The news of my accidental existence dropped like a landslide separating my parents and me. I was a phlegmatic kid; I didn’t say much. I said nothing now. But feeling fundamentally — metaphysically — distant from my parents, I decided to become actually distant from them. Their home stopped being my home when I was 16.

Call canada goose buy london online store remote reverse contraception.

I moved out into a series of arrangements: a dorm the first summer, then my brother’s apartment, then my own apartment, then a summer program, then a new life in a new school far away from Tucson.

I want to quickly add that I have been tremendously blessed: My parents welcomed me — I was not unwanted in the end. “Accidental” children who are truly unwanted face much harsher circumstances: Absent fathers, resentful mothers, self-loathing, destructive relationships with friends. At 16, I was too willing to let this one fact of my origin outweigh all of the loving, wonderful canada goose buy london online store my parents had done for me since. I am more forgiving now.

But learning that my life was an unwished-for “mistake” was an enormous factor in my life and I am convinced it is an enormous factor in many others’ lives as well. I blame contraception.

Abortion supporters used to be fond of saying “Every child a wanted child!” I suppose they stopped saying that because the very idea of an “unwanted child” is so ugly. But contraception has made children in general unwanted, and it has made many specific children unwanted in a very direct and personal way.

They are the unplanned, the unwilled. The news of their existence came as a disappointment to their mothers and made their fathers angry. When others learned of their existence, their reaction was not a joyous celebration. It was: “Are you going to keep it?” (Which was then answered, “I’m still trying to decide.”)

The power of procreation is one of the greatest powers on earth: The power to bring another human being into existence who would be nothing, nowhere, and never if not for us. We can try to block up that power, or thwart it with hormones, or flush it out with human insecticides, or cut it off with a scalpel. But inevitably, procreation will get the best of human efforts to control it, and an unwanted child will be born.

The only way to make children wanted is for parents to adopt a fundamental option for love and generosity. The only way to make children wanted is to be open to life.

And “openness to life” is the crazy, antiquated, inhuman, “anti-woman,” unthinkable Catholic teaching that everyone is up in arms about. The Catholic Church does not teach against birth control pills, it teaches for openness to life.

The Catholic Church teaches that our children should not have to ask: “Was I unwanted?”

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CapeMay. org Blog
Since living wounded in Battle of the Saipan during War II, Marvin Hume is eligible concerning the prestigious Blue Heart, a armed services decoration he refuses even today. “I noticed guys worse than me at war, ” Hume reveals. “Guys to a limbs deficient. I wasn’t trying to beat further drums. I choose the did real canada goose jackets 2015 collection i did. ”

His patriotism is mainly unwavering because he presides along the flag cutting down ceremony every other evening by Sunset Beach to meet honor to the folks who get hold of served spain.

Widowed, Hume meets his husband Patricia Wolfe near Erma where exactly he recently greeted Cape Could perhaps Magazine to talk about his future, and his love he needs for her community and the country.

Sauce making isn’t any art document. Art depends inspiration arrive at fruition. If restaurants waited for around chefs to go on inspired makes sauces, there was a large amount of dry as well as hungry buyers. Sauce chiselling is quality. A builder learns to use his gadgets, materials as well as skills to have a superior gadget. Art defines admired inside a distance. These devices of an easy way craftsman can be used and enjoyed from the consumer. Craftsmanship real canada goose jackets 2015 collection can be learned. Therefore can build quality great grease.

The reason for a sauce could be to elevate and add to the focal one of the first a feast. Some grease are meticulously built overweight hours or a days. These sauces include the pinnacle for kids saucier hobby. They require some perserverance, two components often limited for stay at home cook that has a hungry person that wants to have ten min ago. Proficient, even itil believes sauces are in the hands of the household cook. Where to start to discover the craft of information sauce publishing is under the skillet. The very humble pan marinade is effective, easy as well as delicious.

The most important qualities associated with a sauce are excellent flavor, phrase and consistency. The foundations to get to these goals absolutely are a flavorful juice, aromatics in addition to a thickening broker. Pan sauces supply the cook in an added style tool, deglazing. Searing and provides roasting proteins causes a caramelized outside the gadget yielding is your yum factor that offers the majority flavor from the dish. This flavor are other left behind inside your pan this is when incorporated in to the sauce for example deglazing via a liquid. This wine is often bottle of wine or alcoholic beverages but may also be stock for their water. Your particulars are often reduced to fit fortify the taste and become thick the paste.

Enough for kids theoretical lingo, we will look at the simplified pan paste. Follow actions and you will create numerous dishes by following varying elements.

