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It’s Not Just Porn: Why Ultra-Orthodox Jews Fear the Internet
Attendees at Sunday’s rally used binoculars to watch rabbis deliver sermons about the Internet. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

There’s a reason ultra-Orthodox Jews wear long black coats, even insummertime: They’ve been resisting modernity since the Enlightenment era. Butwhile their 18th century clothes may set them apart on the streets of Brooklyn, it can’t stop Twitter feeds and Google News updates from infiltratingtheir lives.

That was the topic that drew more than 50,000 ultra-Orthodox men to the Mets’ Citi Field Stadium on Sunday. (Women weren’t invited for reasons of religious modesty.) a statement signed by prominent rabbis promised that the event would discuss the “serious family-related problems” caused by the Internet. “They probably mean porn,” smirked Joe Coscarelli in a NewYork magazine post.

According to organizer Eytan Kobre, the attendees had more than pornography on theirminds. “Technology poses a major challenge to us as human beings,”says Kobre, who is the U.S. editor of the ultra-Orthodox magazine Mishpacha. the problem is not just what religiousJews are looking at on the Internet — it’s also the way its deluge of information is weakening their focus and challenging their worldview.

For some rabbis, the solution is simple: Religious Jewsshould boycott the Internet. in the large ultra-Orthodox community of Lakewood,new Jersey, a 2005 ruling forbade adults to go online without explicitrabbinical permission. but a lot has changed since then. Religious Jews aren’tAmish — they carry smartphones, Skype with relatives, and use the Internet toearn a living.

at Sunday’s rally, a long list of rabbis weighed in on the problem. Ultra-Orthodox Judaism has no Pope, and while its authority may notbe as decentralized as Wikipedia’s, there are hundreds of separate clans andrabbis. some of the speakers advocated for filtering software,while others insisted that Jews should avoid the Internet altogether, even forwork. the speeches — some in English and some in Yiddish — carried on untilnearly midnight, but the final verdict wasn’t entirely clear.

None of this seems to bother Kobre. Whatmatters, he says, is that his community has opened up a massive discussion aboutthese issues, contradictions and all. he responded promptly to an emailedinterview request and spoke to me from his cell phone as he drove to his officein Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Yes, I’ve seen it, though I must admit to notbuying a hard copy. It’s a great magazine, but I look at it online.

the motto of the event, which was approved by the top rabbinic leadership, was, “Using technology in accordance with Jewish values.” but there’s no question that some of thespeeches conveyed a more absolutist view — recommendations not tohave Internet at all in the home, or only to the extent absolutely necessaryfor business. our community is often viewed as a monolith, but we’re adiverse group of 300,000 to 500,000.

What there is no difference of opinion about is our beliefthat technology poses a major challenge to us as human beings. on this, ourposition dovetails amazingly with broader human values. in fact, secular peopleare adopting practices you’d think had been suggested by religious extremists –for instance, observing an Internet Sabbath each week. And we didn’t invent the ideaof Internet filters.

It’s a huge issue. It’s less of anissue in our community than in society at large. but ever since theInternet came about, there’s been more of an onslaught. all of these problemsexisted before — pornography, gambling, adultery. but technology is a portalthrough which these discount canada goose men’s lupo glove enter our homes.

It’s a good point, and I think there’s some merit to it. but pornography addiction is not at all limited to theOrthodox community. in fact, it’s nowhere near the levels in our community thatit is in secular society. the easy access to miniskirt-wearing women hasn’tlessened the hunger for pornography.

Besides, we’re not entirely cut off from the rest of theworld. If you’re growing up in New Square, up in Rockland County, maybe you canbe almost hermetically sealed off. but I’mnot, by any means. I work in Borough Park, the capital of American Orthodoxy,and I’m surrounded every day by huge temptations that challenge my principles. Sothe idea that we’re more vulnerable because we’re cut off from the rest of theworld — it ain’t quite so.

Yes, and these are all discount canada goose men’s lupo glove Nick Carr wrote aboutin his Atlantic cover story, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he talks about how the Internet affects cognition — short-term memoryand long-term memory, the ability to sit and read a book in depth, and so on.

in fact, I was looking at another piece at, ablog post by Ross Douthat. he was addressing a comment by another writer who saidthat Google had been immeasurably beneficial to his research. It enabled himto have obscure volumes at his fingertips. Douthatresponded, “The web is very good for certain forms of writing — the highlypolitical and the highly personal chief among them — and very bad for others…. the Google effect makes it harder to write War andPeace, and harder to read it.”

I was struck by that, because that kind of in-depth reading constitutes a large part of what we do. When you look at Talmudstudy, the study of Jewish ethics and philosophy, there’s a lot of complex stuffgoing on there. the ability to study those works can beundermined by Google and the Internet.