Don’t probab scallops? Purpose shrimp, pork or veal. Don’t need a heavy balm sauce at some point in swimsuit summer? Use stock or otherwise carrot fruit juice. The ingredients are often varied to match your own most of, the approach to building build a sauce not ever varies. This is a mark of excellent craftsman.

Such as this month’s clips and recipe for making a pot sauce. Anticipate hearing at the dishes you make utilizing get real canada goose jackets 2015 collection template.

The Wildwood boardwalk is renowned for the gleeful screams of kids on tours, the tram car and long and create free shoreline. Now put into the list is your ArtBOX.

The ArtBOX is a stack of 11 upcycled postage containers down on Adventure Boat dock. It as a result houses from art apartments and a Exit Simply no museum go, as well for the sake of new sushi coffee shop called Tokyo , japan 4B (the Wildwood leave number from the Garden Frame Parkway). Tokyo , japan 4B does operated just for Tsong Lin, who owns many of the Middle Are you restaurants, not least Tokyo as Rio Grande.

The ArtBOX is supposed to add a good artistic experience for that Wildwood boardwalk. The readers is people of all ages alike.

Jim Morey, executive v . p . of build a amusement-pier driver, and his own brother Are going to have enlisted five local artists, artists, glass blowers and even more to put in shop, offering visitors time for you to interact of their artists and see them in office The Go out Zero Art gallery Shop came into existence when Jack port Wright, the market publisher between Exit Anti, joined by the Morey brothers into what is called the ArtBOX.

Morey it has recruited five close by artists, artists, glass blowers and even more to put in shop. Names include Chris J. Bieling and the son Chris C. Bieling, equally from Florencia, Burlington Local. Each will has its own shipping containers at first ArtBOX.

Yesteryear, several of one’s containers became painted and also this year the plan took the next level. The ArtBOX begins July 2.

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Ada Lovelace Day, March 24 #geekgirl
Saturday 27th March 2010 – Body Canvas invites you and your guests to celebrate a spectacle of art and colour in an extraordinary event brought to Melbourne for the first time.

Body Canvas is Australia’s largest body paint festival. The event features artists from around Australia who come together to showcase their talent and support a charitable cause. This year’s event is proud to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The festival is organised as a competition that will include professional and amateur artists fighting canada goose parka tilbud store out in front of a packed crowed and panel of celebrity judges for thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Artists will create their masterpieces in the public forum at the St Kilda Sea Baths, followed by an exhibition and a catwalk parade. There will be a range of category winners announced from most creative to the most outrageous which will be decided by recognised judges from within the entertainment, fashion and artistic community.

Body Canvas festival is open free to public from 12pm to 6pm. The finals will run at the St.Kilda Sea Baths from 6pm to 1am, tickets for the finals cost $35.

Tickets can be purchased on the website

**Thursday March 18 to Sunday March 28**
Astor Theatre, ACMI Cinemas, Greater Union Cinemas Russell St & Loop
Melbourne, Australia


The 20th Melbourne Queer Film Festival features the best in queer cinema from Australia and around the world. Highlights include features, documentaries and shorts programs, along with panel discussions dealing with issues relevant to the queer community. As Melbourne’s second largest film festival this year’s program is overflowing with outstanding films from around the world.

At least 7 Australian towns and cities will participate in the next southern hemisphere leg of the World Naked Bike Ride in March 2010. More cities may be added to the list if volunteers are found to organise the ride in new towns and cities. The official southern hemisphere ride date is Saturday 13 March 2010.

Saturday 13 March 2010: Sydney and Adelaide
Sunday 14 March 2010: Newcastle
Sunday 21 March 2010: Canberra and Melbourne

Corner of Gore and Webb Streets FITZROY, Melbourne

Role Playing Girl Zine, a yearly publication about women in gaming, is seeking submissions of essays by women gamers, designers, researchers and others interested in role playing games. Cartoons also welcome. The 2010 theme: International Update.

Held in the heart of Aboriginal land under the gum trees, on the banks of the tranquil Yarra River, at the Fairfield Amphitheatre Multicultural Arts Victoria presents the Black Harmony Gathering; a unique event with the message say no to racism! With Indigenous and multicultural communities coming together in a spirit of reconciliation for Cultural Diversity week. This year the Black Harmony Gathering will launch the first Black Harmonies CD.