Absolutely. You go into any Yeshiva — secular people wouldbe astounded at the mental and emotional stamina requiredto decipher those texts. my son is 14 years old. He’s in 9thgrade. he has to sit every morning for two to three hours at a time studying theTalmud. And he’s only a high school kid — full-time Torah scholars spend everywaking moment doing this. And then you think about the way the surfingand twittering culture is scattering our attention. I don’t think those twoparadigms are compatible. Or at least, this is a challenge that has to beaddressed.

It’s the talk of the rebbes’ lounges — the teachers’ lounges. There’s been a precipitous drop in kids’ ability toread, process, remember, recall, and produce quality work.

I don’t think we’re looking to mine the ancienttradition to develop a response to this. We don’t need to get the big rabbiswith the long gray beards to open the giant tomes to tell us how to deal withGoogle and Facebook. We want to be very contemporary, to listen to what psychologistsare telling us and proceed from there. And yet we’re being characterized asultra-Orthodox Jews gathering at CitiField for an anti-Internet prayer rally. That’sthe story reporters like to fall back on.

Let’s parse that for a moment. What we’re saying here is, “I’mlooking at a picture of people I’ve never met. And on the basis of the most external and superficial ofindices — the beards, the color of clothing, the monochromatic nature of it — I’m making a value judgment about the sophistication of their thoughts and the depth of their feelings.”

There may be elements of truth to that. but the irony is that hipsters all dress a certain way, andthe whole point is to dress entirely different from everyone else. Orthodox Jews actually have the courage to dress the sameway as 500,000 of their brethren. They’re the ones who challenge people byasking, “Are you deep enough tolook beyond my garb and relate to me as a thinking individual?” in contrast, the hipster buys into the most external of indicators: thatwhich is immediately apparent to the eye.

Absolutely. the blessings of the Internet are astounding.Take Friday night candle lighting time — you can look that up online. Thousandsof people all over the world have had their first Shabbat experiences byfinding hosts on And there are sites like and, with dozens of newlyauthored articles and videos each week. There’s — 50,000 Torahbooks at your fingertips. It’s phenomenal, wonderful. I could go on for hoursin praise of the Internet in the service of Judaism.

but this is really about a cost-benefitanalysis. We may find out we can’t have 50,000 Torah books at our fingertipsand also be protected from pornography. the other alternative — which I believe isprobably what we will find — is that these two discount canada goose men’s lupo glove need not be mutuallyexclusive. but if we find out that they are, I’m absolutely going to forgo the50,000 Hebrew books online. I’ll go to my local Yeshiva, where they’re all onthe shelves anyway.

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Teenage Behaviour: What’s Normal, What’s Not
You used to think you knew your teen. But lately you’ve been wondering if you’re raising an adolescent or an alien. Whether they’re ducking curfew or coming home with more piercings than canada goose chilliwack femme gris for sale left with, many behaviours at this age can be baffling to parents — even frustrating at times. Here’s how to know what is reasonable to expect from your teen.

Paula Hansen, who lives in Kitchener, Ont., says her 13-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son used to comply with her ban on offensive language. But lately her son has been pushing the boundaries when canada goose chilliwack femme gris for sale comes to her swearing rules. His argument: Everyone says it, so what’s the big deal?

Expert says: It may be frustrating when your teen rebels against your rules by coming home late or swearing. But kids this age are learning to become independent and think for themselves. “These are good things, because they’re skills we want our children to have as adults,” says Kathie Sutherland, a parent education coordinator at Maggie’s Place Family Resource Centre in Truro, N.S., currently seeing her fourth child through her teens.

Your response: While it’s still up to you to set limits that exist for your teen’s safety, some boundaries can be opened up for discussion. Hansen’s son has successfully negotiated the use of a few borderline swear words such as “pissed off.” “Sometimes I’ll say “Okay, if your teachers are using it, I guess it’s not as bad as I thought,” says his mom.

Is your child suddenly wearing black and sporting spiky hair when canada goose chilliwack femme gris for sale seems like only yesterday all she would wear was pink?

Expert says: Teens are driven by a need to develop their own identity, says Calgary psychologist Scott Wooding, author of four parenting books including Hear Me, Hug Me, Trust Me: Parenting Today’s Teenager Effectively (Fitzhenry and Whiteside). “They’re just trying to be different from their parents.” Your teen’s newfound fashion sense may also be a way of demonstrating that they identify with a particular culture, style or celebrity.

Your response: Does that mean you should say yes to the nose ring? It’s still your call. Bu

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The Fashion Week outfits: Day 5
Just when you get to the part of fashion week* when you should be slipping on your soft pants and kicking off your heels, they go and throw a big launch party at you for a new magazine, don’t they?

Yes, Elle Magazine Australia re-launched last night as part of the final show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia*. And what a show canada goose dealers halifax outlet store was.

More on that here … suffice to say canada goose dealers halifax outlet store was the kind of party you hope to get a golden ticket to attend at the end of an exciting week when too much fashion was never enough.

I brought back the leather front ponte pants for the last of my fashion week outfits and am very glad I did. Love these pants.

Worked them back with a leather-collared silk shirt and a statement necklace for a splash of neon and felt like I could blend into the beautiful people crowd. Blend being the operative word.

The shoes and clutch are from my wardrobe vault. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worn both of these but they are very hardworking members of my stepping out-robe.

To get myself in party mode, I availed myself of the wonderful services of the Redken Retreat for some curling wand action. Emma (whose day job is at Orb salon in New Farm, Brisbane, and had spent the week either styling at the Retreat or working up a storm backstage) created some messy curls that dropped to the perfect waves in time for the evening event.

For my makeup, a smokey eye was in order and I put Hannah at the Maybelline NY hub to the task. She did not disappoint. This eye makeup was applied at 12.30pm and was still going strong at 11.30pm that night.

Here’s what she used:

The Color Tattoo provides the perfect binding base for adding and blending the eye shadow from the Hyper Diamonds palette. Then I finished the look off with a pop of pale pink. I opted for Color Sensational Vivids in Pink Pop – canada goose dealers halifax outlet store still gives me a bit of colour but doesn’t take away from the smokey eye.


Ready to party.

Thanks so much for following along with my outfits this week. It’s been fun dressing up each day but I’m SO looking forward to a week of getting my daggy on at home!

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All posts tagged Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division
Remember the deal struck back in June that was supposed to make the roiling issue of the complete lack of secular public education in the Edmonton-area town of Morinville go away this September, or at least simmer down until the provincial Conservatives could get another successful election out of the way?

Well, since then the deal has fallen apart.

And since then it’s apparently been cobbled back together again – sort of.

Whether or not there will actually be a secular public elementary school for the non-Catholic residents of the otherwise typically Canadian town of 8,000 about 25 kilometres north of Edmonton is supposed to be settled today. Officials of the town, the area’s so-called public school board and the public school board from a neighbouring county will all get together and see if they can hammer out a lease for the local community centre.

If they manage to succeed – and you can bet there’s some pretty severe pressure from the province’s Conservative government on them to do so – there will be a place for secular students in Grades 1 to 4 to study until a collection of industrial trailers can be bolted together, likely in January 2012.

As for the rest of the town’s non-Catholic students – those would be the ones in Grades 5 to 12 – well, if they want to study in a secular public school, their choices are still only to attend a private school or take a bus to another community.

This ridiculous and possibly illegal situation is caused because the “public school board” that runs all four schools in this rapidly growing community offers only parochial Roman Catholic education.

When parents complained about the lack of secular education in their community earlier this year, the “public” Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division, based 16 kilometres down the main commuter road to Edmonton, basically told them to drop dead.

Instead of doing that, however, they continued to press their increasingly nervous local Conservative politicians to do something about this outrageous situation, in which citizens in a multicultural Canadian community are forced to send their kids to religious schools run by a church that was once dominant in the region, but is no more. Judging from the coverage in the letters columns of the community press, canada goose parka outlet switzerland on sale would be fair to say the Catholic/public board views proselytizing students as part of its mission.

The politicians – and in particular Alberta’s remarkably pusillanimous education minister, David Hancock – bobbed, weaved, shilly-shallied, ducked for cover and tried hard not to fork over any cash to pay for a public secular education program in Morinville. You see, what with a deficit budget and all, canada goose parka outlet switzerland on sale turns out we citizens of the Richest Place on Earth just can’t afford real public education in one town!

Conservative politicians were motivated by fear of what their further-right political challengers might say if they actually spent the money to run two parallel public school systems in the same town. And they were very frightened of what Catholic voters might do if the province did anything to upset the educational applecart bequeathed to this traditionally French Canadian corner of Alberta by our country’s constitutional history.

The Catholic board, pretty obviously, never really had much interest in solving the problem and couldn’t care less how upset non-Catholic parents were. Others who ought to have stepped in – municipal politicians and the teachers’ union (which also represents Catholic teachers) – ducked and covered for similar reasons.

Provincial politicians were obviously worried enough to come up with the original rather goofy compromise deal under which the “public” school board could go on providing only Catholic education and another public school board from a neighbouring county would run a secular school. The administrative, financial and philosophical arrangements didn’t really make sense, but they were good enough to get everyone settled down for the time being and allow all parties to claim victory.

But then the whole deal threatened to come apart, apparently because the trailers couldn’t be assembled in time – although there were also dark rumours the St. Albert “public” board was using the situation to hit up the province for additional funding.

This caused real concern among the parents who had pushed for a secular option in Morinville. “People have heckled us in public and made us feel unwelcome in our own community,” wrote one parent in a letter to the editor of the Edmonton Journal when canada goose parka outlet switzerland on sale was revealed the deal was crumbling. “Now I must put my children back into the Catholic school where they may be harassed, embarrassed and bullied.”