Black Harmony Gathering is a showcase for premium professional and talented emerging Indigenous, African and refugee
artists It is strongly supported by Indigenous and non-indigenous artists and communities alike. The Black Harmonies CD will cross the cultural boundaries to create a cultural revolution in the Australian music scene and features artists Kutcha Edwards, Peter Rotumah, Casey Atkinson, Tjimba Possum-Burns, Selwyn Burns, Ajak Kwai, Aminata Doumbia, Michelle Belesy, Joe Geia and Diafrix.

The Black Harmony Gathering will also feature a Cultural Stage led by Indigenous artists Koori Youth Will Shake Spears, Skye Taikato and Friends, Meriki Hood, Johnny Mac and more. With friends from our multicultural music and dance scene, the African Royal Drummers, Narasirato Pan Pipers from the Solomon Islands, Shiamak Bollywood dance group and the soul pumping vibes of African band Blak Roots. MC’s Shiralee Hood and Neda.

The day will be opened with youth forum Skillz at 12pm, a traditional Welcome to Country by Aunty Joy Murphy and a smoking ceremony by Robbie Thorpe, followed by the Black Harmonies CD launch and Cultural Stage. There is a Koori BBQ of Kangaroo and Emu sausages, cultural food stalls, children’s activities, workshops and a market place of Indigenous and African wares plus more performers. People from all cultures come together for the Black Harmony Gathering a positive community celebration that is very special and important for the community well being.

Black Harmony Gathering is proudly supported by City of Yarra, Victoria Rocks, Koori Justice Unit, APRA, Victorian Multicultural
Commission, Besen Family and Triple R.

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging (videologging, podcasting, comic drawing etc.!) to draw attention to the achievements of women in technology and science.

Women’s contributions often go unacknowledged, their innovations seldom mentioned, their faces rarely recognised. We want you to tell the world about these unsung heroines, whatever canada goose parka tilbud store do. It doesn’t matter how new or old your blog is, what gender you are, what language you blog in, or what you normally blog about – everyone is invited. Just sign the pledge at Finding Ada and publish your blog post any time on Wednesday 24th March 2010.

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852), born Augusta Ada Byron, was an English writer chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage‘s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the analytical engine. Her notes on the engine include what is recognized as the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine; as such she is often regarded as the world’s first computer programmer.

High school handed best-selling author, Rebecca Sparrow, some of her most crushing moments:
• No-one invited her to her Year 12 formal
• Despite playing netball since she was nine, she wasn’t even selected for the C-Grade netball team

• She was kicked out of ‘Advanced Maths’ and made to do ‘Maths in Society’
• And – as if all that wasn’t bad enough – thanks to her permed hair she spent her teenage years looking like a cross between Jon Bon Jovi and Tootsie

And yet, Rebecca is one of those rare people who claims to have loved (nearly) every minute of her high school days. The question is – HOW?

In Find Your Tribe, Rebecca outlines the 10 key lessons she believes make the difference to not just surviving, but enjoying, those years, including – finding your tribe (your true friends), trusting your intuition, learning to be resilient, having a positive body image, coping with the pressure of school work, the importance of giving back to the community, the dangers of binge drinking and the delicate issue of young love … making this irresistible and invaluable reading for every teenage girl.

In 2003, Rebecca was asked to write a letter to a friend’s daughter before she started high school – to share some advice on what she thought her friend’s daughter needed to know to survive those joyful but often brutal years. This letter was the seed for her latest book, Find Your Tribe (and 9 other canada goose parka tilbud store I wish I’d known in high school), a witty, warm and wise roadmap for girls navigating their high school years.

Following the success of her first book, The Girl Most Likely, Rebecca started receiving emails from hundreds of high school girls around the country seeking advice about how to survive their teenage years. As a result, she provides motivational talks to countless numbers of high school girls on the topics covered in Find Your Tribe and she has twice spoken at the National Young Leaders Convention.

Highly engaging, relevant and inspiring, with a few memorable photos here and there of the author, Find Your Tribe is the little black book for every teenage girl … and a must read for every parent too.

See the star crossed love triangle that science turned its back on.

Fold is an a/v collaborative platform that has been shape shifting since its inception in 2002. This time veteran journalist and Apollo launch eye-witness Hinch teams up with a trio of imagist poets as they bring together humanity and science for a conversation with ”our dear friends from outer space.”

Morse key, MAX MSP, rubble, VHS, wire recorder, fire, crackle-box, liquids, an epidiascope and you!


$10 (full) / $5 (conc)

@Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street

Women of Letters, Melbourne’s newest literary event, is an afternoon that celebrates a diverse range of strong female talent whilst simultaneously raising funds for Victorian animal rescue shelter, Edgar’s Mission. Women of Letters will be held at Bella Union in Trades Hall on Sunday, March 28, 2010 beginning at 2.30 pm.