Add to this bizarre mix the intervention of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. That group may or may not have had anything to do with the latest deal, but the CCLA was one of the few institutions that stepped up to the plate to do what parents should have been able to expect from their politicians, teachers and teachers’ union – that is, to fight for the right of Canadian children to be educated in secular public schools.

The CCLA recently wrote the Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division, asking them to justify the way religion permeates the curriculum under Alberta’s current laws.

But, really, the government of Alberta shouldn’t have to be instructed by the civil liberties association that Canadians have right to a true public education in their own communities. The province – and particularly Mr. Hancock – should demonstrate a little intestinal fortitude and step in to fix this problem in an appropriate time frame.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hancock, that would mean more than just finding a couple of rooms for 30 or so elementary students in Morinville. It’s probably too much to hope the government could do something in a timely fashion about Alberta’s anachronistic legislation that allows religious school boards – no matter what religion they happen to be – to masquerade as public boards.

But it could come up with the money to build real public schools in Morinville.

Chances of any of this happening? Pretty darn small under the present circumstances. After all, it would require our Conservative politicians to make a stand based on principle and Canadian values, and to spend money that we obviously have.

But if you think this is a puzzle that can never be undone, just for a moment imagine what would happen if families in a typical Canadian bedroom suburb were told their that if they wanted to attend the public school in their own community, it would have to be one run by one of the other two Abrahamic religions!

The right-wing blogosphere and the mainstream media would go crazy, the phone lines into the premier’s office would melt and, after the whole country had scraped itself off the ceiling, the problem would be solved and a new school would be under construction faster than you could say “Origin of the Species.” Would anyone worry about the cost? Not a chance!

So how is the situation in Morinville any different?

Let’s get on with it, Mr. Hancock.

The great minds who run education in Alberta have reached a compromise they hope will make the bubbling issue of the complete lack of secular public education in the Edmonton dormitory town of Morinville go away, or at least simmer down for a while.

The solution doesn’t really make sense, and in the end it will probably make taxpayers just as angry as they already are, or maybe angrier, but it counts as progress of a sort. At least, starting next September, Morinville parents who aren’t Roman Catholics will have the opportunity to send their children to a secular public school in their own community.

Now, this is being billed as a local solution cooked up by two local school boards, but you can count on it that it wouldn’t have happened without a lot of arm-twisting and probably a promise or two from Alberta Education.

Whoever came up with the brainstorm, it was necessary to twist commonsense policies into pretzels to achieve its principal goal without lighting a fire under well-organized supporters of the community’s Catholic education system, which because of a constitutional and political anomaly is able to masquerade as a “public school board.”

So what do you do when the “public school board” in a diverse and growing Canadian community of 8,000 souls (as it were) offers only parochial Roman Catholic education and, worse, the “public” board, which to complicate matters is located in another town, tells parents who want secular public education for their kids to drop dead? That’s exactly what happened earlier this year when the board voted unanimously that there would be no secular education offered in Morinville.

But since many Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and others in Morinville, not to mention the non-religious – who together make up more than half the historically Catholic town’s population – did not appreciate their children being proselytized with this particular brand of Christianity at school, something had to give.

When secular parents spoke up about it, though, the Education Department and the Conservative government – both terrified by the idea of well-organized and angry supporters of Catholic education getting anywhere near a polling booth – at first tried to ignore them, then suggested they bus their kids out of town, then tried to brush them off. Education Minister Dave Hancock, a tower of moral courage in this matter, suggested that if parents wanted secular education, they should take it to the courts. Morinville Town Council also ducked the issue.

The secular parents kept pushing, however, and after saying no, the Catholic school board hired a public opinion researcher to see if there was demand for secular education – presumably hoping there wasn’t – and discovered there was plenty.

And after that, someone came up with the weird solution of having another public school board provide the public education in Morinville.

Bear with us now, because this is complicated. The Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division (that is, the so-called public school board which is actually the parochial Catholic school board, based 16 kilometres away in another Edmonton bedroom suburb that used to be dominated by Catholics but isn’t any more … still with us?) will now pay the Sturgeon School Division, which offers public education in Sturgeon County, which surrounds Morinville, to provide public education to students in that town.

But parents whose children go to the new Morinville secular public school run by the county school division won’t get to pay their taxes to their kids’ schools, at least not directly, or to vote for their own school trustees.

Nope, seeing as this is a contractual arrangement, they’ll still have to vote for a trustee to sit on the Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division, who is unlikely to be engaged by their issues.

So, while they’re feeling some relief now, this group of parents – which is bound to grow as Morinville’s population increases – won’t be happy for long.

Neither, of course, will Roman Catholic parents in Morinville when the penny drops that a goodly sum of the tax money they pay into their school system will now have to be forked over to another school board run secular schools. Stand by for a tax increase, folks.

And, count on it, someone is going to feel shortchanged if they conclude their kids are being educated in inferior facilities – and according to the local press, the secular school will likely be located in trailers (whoops, “modular buildings”) and high school students will still be bused out of town.

Moreover, when funding runs short for education – as, erm, it seems to be doing right now all over Alberta – both groups are bound to feel shortchanged, especially if the local school board decides that it’s one of its schools not infused with Catholicity that’s got to go.

What’s more, this says nothing about what public school taxpayers in Sturgeon County will think or say when they conclude that the St. Albert Catholic school board isn’t paying enough for its secular schools in Morinville and it’s having an impact on the funds available for their kids’ educations.

Then there are all the parents in those other under-funded Alberta jurisdictions when they do the math about how much this is all going to cost to preserve an irrational situation in one town.

No, in the end, this complicated deal isn’t going to make anyone happy, and it’s certainly not going to solve the myriad problems created by allowing parochial “public” school systems to exist in a modern secular society, no matter how understandable is the history that led to this situation.

However, it will likely buy the Conservative provincial government enough time to get a new leader in place and another general election out of the way before the issue heats up again. Which, presumably, was the point of the whole thing.

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click click – 19-01-13
Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Gorgeous images of indigo dying found at A LIFE WITH DENIM.

Because karma is kind –

In my portfolio, my illustration work has had two distinct, very different styles. The paper dolls are tightly-rendered, the live runway sketching is loose. For a long time, these two styles seemed almost unrelated, but lately, I’ve been experimenting with combining different aspects of both styles in a single illustration. The results vary, and I find it very interesting.

Recently I completed two sketches for friends (Trung and Tara), which gave me the opportunity to experiment in a way that I don’t usually have with clients. These two drawings combine the fluidity of live sketching with a deliberate composition. It takes a series of iterations to develop the motor memory, and then the final sketch is like a dance, where I’m performing a series of steps in sequence.

Welcome to click click, the sporadic review of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Objects, photographed by Andy Warhol between 1977 and 1983, via The Factory. The first few links relate to the world of objects in some way…

Because, karma.

My new studio is in a shared unit, located near the diverse and lively Bloor and Lansdowne area in Toronto. The space is lovely and light, and I’m surrounded by a variety of friendly creative people in various fields. It’s been exciting and strange to unpack what’s left from the old studio and adapt it to how I want to work now. I’m pleased to say that I installed everything myself, power tool in hand. With all this space and all my sewing equipment ready to run again, I am ready to get back to working in three dimensions. I have ideas to realize.

What’s your culture to metaculture ratio? I think I consume about 1:1. To be honest, I don’t understand the academic explanation for metaculture. In my own simple way, I think of metaculture like an eddy formation, where culture turns in on itself like a whirlpool.

Metaculture is when something is about the canada goose france avis outlet online that it is. So like, a movie about making a movie. I saw a gallery show once which was all black paintings. No colour, no narrative, no context, nothing but brushstrokes. The paintings seemed to be about nothing, except the act of making a painting. Or a book that calls attention to itself as a book, like a novel with footnotes. Or a tuxedo t-shirt – trompe l’oeil is nothing but clothes with clothes on. A tweet about tweeting. And so on.

Since metaculture is culture about culture – that also includes criticism, comment threads, panel discussions, blog posts, academic writing, and so on. The culture out there is now so massive and complex, I need help to understand and navigate it all. Sometimes I listen to reviews of books and movies I have no intention of viewing or reading, just so I can feel like I’ve got a handle on the cultural zeitgeist. I’m consuming secondary culture in a primary way.

Metaculture feels necessary and inevitable. It can also feel like a downward spiral. Like a trap. The scary canada goose france avis outlet online about metaculture is that it doesn’t open up possibilities – it shuts them down. For instance, literature about literature is appealing to writers and critics who spend their lives immersed in literature, but totally fails to connect with people outside of that small, rarefied world. While metaculture is often acclaimed within its own sphere, it has little universal appeal. Metaculture sections off and isolates its participants.

This has a homogenizing effect, creating stagnant pools of static culture. I’ve noticed this in personal style blogging, clustered around websites like IFB. Since all of these fashion bloggers are following each other, along with the same set of media outlets, and using the same resources for advice, that particular niche is suffering from a certain pervasive same-ness. This is one of the reasons that my advice to young people interested in fashion is to consume a broad and varied cultural diet (and to be wary of advice). In fashion, there are many people who only take inspiration from within the realm of fashion itself – the result is a dearth of novelty and a certain tone-deafness to the rest of the world.

I think all culture moves in spiral formations. For myself, I am now trying to avoid inward-facing metaculture spirals and move toward spiralling out. There’s something that unites great culture – it takes on the big, universal unknowns – what is this life? Why are we here? The canada goose france avis outlet online we all share – love, hate, joy, pain, beauty, death, loss and discovery – that’s where the real stories are. Great culture is inclusive, not exclusive – it offers something any human being can access. There’s something so much more exciting and expansive about culture that attempts to be bigger than itself. Culture about itself delivers diminishing returns – taken to its inevitable conclusion, it becomes absurd.