Curated by Age writers Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire, this monthly occasion will bring together five of Melbourne’s best and brightest writers, musicians, politicians and comedians in celebration of the beautiful lost art of letter-writing.

The afternoon will bring the traditionally private endeavour of letter writing into the public arena, seeing each woman address the topic with their unique blend of insight, humour, lewdness and warmth.

The inaugural March Women of Letters will see musician Angie Hart, Black Text publisher Caro Cooper, the Green Guide’s Lorelei Vashti, television’s Myf Warhurst and respected comedian Judith Lucy each reading a letter they have penned to “The Night I’d Rather Forget.”

A rotating roster of the city’s finest musicians and DJ’s will provide a musical interlude, during which time the audience are encouraged to indulge in some letter writing for themselves.

Stamps and envelopes will be provided, and in the spirit of participation attendees are further encouraged to pen short notes to Women of Letters themselves. Michaela McGuire will then use these points of discussion as the basis of a free-wheeling panel chat to conclude the afternoon.

Tickets are just $10 and available at the door – Sunday March 28 at 2.30 pm at Bella Union, Trades Hall, corner of Victoria & Lygon Streets, Carlton South, Melbourne.

This national event brings together scientists, the media and the public to:

§ enhance reporting of Australian science

§ highlight and encourage debate on the role of science in Australian society

§ provide role models for the next generation of Australian scientists.

Fresh Science 2010 will be held at Melbourne Museum from Monday 7 to Thursday 10 June, 2010. Stories will be released to the media during the event and in the weeks following. The Fresh Scientists need to be available to talk to the media during this time.

Nominations are now open for Fresh Scientists and close Thursday 25 March 2010. More information and the online nomination form are at

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The White Room – Saint John, NB
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Thanks to all that attended, big thanks for the invite, and finally thanks to Alex Pesold for letting parka canada goose shop in london for sale use the White Room to capture some amazing pictures.

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Influentsia flocking to innovative T.O. store
If one-of-a-kind ambience and a unique retailing style is what it takes to clobber the competition, Lileo is arguably Toronto’s heavyweight fashion champ.

After all, how do you top a concept inspired by a maverick 17th-century astronomer who was imprisoned for heresy?

Why Galileo? “Because he challenged the prevailing notion of reality in the universe,” says Lileo owner and fashion industry veteran Syd Beder.

That’s why he and partners Alexandra Morgan, Braden Bennett and Arlene Pastor decided to brand their innovative approach with what Beder calls “an homage” to the astronomer. So they abbreviated his name to Lileo, borrowed his daughter Livia’s moniker for their all-organic raw food and juice bar and festooned their signage and garment hang-tags with cosmic imagery.

With this celestial theme animating the softly lit, brick-lined 650-sq.-m space, which was designed by the trendy 3rd Uncle design Inc. firm, Lileo opened just under two years ago in Toronto’s popular The Distillery Historic District.

From the get-go, Lileo grabbed the attention of what some call the city’s “influentsia.”

Among them is Martha Ladly, professor of design at the Ontario College of Art & Design, who says she frequently brings groups of students to Lileo “just to see the way they’ve incorporated art, sculpture, lighting and photographs into the sort of soft consumer culture they’ve created here.”

How does Beder himself characterize the combination apparel emporium, art gallery and event venue? “Lileo is all about expressing the notion of light and discovery … and breaking people’s traditional notions about shopping. The way we show our canada goose heli arctic beige 2015 is more like raindrops falling than hitting people with a baseball bat.

“Lileo is about wellness and a tranquil but exhilarating lifestyle,” he adds. “And we deliberately keep it very positive and uplifting so, for example, we don’t do any dark imagery (such as) skulls or crosses or daggers, even though those things are so popular in fashion and music.”

And, says Pastor, “there are no mannequins because we want to be welcoming to everyone, not just people whose bodies happen to match a mannequin.”

Judging strictly by this seemingly contrarian retail philosophy, plus a preponderance of natural fabrics, a graffiti mural on the wall, an interactive “light fountain” sculpture near the entrance and the presence of a fluffy grey Chow dog as the store’s official greeter, Lileo might sound like the sort of down-market bohemian spot that dots California’s Lalaland.

Not so. There are no cheap tie-dyed shirts or hippy sandals at Lileo. In fact, most of its eclectic merchandise sports exclusive-to-Lileo labels, limited-edition lifecycles and sky-high prices. Hot international designers such as Stella McCartney are well represented. And even some of the models from mainstream suppliers such as Nike and Penguin are Lileo exclusives.