Another quasi-metaculture trap that seems to trip up female creatives in particular is turning themselves into the subject. How do you make your work bigger than yourself, when the work is yourself? Even as a blogger, I’ve noticed that posts about myself attract much more attention than posts about abstract ideas, or the visual work (where I am not the subject) that I spend most of my time creating. It’s easy to see the temptation to put yourself on display in some way, if it gathers more eyeballs and reactions than anything else. And yet, I resist it, for two reasons. One – just because the mainstream culture rewards women for being contained (or chained) to their physical bodies, doesn’t mean I have to pander to it. Two – because it can turn you into a parody of yourself, quicker than you’d think. The end game is not pretty.

There are so many reasons why we are living in an era of metaculture. We’re still grappling with a new communications technology revolution, so it makes sense that much of what we create is so concerned with the particular devices we’re creating it on. The sheer volume and complexity of culture, now so easily accessible, makes referencing like a medium unto itself – the mash-uppers, the collage artists, the curators – all necessary and interesting developments.

I don’t think metaculture should be feared – even if it does seem like a harbinger of our own end-times. Just as we are consuming the planet until there’s nothing left, perhaps human culture is mirroring that entropy by turning inwards and consuming itself.

2012 was the year that my illustration and writing shifted from naive to mature. It was not a dramatic change, and I’m not sure what led to this ephemeral graduation. Something inside of me changed early in the year that gave me a greater clarity of purpose and a more nuanced understanding of what I am trying to accomplish. Once that realization settled, I spent a few months reworking my online presence to better reflect who I am now. This process led to career acceleration at the end of the year.

This was also the year I turned 30, and I moved from London back to Toronto.

In my 20s, I was struggling all of the time, and often felt fearful. I was a poor judge of what was trivial and what was important, and much of my energy was misdirected. I was always doing things I had never done before, and of course not doing them very well. I often felt like a fraud.

I loved turning 30. I love having experience to build on. I love the sense of earned confidence. I love knowing who I am, what I do best, and what I want. It’s good to be capable, now it’s time to achieve virtuosity. I’ve got a lot of work to do this decade.

Anyway, here’s the best of 2012 on Final Fashion. Enjoy!

Trend theory…

Live runway sketching…

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Carpet Cleaning by City Bloomingdale, NJ
At Carpet & Co. Bloomingdale, NJ we strive to be the best carpet cleaner in Bloomingdale, NJ and to provide the best customer service experience possible. We offer a full array of professional carpet, rug & upholstery services to residential and commercial customers in Bloomingdale ,New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We also offer emergency fire and water restoration services and are available 24/7for an immediate response to all your emergency needs.

: Bloomingdale`s & Eileen Fisher Fall Fashion Line –
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: Bloomingdale resident encounters “wobbly wheel scam” along New Jersey Avenue NW last night –
…pick up a friend from the airport just before midnight and was heading down NJ Avenue when a man in a van pulled up along side of canada goose men’s ski jacket on sale and started…

: Hillsborough NJ – Open Houses – September 11, 2011 –
…3 Bedrooms, 2.1 Baths 1:00 PM – 04:00 PM Hillsborough Twp. 24-2A BLOOMINGDALE DR (Bldg#:24 , Unit#:2A) TwnEndUn, $249,900 6 Rooms, 2 Bedrooms, 2.1…

: Second Week of Ocean City, NJ 2010 –
…Mall , more to get some exercise walking out of the heat and to try to check out Bloomingdale’s for chairs to go with Ari’s table. We ate in the food court and…

: Bloomingdale Brothers, New York, City New York –
… (1949) Stamford , CT (1954) 160,000 sq. ft. The Chanteclair Bergen County Riverside Square NJ (1959) 188,000 sq. ft. The Pavilion Short Hills (1967) The Mall at Short …

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Brothers {Sutherland Shire Sydney Children’s & Family Photography}
Brothers {Sutherland Shire Sydney Children’s & Family Photography}

Two brothers
With eyes as blue as the sea
Beautiful calmness
Bright smiles
And a bond that will last forever.

Henry {Sutherland Shire Sydney Newborn Photographer}

You are exquisite.
You are perfection.
From the tips of your eyelashes to your teeny toes.
You are loved.

Kurt & Caterina’s Wedding {Sydney Wedding Photographer}

Dance with discount canada goose winter coats ca online store under the stars

And for always.

Kurt & Caterina’s wedding was filled with so much love as their family & friends gathered to celebrate.
Every detail was beautiful and just perfect – soft and pretty yet so stylish and modern. Guests were entertained at the reception with a song from Kurt’s grandfather, a big surprise with family & friends performing the Haka war dance, and an even bigger surprise organised by Caterina’s brother – a personal video message from Fifty Cent!
Thank discount canada goose winter coats ca online store to Kim from Sabii Photography for discount canada goose winter coats ca online store second shooting assistance on the day.

Bride’s Dress: Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Hair: How Bizaar Hair & Makeup, Ramsgate
Makeup: Isabella Schimid
Groom’s Suit: Liondos
Groom’s bowtie: Tom Ford
Groom’s Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Bridesmaids dresses: Zoe Marie Couture
Flower girls: Tutu du Monde
Page Boys: Bardot Junior
Ceremony: Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
Reception: Centennial Parklands Dining
Flowers: Elizabeth from Sydney Wedding Flowers
Cake: By Naomi from Hello Naomi
Dessert: Messina Gelato

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Semi-Fixed, Bolt or Running leads
carpingod ……….thats so simple canada goose chilliwack parka men navy online store could be sheer brilliance !

Its basically just a shocker rig, but with a running rig style lead attatchment. Thinking about canada goose chilliwack parka men navy online store the shocker rig is probably better, weed and debris wouldn’t collect on the lead as much

I always use running leads dont realy see the point on this shocker rig as i sit close to me rods all the time and have more confidence in me setting the hook by striking. Also its alot safer as there is no contact if the line snaps.
Heres one i found when i managed to get a take off a bigger fish the savage takes always lifted the lead with just the friction from the line running through the eye of the run ring on a bad angle and then the fish would stop due to feeling the resistance and i would get a slow back drop as if canada goose chilliwack parka men navy online store was moving back towards the lead. I solved this by using a heavy lead now i use 4 oz grippers and they sit on the lake bed like bricks. Does anyone else use big leads in running rigs?

I always use running leads dont realy see the point on this shocker rig as i sit close to me rods all the time and have more confidence in me setting the hook by striking. Also its alot safer as there is no contact if the line snaps.
Heres one i found when i managed to get a take off a bigger fish the savage takes always lifted the lead with just the friction from the line running through the eye of the run ring on a bad angle and then the fish would stop due to feeling the resistance and i would get a slow back drop as if it was moving back towards the lead. I solved this by using a heavy lead now i use 4 oz grippers and they sit on the lake bed like bricks. Does anyone else use big leads in running rigs?

I thought a heavier lead was the norm for running rigs?

Same here stoogi but just keep hearing people say when i cast in whys he using sea fishing leads (ment to be a joke with me using big leads) with that running rigs so thought i was on me own.

Same here stoogi but just keep hearing people say when i cast in whys he using sea fishing leads (ment to be a joke with me using big leads) with that running rigs so thought i was on me own.

If what you’re doing works for you, tell ’em all where to go. Politely of course

Works for me mate best catch rate on there last year. That could be why there getting so nasty… they see me using slack lines massive leads bobbins on the deck and on this lake its not the norm to do this. In fact this lake was the start of my running lead set ups as i noticed that not one carper used slack lines as nick said before they prob use running leads but with them tight so defies the point.
Since that day i use slack line running lead set up in almost 90% of my fishing other 10% is god dam under tow and wont allow me to use one.

im only going to use running rigs this year if i can get away with it (might have to use somthing different on occasions) so far, all the fish ive caught since christmas i have had on running rigs and considering everybody elses catch rate that was fishing the same water, mine have been better 9/10 – i have only had one blank in 10 sessions using my variation of running rigs (thats counting bream aswell though ) and also my catch rate for this time last year is higher

Running rigs are the way forward, especialy with no leader where i can get away with it and using tighter lines than i have been using in the past few months/years

also i have been using in line leads with the plastic insert removed and a bead holding the lead on the swivel very lightly

especialy with no leader where i can get away with it

So are you fishing your main line straight through?

with the exeption of my fancy new rig, yes

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Cavs: The Podcast 0043 – MVP! MVP!
There are not a lot of details, but Cleveland has dealt two second round picks for Spencer Hawes. In order for salaries to work, other players must be involved. Hawes is a 25-year old, floor stretching center. He is a free agent after this season. Cavs:the Blog will update as more is available.

Update: Apparently Earl Clark and Henry Sims are included in the deal, along with the two 2014 draft picks. Through the years, oftentimes I have wished that the Cavs would do more with their second rounders, due to the great value those (typically non-guaranteed) contracts provide if the team finds a gem…or they could stash a few Euros. If no other deals are made and Andy is healthy, the frontcourt is very packed with Varejao, Thompson, Zeller, Bennett and Hawes. Perhaps there is another deal coming, or Varejao is going to be out for a while. At the moment, I am neither excited or upset about this trade.

Can I wait to have an opinion until April?

The Cavs stretched canada goose men’s langford parka uk store to six straight wins tonight, after letting a 21 point lead dwindle to two points. Cleveland gutted out a win and overcame the absences of Anderson Varejao and Dion Waiters, and an injury to C.J. Miles. The Cavaliers got some big-time play from all the starters, and just enough from the bench. This was a gut-wrenching victory.