The shop quickly became one of Toronto’s hottest spots, a must-be-seen-at destination for not only the city’s younger crowd, who just have to have the latest unusual duds, but also for older fashionistas who can afford, say, the $600 jewelled Birkenstock clogs designed by model Heidi Klum.

With very little advertising, but an avalanche of word-of-mouth endorsement from customers and fashion media, Lileo soon became a favourite of theatrical and movie costume designers. That prompted buying sprees by celebrities including actors Kim Cattrell, Drew Barrymore, Woody Harrelson and Sigourney Weaver, as well as musicians Chantal Kreviazuk, Our Lady Peace and Little X.

Add to that the crowds that flocked to lively, publicity-attracting book launches, fashion shows and other such events, plus seasonal tourists, and Lileo’s foot traffic got heavier and heavier.

Small wonder, given all of the above, that Beder says Lileo’s annual revenue is now “headed for $3 million.”

That number comes as no surprise to retail analyst John Torella, a senior consultant with Toronto’s J.C. Williams Group. He says that, while the ambience Beder and his partners have created may seem gentle and laid-back, Lileo’s lifestyle spin is literally on the money.

Especially because tuning out advertising has become so easy for today’s consumers, says Torella, “experiential shopping is what it’s all about in retail. To build a brand today, you’ve got to build lasting relationships with your customers so that your canada goose heli arctic beige 2015 have a badge value for them, both functionally and emotionally. Otherwise, you’re just a commodity, a one-off purchase.”

Fashion guru Jeanne Beker echoes Torella’s contention, saying that “these days, it’s not about just buying something, it’s about having an engaging experience. Lileo is very interesting conceptually in the way the store feels and the types of canada goose heli arctic beige 2015 it carries. And when you’re there, you feel hip and funky.”

Amen to that, says Wendy Melvin, a frequent Lileo customer and president and founder of Wendy Melvin & Associates Inc., a Toronto recruitment consulting firm. “Everywhere else in the city seems to be status quo, but the vibe at Lileo is something I’d see in New York or Europe. And I never worry that I’m going to see the same outfit I’ve picked out all over the place.”

While these and many similar comments are music to his ears, they are actually nothing new to Beder. He’s attracted rave reviews during most of his three decades on the Canadian fashion scene. A Toronto native, he co-founded Indian Motorcycle Clothing, distributed Big Star Jeans and designed his own knitwear line, Good & Beder.

Along the way, Beder founded Fashion Cares Canada, a non-profit organization that has raised more than $6 million over the past 18 years to help people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Strangely enough, it was breaking his back in a snowboarding accident that prompted Beder’s entry into fashion retailing about four years ago, when he began doing yoga as part of his healing process.

That led to buying the Ontario rights to a line of yoga wear from Vancouver-headquartered lululemon athletica. After distributing the duds to yoga studios and retailers for a few months, Beder opened a lululemon shop with Morgan as his partner and Pastor helping with promotion. The trio operated the quirky spot on Toronto’s Queen Street West fashion strip for about two years before selling it prior to launching Lileo.

Beder’s experience mounting crowd-pleasing fashion shows for Fashion Cares is instrumental in staging Lileo’s frequent special events. Typical was the November presentation of Paul Saltzman’s photo books on his adventures with The Beatles in India, which retail from $425 to $1,420.

To excite attendees at the event – not to mention capitalizing on it – clothing, sandals and jewelry conjuring up that psychedelic era were on display. Huge for-sale blowups of Saltzman’s photos surrounded the space, while about 10 plasma screens scattered throughout the store featured Beatles music.

Pastor says Lileo’s unusual display techniques are about as far away from shopping mall environments as possible and that its inventory range has expanded a great deal since its debut. The store now stocks apparel and accessories for infants, children, teens and adults, with what she calls “a good mix” of men’s and women’s items. Additionally, there are books, toys, organic skincare products, nutritional supplements and a sprinkling of home-decor items. “We want to make sure everyone leaves here with a smile on their face.”

That customer satisfaction even extends to the hefty cost of much of the merchandise, Beker says. “Most of Lileo’s stuff is pretty pricey, but a lot of people don’t mind paying for the cachet of wearing top labels.”

That’s true, Beder says. “But both here and at lululemon, we’ve had people comment about some of the price points and say: ‘How could anybody spend that much?’ And some say yoga should be done in rags.

“But our attitude is that if something makes people feel happy and good about themselves, or maybe encourages them to do more yoga or take better care of themselves, it’s worth the price.”

(Terry Poulton can be reached at