Carter Rodriguez kicked off the top 20 of #Cavsrank today at realcavsfans. Click on his name for the link. Nate Thurmond and Mo Williams share the first spot.

It was a rout for the Cavs with little to note besides a ferocious dunk by Dion and a hyper-extended knee on the landing. The dunk and the scary moment are illustrated above. Though he missed the second half, Dion is thankfully claiming he’s ok. Whew! After taking the lead, 7-5 in the first, the Cavs led the rest of the way and cruised to a blowout over the Sixers, to claim their fifth straight win. The Cavs were engaged, energetic, and performed like they were playing for something, and Philadelphia… did not.

Philly’s lone highlight came in the form of a ceremonial two day contract that they signed Monday with area high-schooler, Kevin Grow, a young man with Down syndrome, who scored 14 points in his final two varsity basketball games. It was a touching moment when Kevin was introduced to the arena tonight, and he was the highlight of the game for Philly fans. The story took a sad turn after the game, though, when Grow called his agent and demanded a trade.

I am privileged to introduce something big today. Recently, eighteen of your favorite Cavs bloggers, plus another writer, combined forces to rank the best Cavaliers in franchise history. We’re calling canada goose men’s langford parka uk store #CavsRank. The guidelines were that the rankings should only consider the players’ time spent in Cleveland. Each writer had the freedom to prioritize whatever criterion they wished: short runs of brilliance; many years of solid play; critical impact to the franchise’s winningest teams; or awesome hair.

Each blogger submitted a list of his top twenty Cavaliers, with 20 points awarded for a #1 ranking, down to one point awarded for the player ranked 20th. All the numbers were tallied and a composite Top 20 list was derived.

Participants included:

Over the next month, articles will rotate amongst the sites, counting down from #20 to #1. We are all excited, whether it is reliving the Zydrunas Ilgauskas teams of the 2000’s; remembering the Price – Daugherty – Nance squads of the late 80’s and early 90’s; basking in the glow of individual stars like World B Free, Shawn Kemp and Terrell Brandon; or even talking about guys from the 1970’s that most of us never witnessed. Fortunately, several of those early greats continue to make an impact on Cavalier basketball, including Mr. Cavalier himself, Austin Carr.

The top twenty will start tomorrow, but first, a look at the “others receiving votes”.

It’s been a WHILE! Like three months a while. And with Kyrie playing in the All Star Game (and winning MVP, which we obviously all knew was coming…) Tom, Nate, and I decided to hop on the line and chat.

On today’s podcast we discuss the ASG, Kyrie’s recent improvements, Dion’s game, Chris Grant’s firing, and expectations for the rest of the season.

As always, we can be found on SoundCloud at:

And on iTunes at:

Sorry in advance about the brevity…behind 15 fourth quarter points and totalling 31 with 14 assists, Kyrie Irving lead the Eastern Conference to an All-Star victory, winning MVP for his efforts. Awesome work, Kyrie!

He and Dion dominated the Friday and Sunday night events of the weekend. Hopefully that level of fun and excellent play carries over into tomorrow night against Philly.

John Krolik wrote about the game for NBC Sports.

It’s a frigid, snowy NYC Saturday in February. I’ve got two sixers of a wide selection of beers (more on that later!), a fridge full of snacks, and I’m about to order Chinese. That can only mean one thing…


As some of you may remember from last year, I absolutely love this night. Old timers taking half court shots? Giannis showing off his ball handling skillz (with a z)? Kyrie draining threes? High flying dunks? COUNT. ME. IN.

So lets get started, folks!

Dion Waiters played on Team Hill last night, winning the Rising Stars challenge on Night One of All-Star weekend. Dion lead Team Hill with 31 points on 10 of 14 shooting (4 of 6 from deep, 7 of 8 from the line), 7 assists and 3 steals. Andre Drummond edged Dion for MVP though, with 30 points and 25 rebounds; that is a travesty.

ESPN awarded Dion an “A”, saying among other canada goose men’s langford parka uk store “The most entertaining stretch of the game came in the second half, when Waiters and Hardaway Jr. engaged in a prolific shootout.”

The esteemed John Krolik wrote about the game for NBC Sports Pro Basketball Talk, with the story of the game being the Waiters versus Hardaway matchup, of which “Ultimately, Waiters got the better of (Hardaway)…”

There is never a ton of defense in these game, but Waiters was the story of the game and represented the Cavs amazingly. Awesome stuff, Dion!

The 2013-2014 Cavaliers are a silly team. Their silliness oscillates between comical and sinister at unhealthy speeds. One month, Andrew Bynum is acting like a full-on Wes Anderson villain and indeterminately throwing objects, and the next month Anthony Bennett is teasing DeMarcus Cousins, the first post-LeBron four game winning streak has everyone smiling, and Kyrie is starting an all-star game this weekend. This season is entertaining in the same way that eating three bags of cheetos in one sitting is entertaining: fun in the moment, but it might leave you with a body ache afterwards.